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To speak fluent English faster you need to learn and remember new english words daily. The best way to do that, is to learn English Vocabulary through News, you get to learn new English words daily and stay updated with the news around you. I always look for best tips to improve your English speaking, I found this amazing News app that would be helpful to improve your vocabulary and English reading skills and stay updated with current affairs. If you are applying for competitive exams or want to learn new words, the compass News app is just perfect for you. Watch this English lesson, as I demonstrate, how to learn English through Compass News App. You are watching this English class on Let’s Talk – An Youtube Channel for free English Speaking course. We have English lesson plans for English Grammar, Tips to speak English easily, Learn American English, Practice British English, IELTS Training and coaching for Speaking test, Accent Training for English fluency and English Pronunciation. Do not forget to subscribe to our channel and stay updated with all the New lesson plans as we upload them. 

Complete Lesson Transcript :

Hey everyone, welcome back to our Channel, this is me Meera. We have always been saying on our Channel, that learning English has to be fun. So what do we do? We learn via books, videos, movies, songs etc. right? And isn’t that great? Well reading is one of the mediums to learn English and when we talk about reading learning via newspapers has been an old method and I still use it. And that is exactly what I have got for you, learning English with the help of news. Well news has been a very helpful source. But these days we read news on our phones, right? Especially me, especially with such hectic schedules, you do not have time for the paper, phone is my only Savior when it comes to news. The truth is newspapers are too lengthy and TV news is too biased with advertisements. The good articles are usually behind the expensive pay walls so, I like to read headlines and mostly bite-sized news and then decide, if I want to read the whole article further or not. So what I was doing was I was surfing on the net for an app that will give me the whole story in small paragraphs so I do not have to read the complete news and I still get to understand what is happening around me and be updated with, right? So I found this app called “Compass News” and I quickly downloaded it to see how it works and if I like it. So basically what I realized is that it is a journalism app and the website is actually worth reading. With this app I actually found what I was looking for so then I went ahead and we contacted them. Let me tell you about this app at the end of the video, but basically we are going to learn, how to learn English through news reading and on “Compass News” make sure that you’re listening and observing I would be narrating few articles and you have to listen to me properly to understand what are we going to learn today. So let us take a look at what we’re going to do, come on. So let’s go ahead, I’m going to open my “Compass News” app right here, okay as you can see, I have already prepared my profile which is right here and what I have is my news for today, which is Tuesday, you might be reading this a little later but you can catch up with me, right? So, well I have a lot of news right here, that’s my first page, that’s my main page, today’s headlines, I have five main headlines, North Korea is probably building new missiles. Trump offers to meet Iran’s president. Well since I’m interested in this news, I’m going to quickly open this and I have a very short news but a wholesome news I’m sure, right here. I’m going to get you, I’m going to run you through the article, I’m going to read out to you, you have to listen carefully of the way I’m reading and then we will go ahead and learn few words and few sentences, okay? So here goes, Trump offers to meet Iran’s president. A week after his all-caps rant at Iran, US president Donald Trump has offered to meet Iran’s leaders with no preconditions and anytime they want. He told reporters at the White House that he believed in meetings and would meet with anyone. Well this is a quick story, you have a backstory with it to understand what is it about, okay? Last week, Trump angrily tweeted to Iranian president Rouhani never ever threaten the United States again or you will suffer consequences. The likes of which few throughout history have ever suffered before. We are no longer a country that will stand for your demented words of violence and death. Be cautious. Iran’s relationship with the US is particularly hostile at the moment. Trump left the Iranian nuclear deal in May. Now as you can see there are a lot of words and phrases that Trump has used and article has used. So I have shortlisted few words which I think will help you understand English and the article better. So let’s take a run-through and take a look at these words. Well our first word is or the phrase is “all caps rant”. Where rant is a verb used to describe the action of talking or arguing about a topic in a very passionate way. While typing all caps is short for all capital letters as you can see Donald Trump seems to love to tweet in caps or capital letters therefore the term all caps rant is another way of saying that Trump took to, took to making his argument or rant in all caps which is in capital letters. So it was a strong point expressed again in capital letters on social media which was Twitter for example in a simple way in English if you want to say it to anyone, “don’t do it” and you say it in a very forceful way that will become all caps rant, okay? Moving ahead the next one that I’ve sorted shortlisted for you is, “no preconditions” preconditions mean that certain criteria or conditions have to be fulfilled for a certain thing to happen. For example, you don’t have to wait at the doctor’s office, on the precondition that you book an appointment. So the term no preconditions simply means that you don’t need any criteria or condition for a certain thing to happen. It is something that can take place in the independent of any other factor. Another example in simple English, there are no preconditions to participate in this competition, right? Just made it simpler. Let’s take a look at another one, “suffer the consequences” well this is a phrase which is used to describe that one might face a bad or unpleasant experience because of doing something, anything. Trump here wants Iran that they will face or suffer an unpleasant outcome or consequence if they threaten the United States like we saw. Moving on the next one I found for you is, “demented”. This is a word used to describe behavior which arises from a medical condition called dementia. People with this condition behave irritationaliy due to anger, distress or even excitement for that matter. Well here Trump has used a word as strong as demented to emphasize that Iran is displaying an attitude that he considers to be very violent and morbid even. Next up we have is, “believed in meetings”. This phrase used here is to be taken in context to show that a person who believes in meetings is someone who believes in talking matters or discussing things cordially to come to an agreement, right? Trump has used this phrase as a way of saying that he believes in sorting problems by taking the diplomatic approach that is what he said here. Well with this, I will move on to another word which is “hostile”. This word can be used to describe those who are, who are unfriendly, right? Or aggressive. For example, “the airport authorities had turned hostile towards the man who disobeyed rules.” Okay, so these were the shortlisted words out of the first article. What I want, what I’m going to do is, I’m going to shortlist another article for you just so that you understand better and I will make sure of that. Okay, so I’m going to go back to my main page as you can see we have a lot of things here before we move to the next article, let’s take a look at what we have in the, over here on the app. Okay, so I have another, there’s another place where they have put in a lot of journalism articles out here like you can see umm… here, here they have “The New Yorker”, then they have articles from like you can see, “The Economist”, which is, which is one of the best again. You have “Refinery”, oh, they also have “The New York Times” now you can see how simple it was a short article yet a concise, concise information and as you can see over here they have something called as 30-second summary. What does that mean? They have literally three points and that you can read in 30 seconds. Now that is something that I really wanted guys, that because, because of the time that I have, I just hardly have any. Yet I get to know just in 30 seconds what is the news exactly about. Which is very, very easy for me. Alright, then if I go on my search button, there are so many things like there’s, okay look at this page they have Science, Politics, Technology, American Politics, European Politics, Economy, magazine let me just quickly click on Magazine, okay? And now I get to see a complete set of articles from different, from different magazines all around the world, which is really classic because this one app can get me to all the possible articles from different magazines. And if I like something, I can also read it offline there are certain articles which you like and want to read further so I can quickly press the hot button click on the hot button and it will be saved offline. So this is something that is, that this app is all about. Um, we’re going to move on to our next article, let me quickly search, okay, alright we’re going to read about 4 million people excluded from list of citizens in India, okay? Around 4, 4, 4 million people have been excluded from the final draft list of citizens in the Indian state of Assam. This threatens to strip all of these people of their citizenship the government says that the list the National Register of citizens is designed to combat illegal Bangladeshi immigrants. But many have seen it as a state sanction cracking down on minorities. Rajnath Singh India’s Interior Minister, said that people whose names were missing from the list shouldn’t worry since everyone would get a fair chance to appeal. Other officials echoed this sentiment emphasizing that there was time for people to appeal and being left off this of the list wouldn’t result in immediate deportation. Now this was a very, very quick article as well and yet again I have shortl, shortlisted certain words, let’s quickly understand these words as well alight? Starting with “final draft” list of citizens well a final draft is a term used commonly in written documents it is a final version of the document after a lot of editing and rewriting. In this article this phrase is used to show that a final draft of the list of citizens in the state of Assam was created after a lot of thinking and consideration it’s also another way of saying that no changes can be made to the document anymore, okay? Moving on to the next phrase, sentences “threatens to strip” threatened means to scare, pressurize or terrorize someone to do or not to do something. The word strip means to remove, right? Well in this article the phrase threatens to strip means that the people of Assam were frightened that the final draft of citizens would strip or remove their citizenship that they dearly value. I have another word for you which is, “combat”. This word is used to say what that the one is taking action to reduce or prevent something bad or undesirable even. Well in this particular article they are combating illegal immigrants. In other words they are doing everything they can to prevent illegal immigrants from residing in their state. Well in simple English you can use, “I learned karate for self-combat” okay? Moving on, “cracking down” this is again a strong phrase used to talk about taking strict measures. Especially in enforcing obedience to laws or regulations. In this article you can see how some people view the strict, strict enforcement of the law against illegal immigrants as a way of cracking down on minorities. Alright, moving on we have “A fair chance”. This is a phrase to describe that everyone gets an equal chance to do something. For example we must give the both, we must give both the candidates a fair chance to win. What I realized is that this app Compass News, is an app that, that it really made it easy to be well informed about the world. It doesn’t matter that, how much time I have? Or how much money I have? Even if I have 30 seconds, I can get a quick 30 seconds summary and that’s the fact that I really like about this. It’s very time-saving and they do have such summaries with single articles from different magazines and newspapers with short background story which is story so far. Making it so much more easier and simpler. What I understood is that they understood that the sources cannot be completely neutral, right? So they put viewpoints from different places. As you can see I have a premium account over here that means I’ve taken membership for a year. Which costed me about $10. If you go through this app you would see that this costs you just $1 per month but just because you are Let’s Talk subscribers, it would only cost you $5. Well here is time to mention that you will start with 7 days of free trial before you even get to that. And you know what I really think and I would like to suggest this that it is so much more easier to sign up for a, for a yearly trial, for a yearly membership just because the news and the whole idea of learning English through news, make Compass News makes it so much more easier and so much more simpler and if you see it’s just a cost of two burgers. So what I would like you to do is, I would definitely suggest you to go ahead and check out the free trial, make sure you go through the app and then sign up for it if you like it. Until then I’m going to come back for you with another interesting topic, probably something else that I found interesting on the web for you guys to learn English, till then make sure you practice. Make sure you’re smiling. This is me Meera signing off for the day, bye-bye

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