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This English lesson will help you improve your English vocabulary and speak English fluently and confidently. You will learn how to use measure words in your daily English conversation. Learning new English words would help you form better English sentences and speak more confidently in English.

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Hey everybody, welcome back to let’s talk and you are with me, Meera. Guys what do you think about these sentences, ‘I want a slice of pizza’, ‘I want a piece of cake’, ‘I want to buy new pair of headphones’… well what you think these are? Well you are using measure words to define that the things that you want in your daily life. Similarly today I’ve got a bunch of stuff for you, so here are certain words and certain things that we need on a daily life basis, okay? These are our necessities and we are going to learn, what do we exactly use, to tell what you want and how you use measure words to define these things that we need on a daily basis, okay? Let’s understand how we’ve been getting wrong all these years, and see what’s the right thing to use. Okay, so here’s the thing, I’m going to randomly start, because I want you guys to have fun with it, instead of being a boring old lesson, I want you to just try to take it as a test for yourself. Okay, let’s start with oil here, now whenever you’re cooking something okay, you go on any cooking channel, you would hear the chefs talk in this language, ‘pour a tablespoon of oil’ in the in the pan, okay? So when it comes to oil, and cooking in the kitchen, you can use measure words like “teaspoon” or “tablespoon”. The tablespoon is obviously the one which has, which is going to be more in ‘ml’ then the teaspoon, it’s the bigger spoon, okay? So oil will always be tablespoon or teaspoon which is a smaller one. So you would say, pour a tablespoon of oil in the pan or just a teaspoon of olive oil in the pan. Alright, let’s see which one, well I’m sure you guys like Nutella a lot. Now whenever you want Nutella, how would you say it? How would you tell, what you want exactly? Maybe you want a teaspoon of Nutella, but because it is so yummy, you would always want a “jar of Nutella”. So Nutella will always be used with a jar of Nutella. ‘I ate a complete jar of Nutella today and it was yum. Usually, I buy a jar of Nutella each month to use in my sandwiches, right? So that’s Nutella for you. Now let’s talk about ‘scissors’ right here, so whenever you are asking for scissors, buying scissor or looking for scissors… Scissors are things which always happen to get lost at least in my house, I don’t know about yours, well this one’s pretty famous, it’s just one scissor, but you will always say “a pair of scissors” just the way your ‘jeans’ are, your pair of jeans similarly, scissors are also termed and attached with pair of scissors. Could you please pass me that pair of scissors? I’m looking for a pair of scissors, they are orange in color, do you know where they are? See… Alright, now let’s talk about ‘cotton’ you know the small, tiny cotton balls that you use for cleaning your face or wiping something? Well, I just said or give you a hint as to what you would attach with ‘cotton’, you would say a “ball of cotton”. That’s correct, a ball of cotton. Can you pass me that ball of cotton, I just need to wipe my face? Hey, do you have a ball of cotton, I seem to have dropped something on my t-shirt. Having spoken about cotton, let’s talk about ‘toilet paper’ here, any guesses? What would we use with toilet paper? We would use, okay let me just quickly draw this, it’s gonna be looking like this, right? That’s what your toilet paper is looks like, mmm right, it’s “a roll of toilet paper”. Hey you are out of toilet paper, pass me a roll of toilet paper. It’s a roll, right? And that’s what you need to remember when you’re talking about toilet papers. Alright, let’s talk about ‘glue’, shall we? Well now you have glue in different forms, so try and imagine this, you have sticks, glue sticks, then you have tubes, right? Keep it that simple, you will only remember when you try to imagine what the product or the item or the object looks like. Now glue comes in a on a stick or in a bottle, so you would say, “a stick of glue” or “a bottle of glue”, okay? I need a stick of glue for my project tomorrow. I used a complete bottle of glue to stick the sparkles and the sequences on my greeting card. Alright, talking about glue, I’m gonna make a major shift and talk about “lettuce”, all those people out there who love eating salads and are looking at different vegetables to include in their salads, I’m sure you’re looking at lettuce as well. Well if you try and think or if you remember how a lettuce looks like, it looks like a cabbage roll, right? It’s round and it has a, it’s in a role form, well particularly for lettuce, you would say “head of lettuce”. I went out and bought a lot of vegetables, I also bought a head of lettuce. I am going to use my head of lettuce in my salad today, okay? That’s how you can use lettuce, a head of lettuce. Alright, how can I forget about “bread”, in daily life situations we always end up buying bread for the house, so a bread comes in what form? Usually a big fat… yes, “loaf”, okay? Although you can order a slice, but you buy it in a loaf form. So we’re going to use two words, “a loaf of bread”, as well as “a slice of bread”. You will never buy a slice of bread, you would order a slice of bread probably, with your pasta, so you would say, can I please get a slice of garlic bread? But when you go out to a shop to a grocery shop to buy, you would buy a loaf of bread, alright? Okay, now let’s talk about “salt” right, now salt whenever added in anything is used in a form of a teaspoon or a tablespoon, but here’s the thing, I’ve got a fancier word for you, you can say the next time you want to put salt, could you please pass me that salt, I just need “a dash of it” so, a dash of salt. Usually a dash of salt is just, a little bit, just like throwing it just a little bit, you know a dash of salt to make your dish yummy or tasty. Okay let’s talk about “toothpaste” here, now again like I said imagine the object, toothpaste comes in a tube form, right? So it’s as simple as that, you would say, “a tube of toothpaste”. I need to buy a tube of toothpaste today. ‘My toothpaste is over, could you please buy me a tube on your way home?’ right? That’s how see how you can put it in a sentence. “A tape”, a tape again looks like a roll, right? Right, so here as well you can say, “a roll of tape”. A roll of tape, similar to a toilet paper, a roll of tape. Okay, let’s talk about “garlic”. For all the yummy dishes like your pasta, your noodles, you would need garlic. You will need to add garlic, so whenever you’re cooking or whenever you’re telling someone how to prepare a dish, you would say, add “a clove of garlic” or two cloves of garlic, okay? So a clove of garlic, alright? A clove of garlic. Let’s talk about “vodka” how many of you out there enjoy having vodka? Okay, whenever you talk about vodka, you can attach it with “a shot of vodka”, simple? Right? A shot of vodka, okay? Alright, now “lemonade”, especially in your summers, any time of the year, I am a huge fan of lemonade. Well a lemonade can come in a jar or in a glass, simple, right? You can always use “a jar of lemonade” or “a glass of lemonade”. I drink a whole jar of lemonade every time after my workout. I desperately need a glass of lemonade I’m super thirsty or super dehydrated, right? Any remaining ones, of course there you go, “soap” and “medicine”, let’s start with soap right here, again soap looks like a bar, right? it’s in a bar form, in a square or rectangular form or circles, but for soap you will say, you will use “a bar of soap”. A bar of soap right, in a different form or in a square form that’s a bar of soap. Okay now medicine, usually medicine will come in a teaspoon form, not the tablespoons not the big ones, teaspoon. So you would say, pass, okay I need to have tablespoon of medicine today. In liquid form okay, this is particularly in liquid form teaspoon, right? A teaspoon of Medicine. Alright, there you go, there are your necessary daily life objects, things to eat, food, liquid, your stationery, your personal items and this is how you’re going to attach it, these are the words you’re going to attach it with, when you use it in a sentence. Alright, that’s all for the day guys, I hope you have enjoyed and I’m sure that these were certain useful tips for you, alright go ahead and use it in your conversations. Well that’s all for the day, I’m gonna see you soon in the next video with another topic, until then like I always say keep smiling guys, this is me Meera, saying ciao!

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