Job interview skills – Preparation for a job interview

This skillopedia Session is about how to prepare for a job interview in order to please your prospective employer. We do not get a chance to redo our first impression at a job interview, so we need to make the best out of the first itself. So watch this Skillopedia session carefully with me, Michelle.

Dress for Success

Your clothes are the first thing that somebody will see when they see you. It reflects who you are internally, externally. I suggest that you should look presentable, smart and decent. For men, a light coloured shirt and a dark coloured pant can be teamed with a tie and a blazer.

For ladies, of course a spaghetti top and a short little skirt looks great but not in a job interview room. But in an interview room you might might to choose a light coloured decent blouse and you can pair it up with a blazer. Try wearing a knee length skirt as exposing too much skin wouldn’t give a good impression. You can also wear stockings which are quite plain and normal and not patterned. So with this, I suggest that you wear decent clothes, look smart and do great work there in your job interview room by dressing for success.

Do Not Bad Mouth your Previous Employer

The second tip I have for you is talking positively about your previous job experience. A usual question at a job interview is“Why are you leaving your previous job or your current job?”  To this if you reply “my previous employer was not a nice person/ was a slave driver because he made me work very long hours and did not even pay me enough for that”, that’s going to put you in a bad light and even your previous employer. And your current employer might think that might malign his reputation as well. So it’s important that you talk positively about your previous employer. So never bad mouth your previous company.

Always answer in a straight forward way

The third tip I have for you is answer questions straightforward. But what does this really mean? So as you would know interviewers have this peculiar habit of asking you a tricky question. But sometimes may be even vague questions. And of course it happens that sometimes you may not understand the question or maybe you didn’t hear the question correctly. So what do you do, should you be just nervous and not answer it? No, that’s not the right thing to do. To respond correctly try to be very straight forward and ask the interviewer, sorry could you please repeat the question? In case you didn’t hear it and if you didn’t understand the question, you could ask him, excuse me or sorry could you please clarify the question? This will help you give a correct and well informed answer. So make sure, you answer straight forward and don’t be afraid or nervous.

Mind your Body Language

The fourth tip that I have for you is remember your manners. Do not allow your body language to display your nervousness. Have a casual body language, look directly at the interviewer and not at the floor, remember that you speak your words out clear, do not mumble and do not whisper. This might just spoil an intelligent answer. Avoid slouching on the chair or leaning on the table. You can take support of the arm rest on both the sides to sit comfortable. Look into the eyes, be positive and don’t forget to smile be cheerful.

Blow your Own Trumpet

The fifth tip I have for you is, blow your own horn which means talk about your positive attributes and don’t talk too negatively about yourself. Don’t start your self-pity story as it can turn off the employer. It’s time to talk about your accomplishments, whatever you’ve done and may be you can list all your good points and your good attributes. For once you are allowed to blow your own horn, but don’t brag too much.

With this we come to an end of this Skillopedia session about the things to do in a job interview. I hope you will follow these tips to be well informed, smart, well groomed, informative and charming in the job interview room.

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