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Learning to speak fluent English isn’t enough, you should know Vocabulary and phrases for different situations that you could use to speak confidently in English. This advanced English speaking lesson would help you learn some useful English phrases that would come handy to encourage and motivate someone who is feeling low or demotivated. It would also help you to expand your vocabulary and improve your English speaking skills. We hope that you are learning from our wide range of spoken English lessons and becoming confident to speak English in the real world. At let’s Talk we always attempt to bring your English lesson that would help you to constantly take your English the next level making you a fluent English speaker. Do watch our lessons on British English, American English, Daily English speaking conversation, IELTS speaking Test, IETS writing test, Building vocabulary, Tips on how to speak fluent English, Improving English pronunciation and Accent Training to make your English better so that you could speak English easily in your daily English conversations.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Guys, hello! Well I’m sure you can see me all charged up in super-motivated, well that was not the same case yesterday what happened is that I lost a very important paper, a document of mine and I was super sad, okay? I was soaking until I came to this park for a run, but that is because a friend of mine called me up and he said you know what, ‘a run in the park we’ll just help you fine, why don’t you go for a run, and call me when you’re back’. So I just did just that well I was here I was thinking but you know what just a small sentence of his like you will be fine if you go for a run really gave me a ray of hope, that got me to thinking but there are so many such phrases and sentences that can help encourage anyone, make anyone just feel confident about themselves again no matter in which situation they were before. What today’s lesson is going to be equally interesting because it’s all about encouragement and believe me by the time you finish watching this video no matter what you’re feeling sad about, you are going to feel supercharged, don’t believe me? Come join me and see for yourself what we are going to learn today.

Hey everybody welcome back to let’s talk and you are with me Meera, well guys, don’t you think that all of us literally have our dull days when we feel that nothing is going right, everything is falling apart and nothing that you wanted is happening there is a dark cloud ahead of us, right? Now guys during these days, and such times, certain words of encouragement are like silver lining from through the dark clouds and just the day is ahead of us and they sort of could come from our families, friends, loved ones, colleagues, right? And they to go through such times. Now guys don’t you think that all of us right all of us go through these days, dark days, dull days. Well I really think that all of us should keep certain phrases of encouragement in our pockets so that whenever we see our friends or family members, colleagues having such days we use them so that we turn their day around and then get it all shining, make them happy, encourage them, give them confidence and tell them that yes you can do it no matter what. Well are you ready to learn such phrases, phrases for encouragement? Let’s get started then…

Well I have decided to start with, ‘now you’ve figured it out’. Now guys this particular phrase is like giving someone confidence that yes what they were, you know what they were confused about before and what they were worried about before, they have figured it out. Now they don’t need to be worried anymore, right? So what would you say? You would say, ‘well done Raj, now you’ve figured it out, keep going’. Well, see how such a small statement can actually encourage your friends, your siblings, your colleagues.

Well now let me get to the next one because I hear and I see that you guys are pretty excited about knowing more, ‘one more time and you’ll have it’. Now guys imagine yourself standing behind a friend who’s trying hard to crack a math problem or getting to a college you know that they wanted to get, probably you aren’t able to help them out, right? You can’t do anything about them or you can’t do anything about their problem you still want to encourage them, you still want to make them feel confident about themselves you can say, ‘come on boy, one more time and you’ll have it’ or ‘you will get it, I’m sure about it’. You know what funny thing is that he or she still couldn’t crack it even then you can keep saying it until he or she gets what he wants. Now what is a true friend all about if not encouraging until the end no matter what happens don’t you think so?

Well guys, now how about this, ‘you should be very proud of yourself’. Well, what did you feel when I said that? Well now whenever someone says this, it is for an achievement or it feels that you have achieved something but it could be a little lesser than what he or she expected to achieve, right? So for that they might be you know they might be a little sad about it that oh boy I wish I should have been able to do this oh man I couldn’t win I couldn’t get to the top three so now in such a situation you can still be that encouraging factor in their life that encouraging person in their life and say hey, come on now you should be very proud of yourself for what you have achieved until now. Well maybe they will realize that yes you know what she’s right I could have made it to the top three but I have achieved so much more than that I have learned so much.

Now let’s hear this one ‘I’m impressed the way you’re handling it’. Guys say your colleague or your friend is going through a rough time professionally maybe ok and is very troubled about it, very worried about it and they’re not able to they’re not able to say anything, can’t cry in front of it and they’re trying to handle it somehow managing it and in such a position in such a point you can be a strong person stand beside them and say, Andy I am really impressed the way you’re handling this situation. This is what that person will want to hear more and that will give them strength to fight and move ahead, right guys?

Well out this one is pretty nice just four little words yet very, very encouraging, ‘you are a fabulous example’. Guys doesn’t the simply sound very, very like go-getter attitude, encouraging attitude. Two awesome words like fabulous and example put together in the same sentence, boom! It explodes with encouragement maybe your sister achieved a goal or after a lot of hardships a lot of work this could be a great encouraging sentence for anyone to congratulate someone right? We must appreciate each other’s success hey sister you are a fabulous example for all of us well done Bravo.

Now next up I have is ‘you made it look really small’ or ‘really easy’. Now when anyone faces anything, anything really big you know a huge problem or a great trouble and you just you know that how they’ve managed to overcome it with the kind of ease, the kind of grace, the kind of smoothness you must appreciate it because it takes a lot of efforts to come out of something like that you can say oh my God Neetu, you made it look really small. This means they were able to get out of such a big problem so easily and this will certainly make them feel that yes I can still do it I’m still confident.

Moving on to the next one we have this one, ‘there’s so much more ahead of you, you will get through this’. Now what is happening is all of us right all of us seem that whenever we’re in a bad situation that, that is so big and it feels like we’re a failure you know of some kind we feel sad we feel like a loser and at such point it is difficult to see the future it is difficult to see that something good will happen to us and we are scared about it. Well here this is the time you can use this sentence and say don’t worry there is so much more ahead of you, you will get through this as well. You have so much to look forward to in your future you will do just fine and this will give your friends or anyone a ray of hope that yes I will keep moving on forward my future is going to be good I will be making it good.

Now here is the one that I use myself because it gives me a lot of energy when I say to myself as well, ‘this is peanuts’. Of course not literally guys but now let’s say my brother was trying to lose weight okay he has managed to lose 5 KGs and he needs to lose two more KGs okay he’s worried about it he doesn’t know how he’s going to accomplish it. He doesn’t know that if it’s going to be possible or it just seems impossible to him at this point in time. I will go to him and just to encourage him keep him going I will say, ‘come on you’ve already done five this it’s just peanuts for you’. That means it’s nothing it’s small you can do it very easily ‘easy-peasy’ sounds fun right? Try it with yourself the next time.

Well here is one that I think is very, very motivating ‘you have conquered bigger mountains’. See this one is great for any situation that looks big you know and unachievable how am I going to do this this is too much I won’t be able to finish it well when I say you have conquered as in you’ve overcome right you have been through bigger situations bigger mountains has bigger problems so you have conquered bigger mountains once you repeat this in your head you will find that the problem before you is tiny you can do it. Take a look at this you have gracefully faced it Bravo now this means someone has been able to maintain their calm they’re cool and without crying now getting frustrated without getting angry has been able to accept problems situations they’re able to face it they’re able to overcome the problem like you know something like not even being able to crack an interview right someone feels sad, they’re disappointed so you can say the next time someone is in that situation it’s fine you’ve gracefully faced it. You’ve gracefully faced it. You can be fine you have so much look forward to.

Well take a look at this one guys, ‘what you have done, is tough for most of us’. Well now, when someone has been able to overcome a delicate, tough situation like losing a loved one you know and they’re able to move on smile and keep their spirits high that time you can actually encourage them even further and you can say what you have done is tough for most of us. Now this one is for situations which are as delicate as this one.

Take a look at the next one guys, ‘I admire you for your courage’. Courage as in being brave about something even during pain or great grief right guys when probably your coworker or your friend has been very sick and they still came for the important class meeting or a project or a board meeting or maybe an international event right at that time you ended up giving them compliments like wow you know that person is still there but you can still say something encouraging and say I admire you for your courage that’s just a small example but I think the dedication shows right the encouragement shows.

Well guys be truthful right whenever I gave you a phrase any encouraging phrase how did it feel? You felt motivated, confident, encouraged? You try to remember what you have done in the past and how you’ve overcome things? Well similarly you have to try using these phrases for someone you love someone you care for just to make sure that doing fine and that they will continue to do good for themselves. Well guys that’s all for today I hope you’re motivated enough to get going and I will see you soon in another lesson with a new topic until then, make sure you’re smiling, this is me Meera signing off for the day guys, bye.

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