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Hello English Learners, welcome yo yet another interesting English speaking lesson with Michelle. We know that you look for every opportunity to improve your English and speaking Fluent English. Today’s let’s learn English through Newspaper. Your English teacher Michelle has shortlisted some interesting English Idioms that would find in newspapers, these English idioms are best suited for everyday English conversation and add up to your English fluency. Make sure you watch the complete lesson and make use of these idioms to speak English more confidently and fluently.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

‘Cure for cancer is on the horizon’, uh-huh… ‘politician criticizes doctor as out of reach’ okay, ‘three hundred and thirty thousand Pounds down the drain in the bank scandal’ what do we mean by “down the drain”? Down the drain means something is wasted completely. Don’t worry do you get confused when you read such idioms in the newspaper? That’s our topic for the day. Today we are learning idioms from the newspaper and you can stay with me, my name is Michelle and we are going to wrap up this topic once and forever. So here we are guys with the newspaper idioms that I shared with you in the beginning of the lesson. So the newspaper that I was reading this morning had some very interesting words and idioms that I picked out especially for you so that we can cover them in this lesson and find out what they mean. So the first news that I read was about a doctor, alright? So politicians “slacked” the doctors because of delayed treatments. Now slacking means to criticize someone heavily, alright? Slacking means to criticize heavily. So the politician slacked the doctors because of delayed treatments which means that possibly the doctors do not know how much the patients suffer when the treatment is delayed. The reason that the politicians slack the doctors was because he said that the doctors were “out of touch”. Now out of touch means that they are not aware of the recent developments in the field of medicine. So out of touch means unaware of recent developments. Alright so the doctors are out of touch and for that reason they were slacked by the politician. Okay so just let you know again this means criticism and the second one means to be unaware or to be out of touch. The next one we have is “down the drain”. So I read this idiom on the economic page of the newspaper or the business page of the newspaper where they talk about the economy around the world or in a specific country. So I read that three hundred and thirty thousand Pounds were down the drain. So what does that mean? Three hundred and thirty thousand Pounds were down the drain, it means that, that amount of money was wasted. So the reason that this money was down the drain was because of a bank scandal. Okay now down the drain means that something is wasted, so you know what a drain is where the waste water goes, the same way when we say that something is down the drain it means that it goes as a waste, goes off as a waste. Okay now the next one we have is when something “falls on deaf ears”. What happens when something falls on deaf ears? No one’s hearing them, alright? So no one’s hearing someone’s plea. I read this when they were talking about a country where people raised a request that their building should not be destroyed however their request fell on deaf ears which means that no one heard their plea and no action was taken. So falls on deaf ears means a request that goes unheard. So while I was still reading the business page I came across this phrase which is “start-ups”, alright? So it said that the start-ups of going to face a huge problem because of the recession. Now what are start-ups? Start-ups are small business set-ups okay which are aiming at the market, alright? They’re trying to make money through the market at that point of time and they are small business set-ups. So according to the news headline it said that the start-ups are going to face a lot of problem because of recession. So start-ups means a small business set-up. Okay so as I told you that there were some people who were raising a plea, who were raising a request that their buildings should not be destroyed but their requests fell on deaf ears which means no one heard them and no action was taken and their buildings were actually destroyed. So their houses where they were living were just destroyed for some other buildings which were supposed to be erected in that area. So what happened as a result those people “took to the streets” which means that they started protesting against the government so they had slogans and they had placards and placards in their hands and they were raising requests alright? They were very angry and agitated. So at that time they were protesting against the government. So when we say someone has taken to the streets or took to the streets it means that they were protesting against the government. It’s like a demonstration. Protesting against the government. Okay and on the same page I read a good news which said that the cure for cancer was “on the horizon”. So whatever is on the horizon, do you know what a horizon is? So when you see that the Sun is setting and you see the Sun and the earth the land almost meeting, it appears like they’re meeting and they are very near the same way this phrase means something is very near. So if the cure for cancer is on the horizon it means that the cure for cancer is very near and very soon we are gonna have a proper cure for it which may not even have chemotherapy. Alright so on the horizon means something that appears near. Alright now we look at the next idiom that we have so this idiom I did not read on the front page, I did not read on the business page but I read this in the gossip page of the tabloid newspaper. So “sounds like sour grapes” this was… so basically there was this actor who made a negative comment against another actor and the newspaper reported that his comment sounded like sour grapes which means that possibly he is very jealous of another actor’s success that’s why he’s making a negative comment against him or her. Okay so sounds like sour grapes when you call someone’s criticism as sour grapes that’s when you’re saying that that person does not have something and they’re very jealous that’s why they’re making a negative comment against another person. So sour grapes means comment out of jealousy or envy. Right, so because he was quite jealous of his another actor, alright, of another co-actor that’s why he made a negative comment which sounded like sour grapes. So the grapes were we’re not very sweet they were very sour for that actor. Okay so with this we look at the next one, “sitting pretty”. I came across this particular phrase in the sports page. Can you imagine someone sitting pretty in a sports page of the newspaper? It’s possible. So they used this phrase against a team that had won the match, right? So there was a cricket match that they were that the newspaper reported about and they said that the winning team was now sitting pretty, which means that they were in a good situation. So good situation. So according to the newspaper the winning team was sitting pretty which means that they were in a good situation and they were ready to face the other matches. And while I was still reading the sports page I came across another idiom which is, “have what it takes”. So this reporter reported about a new a rising football player alright, she commented saying that this football player has what it takes to be a star player this means that he has got the correct talents or the needed talents to be a star football player. So have what it takes means to have the needed talent. So this rising football star has what it takes to be a star football player which means that he has the needed talent. So I’ll just do a quick go through for you again, slacked means when someone is criticized heavily. So the doctors were criticized heavily or the doctors were slacked for being out of touch. And three hundred and thirty thousand dollars thousand dollars or pounds went in the drain which means that they were entirely wasted. And when a request falls on the deaf ears it means that it goes unheard and when a request falls on deaf ears then people take to the streets which means that they start protesting against the government. And as we know the good news that the cure for cancer is on the horizon and I hope it comes soon because we are really hoping that it’s very near to us. The next one is something that sounds like a likes sour grapes which means that a negative comment that someone makes out of jealousy. Then sitting pretty is to be a good situation especially related to sports in this case but can also be related to money. So if a person has a lot of money then that person is sitting pretty because they are in a good situation. The next one we have is to have what it takes which means that they have the needed talent to achieve something and startups as I told you I read along with down the drain which means a small business set-up that is trying to aim the market. Okay now with this we come to an end of today’s lesson which is about idioms related to the newspaper which you often read in the newspaper. I had done another lesson where you are going to find words related to newspaper headlines don’t forget to watch that as well you’ll probably find the link in the description box of this video. Thank you so much for staying with me I hope you had a great time, bye-bye.

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