Using ‘Have’, ‘Has’ & ‘Had’ in English conversation.

Using Have, Has & Had simplified – English Grammar Lessons to learn Verbs and Tenses.

Learning English grammar rules can be confusing for many English learning students , because of this difficulty, are too scared to learn English further. In this English grammar lesson, we will be learning a grammar rules which are simplified to help the learners of English to differentiate between have, has and had and correctly use them while speaking English.

The verb ‘to have’ is an irregular verb. It means that the ending changes dramatically every time there is a change in tense.

‘To have’ can be used as a main verb or a helping verb. We use this as a main verb when we are talking about a possession, feeling or habit. For example:

Main verb

Possession: I have a car

Feeling: I have a feeling that Sheldon and Amy will get married.

Habit: I have a habit of biting my nails when I am stressed. I have breakfast everyday.

Helping Verb:

When we use two verbs to bring an effect or make a grammatically correct, the first verb becomes the helping verb. For example: I have been in this room.

Things to note are: 

  1. The sentence will be in perfect tense. That means an action has started earlier and was continued over and over again for a period of time.

I have been thinking…

I have been to the US last year

  1. The second verb in the sentence will be in past participle form. Past participle is a form of action verb which is completed




We use the verb ‘To have’ with pronouns.

I, we, they- have.

But when we talk about second person or proper noun then we use has

She, He, it or John(proper noun)

Anytime time, we are talking about past tense, the verb “have’ will change into had

I/She/we/they/it had

I had been there

she had washed my clothes


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