Learn 10 Smart English Phrases & Expressions From Movies & Web Series For Daily Use In Conversations

Hello, English learners welcome to the 5th and final part of this English lesson series where you will learn 50 smart phrases for daily English conversations. In this English lesson, you will learn 10 smart English sentences from movies and web series, I have handpicked these English expressions from popular Movies and web series to help you speak English fluently and confidently. I have given you 2-3 example sentences for English conversation practice. I am Sara, a native English speaker, my accent is the Modern RP (received pronunciation) – The modern British accent. It would help you improve your listening skills and understand native English speakers better. Use these smart English phrases to speak English fluently and confidently.

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Complete Lesson Transcript – 

Hello my lovely English learners, welcome to the 5th and the final part of this English lesson series. You have already mastered 40 smart English phrases for everyday conversations. If you haven’t watched the previous 4 parts, there’s a link in the description or the op right-hand corner. Watch all the lessons in this series to make your English fluent and confident.
Today I have 10 more smart English expressions that you generally come across in movies and web series. I have carefully picked these phrases, so you could start using them right away to improve your English and sound smarter in English. Sounds interesting, let’s get started.

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The first phrase I have for you is – We got our wires crossed. Sometimes we misunderstand a piece of information and get confused.
We got our wires crossed means – To develop a misunderstanding or To be confused about something. In short it means To mix up things.

I am sorry for bringing you the wrong order, It seems we got our wires crossed.

I think Lucy and Ryan’s fight is just because they got their wires crossed.

Next up I have – It’s not my place to say that. At times you are not in a position to take a decision, because you don’t have the authority to do so.

It’s not my place, means –
I don’t have the authority. Or
It’s above my level to clear it. Or it could mean,
You don’t have the right to do it.

It’s generally used in a negative sense. Here are some examples.
It’s not my place to say this, but you could make better money if you change your job.
I am just trying to help and It’s not my place to say this. You need to discipline your Kids.

The next phrase I have is – Why don’t you fill me in? Fill me in.
It means provide me with the latest information.
Or Please update me about what happened when I was away.

Why don’t you get in the car and fill me in with what happened at work while I was away.
Angie just filled me in on what happened at the seminar.
Just fill me in about the episodes I missed and we can watch it from here together.

Next on the list is – You cannot undermine me. You cannot undermine me. To undermine someone means to make them less confident or less likely to succeed. But in everyday conversation you could use it to say – to go around someone back, not physically but to keep them in dark about something.

How can you undermine me and meet the investors all alone. Is there something I need to know.
Ryan is trying to undermine her by spreading rumours about her in the office.
If you don’t stop nitpicking children you can seriously undermine their confidence. Remember the phrase – stop nitpicking, I had covered it in the part 2 of this lesson series.

At number #5 I have – We need to pivot.
The dictionary meaning of pivot is to turn or Twist. But in conversations it could mean to change your opinion or decisions.
To Change the topic Or To diversify Let’s look at some examples

The politician immediately pivoted when questioned about his involvement in the scam.
We need to slightly pivot our business proposal so that it falls in line with the investors.
The car pivoted on the divider and rammed straight into the side wall.

Here’s the next one – I always take him with a grain of salt.

There are people around use you add up things and share information, you cannot trust them completely, hence you take them with a grain of salt.
It means –
To not completely believe someone.
You think someone is not sharing the whole truth.
To not take something seriously.

I take TV news with a grain of salt, they are all biased.
I’ll take anything he says with a grain of salt. He has a habit of exaggerating things.

Up next is – She dished the dirt. Interesting phrases uhhh!
It means to Share dirty gossip about someone.

After leaving the company, Maria dished the dirt about inside politics in the management, to her new boss. Well, it not an ethical practice to do that.

Here’s another interesting phrases – I heard it from the horses’s mouth.
When you hear something from the horse’s mouth you hear something from the original source. It means you hear it from an important person who’s incharge of making decisions.

The company is planning to introduce a pay cut, I heard it from the horses’s mouth.

Next up is – Get it off your chest. Sometimes we keep some information to ourself and that makes us upset or we start to worry a lot. You could use this phrase to advise someone To share something that is worrying and upsetting. Get it off your chest.

You have been ignoring me lately, Is there something you’d like to get off your chest?
I have to get this off my chest. I’m tired of your rudeness to me!

Last but not least – I will answer the question that wasn’t asked.

Sometimes people are hesitant or shy to ask a direct question, instead they will ask you an indirect question. This phrase means,
I will be direct and transparent.
I will come straight to the point.
Or it simply means be straight forward don’t hesitate.

Let me answer the question that wasn’t asked. Don’t expect a fancy salary raise this year.

Let me answer the question that wasn’t asked, Ria really likes you, just ask her out for dinner. Isn’t it an interesting phrase.

To all my Youtube family, let me answer the question that wasn’t asked, To get fluent in English, you need to use the language regularly. Only practicing English everyday would make you speak English fluently and confidently. Let’s quickly revise, what you’ve learnt today.

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