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Many English learners are stuck at basic English speaking, they don’t understand how to learn advanced English and speak English fluently. If you want to speak fluent English faster, you need to learn better English words to improve your English vocabulary. In this English vocabulary lesson by Michelle, you will learn smart English words to replace the word Unique in your English conversations. There’s always so much new to learn in the English language, it’s our continued effort to bring your spoken English lesson that would help you instantly improve your English and speak English confidently in the real world. Do watch our library of English speaking lessons covering topics such as English Grammar, Vocabulary, IELTS training, American English, British English, English pronunciation and many more to advance your English level and score better band in IELTS test.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Have you ever used the word ‘unique’? Do you know what this means? ‘Unique’ means something which is very, very, very different. If you have used this word earlier, then this means you’ve been learning English for quite a long time. Because this is a very good word to use. But I have a challenge for you, tell me four words that have same meaning as ‘unique’, well you are not allowed to look at the board, okay, if you don’t know four words with the same meaning as ‘unique, then you need to keep watching this lesson, coz today I’m going to tell you eleven words that you can use to say the word, ‘unique’. So watch the complete lesson with me, my name is Michelle and you’re watching Let’s Talk. Okay, now let’s look at the few words that we have with us today, to replace the word, ‘unique’, so let’s say bye-bye to ‘unique’. Okay, the first phrase that we have is, ‘unique as a blue diamond’. Here we are using the word ‘unique’ because we are talking about a phrase and not a word. So ‘unique as a blue diamond’. Have you seen the movie Titanic? Then you will definitely know that, Rose, who was the main character, she wore a beautiful blue diamond in her neck. And you know how precious and expensive it was. And almost towards the end of the movie, she throws that in the sea, and do you know, people are still looking for that blue diamond? Because that was the most expensive one. Great! So a blue diamond is very hard to find and it’s just beautiful. And when you use this phrase, ‘unique as a blue diamond’ it means, the best there is. Let me write it for you. The best there is, so what is the best that there is in your life? Well if you have a lovely girlfriend, you could tell her, ‘you are unique as a blue diamond’. Which means she is the best that there is in the world for you. And she is bound to be impressed by you if you use this phrase. With this we look at the next word, ‘exclusive’. So exclusive is something that is meant only for high class people, okay? Something that is meant for high class people. Which means people who are very rich, like exclusive seats on the airplane, the people who sit in the business class, yes the seats in the business class are called exclusive seats which means only for high class people. And what about seats in the theatre? Yes, the special seats in the theatre, on the top row are exclusive seats, because you need to pay more money to be able to sit there. So that’s how you can replace the word ‘unique’ when you are talking about something which is only for people who can pay more to have it. So exclusive, if you want to use it in a sentence, you could say that, ‘the journalist arranged for an exclusive interview with the president’. Okay, now we move on to the next one that we have, ‘rare’. So rare is something which is not easy to find. Not easy to find. Like think of an old coin, maybe from 16th century, a coin that was four hundred or five hundred years old, will you be able to find that coin now? Like almost everywhere? No. You will only find them in museums. So is it easy to find? No, it’s very hard to find, that’s why the coin is rare. That’s how you can use it. Now we look at the next word, ‘spectacular’. For something, like if you are going somewhere and on the way there is a beautiful waterfall, and you have to stop and look at it because it’s so beautiful, you will call that waterfall, spectacular. You could say that it is a giant, spectacular waterfall. Which means you need to stop and stare at it. So spectacular means something you need to stop and stare. Stare means to look at something, okay? With that we move on to the next one, ‘has no equal’, now this is also a phrase and this refers to something for there is no equal. Which means there is nothing better than that, okay? Nothing better than that. So for something that has nothing better that it, you could use the phrase, ‘has no equal’. Well I think Indian food has no equal. I think it’s the best kind of food. Well you may not agree with me but I’m just sharing my opinion. Okay, now let’s look at the next one, ‘matchless’. Less means to not have something, okay? So when you don’t have a match for something, it’s matchless, something for which there is no match. Basically something for which there is nothing like it, okay? To use it in a sentence you could say that, ‘this sandwich was matchless’, which means there was no match for the sandwich, it’s so good to taste. Great! Now let’s look at the next one, okay now here let’s look a little carefully, surpassed, okay? Surpassed means to be superior, okay? It’s of surpassing quality, which means to be of superior quality, so surpass means superior and ‘un’ in English is a prefix which is used before the main word to mean ‘no’, okay? So what do you read it as now? ‘No superior’, so for something for which there is no superior, it’s called unsurpassed. So if you go to a hotel, which is really great and you have not experienced a more superior hotel you could say that, ‘your services were unsurpassed’. Which means nothing is more superior than services that you gave us, great. Now let’s look at the next one, so as we already know that ‘un’ means ‘no, in the next word also we have ‘un’, so let’s write ‘no’ here for ‘un’. Do you know the meaning of the word, ‘rival’? Do you have any rival? Rival means competitor. So when you have a person who is always competing with you, that person is your competitor. For example in your class if you have someone who scores better than you or who’s always trying to be better person than you that person is your competitor, so rival means competitor. Let’s write it here. I hope you have already understood the meaning, this means ‘no competitor’. So for something for which there is no competition, is called ‘unrivaled’. And of course you can use it in a sentence like unsurpassed, or let me give you an example, if you have great knowledge of English, if you have learned English over time, you could say, you have unrivaled knowledge of English. Which means you have so much knowledge of English that no one can compete with you or no one can be better than you in English, great. I hope that you soon have unrivaled knowledge of English as you keep watching our lessons and keep learning. With this we move forward, ‘incomparable’. Now as I already told you, that the prefix ‘un’ means ‘no’, the same way in English there is another prefix which means a small word which is put before the main word, another prefix which means ‘no’ and that is ‘in’. DO you know the meaning of comparable? Comparable means to do comparison, okay? Something for which we can do comparison. Now as you can see you have already understood the meaning, so for something for which there is no comparison, is called ‘incomparable’ and to use it in a sentence you could say that, ‘Bella’s dancing skills are incomparable’, which means you cannot compare Bella’s dance to anyone, she is such a great dancer, great. Now we look at the next one, so the last two words are actually used a little negatively, all these words are used to compliment someone for being ‘unique’, so if you think someone is ‘unique’ which means very different, in a good way, you use these words, but when you think that someone is very different in a very strange way, that’s when you use the last two words. So the first word is ‘bizarre’, you pronounce it as bizarre the stress is on ‘zarr’. So repeat it after me, ‘bizarre’, okay. So bizarre means something which is extremely strange, okay? Extremely strange. So if you want to use bizarre in a sentence, first of all think of your teacher, if your teacher who always wears casual clothes like a jeans or a top, one day she walks in the class dressed like scuba diver, the people who dive underwater, or maybe she dressed like a cartoon character, isn’t that extremely strange and you would be like, why is she looking bizarre? Which means why is she looking strange? And that’s slightly negative. Now let’s see the last word which is, ‘freak’. Freak means a very bad or unexpected incidence, okay? Unexpected incidence. Here we use the word ‘freak’ to talk about, ‘unique’ in a very negative sense, so when something is very different, when it’s unexpected in a negative way it’s called freak, and to use it in a sentence you could say that, ‘Jimmy broke his leg in a freak incidence’, or in a freak accident, so here freak means, bad. So a bad accident can be described as a freak accident, great. Now as you can see that we are done with this lesson, and today we have learned various words to talk about the word ‘unique’. So now I believe you don’t need to reuse the word ‘unique’ too much as you already have a huge vocabulary bank for replacing ‘unique’. So talk about unique things using all these words and comeback to watch more lessons with me, my name is Michelle and I’d like to sign off now, bye-bye

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