Learn Smart English Vocabulary for the Holiday Season

It’s the Holiday season I always wait for , meeting family and friends it’s so much fun. Learning some smart English Vocabulary for the holiday season would add so much more fun to have great conversation. In this English lesson with Meera you will learn some great English words with meanings that you could use to have some interesting conversations, Use them to speak fluent English and let us know in the comments how you found these words.

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hi guys, welcome back to Let’s Talk, you are with me Meera. Well, all of you know that the holiday season is upon us and all of us are pretty excited to probably go on a trip or meet our family members or just friends or all these things are right here that you are probably going to use while you’re holidaying. Now I just thought that hmm why you just bring new words where I can just mix up, like a salad, I have words, I have other terms interesting terms and few phrases that you can use. So let’s get started because I’m really excited to tell you guys that there are so many smart words that you can use this holiday season.

Okay let’s get going the first word that I have for you is ‘mittens’. Now you’d ask what are mittens? So mittens are these thick gloves, okay? So they have a separate thumb and a separate section for your rest of the fingers where you can use these mittens to hold hot pans or plates or probably a cake that you have baked which is in the oven and you can use these mittens to use to touch hot plates and pans. Now why is this word over here? Because I’m sure you guys would be really excited and thrilled to try on new dishes or probably making new cakes or other dishes and that is why you would probably be using the word mittens since I’m sure that you would be doing exciting things this holiday.

Now moving from mittens, let me just quickly write when this is these are thick gloves. Let me underline this, okay now the next word is ‘tradition’. Now what are traditions? Traditions are usually family practices that are being followed for years and years, right? So any such let me give you an example of a tradition that my family has been following during holiday season and that is that we go on a short trip, somewhere close by or somewhere far away and that is our family tradition that we have been following for many years. So probably you can ask your friends or your family members and use this word by asking questions like hey what are you doing as a holiday tradition, right? So tradition is nothing but practices followed, on a regular basis and I think that is what makes holidays really fun, right? Traditions and I love that part about it.

The next word we have is serenity. Now what does that mean it actually means the absence of mental stress and it just purely means being at peace, you know mental peace. So you could find different places by the lakeside or somewhere far away where you just go during holidays for the serenity, where there are a lot of trees around which help you lose the stress, right? Serenity means being stress-free. So you could say that we are going by the lake because it’s so serene, it is so beautiful and it’s so it has no sense or no presence of stress, okay?

Now moving from serenity ‘off-the-beaten-track’. Often you do ask questions such as what are you doing this holiday? Or are you going somewhere this holiday? Well if you’re planning for a nice get away which is far away from people and tall buildings and concrete land then you can say we are planning to go off the beaten track, that means far away from people, right? Where you get to spend time alone with your family members or your loved ones or your spouse’s, right? So that means off the beaten track, where not many people are around you.

Now the next word is one of my favorites, right? ‘Miracle’. What is a miracle? It’s actually an extraordinary event or an activity that takes place that is really not supported by any scientific or any particular logic it is something, it is an event that puts, that brings a smile on people’s faces and that is something that I really like about holidays. Now for example, you’re planning a get-together and a friend of yours a dear friend of yours has said that, “You know what, I can’t come.” But then she shows up suddenly and it’s a surprise and you’re thinking to yourself that, Oh my God, this is definitely the holiday miracle right here.” It’s just a way of expressing when you, when you have a smile on your face and you just don’t know how it has happened, right? So miracle is nothing but an extra ordinary event.

Alright guys the next term is ‘kick back’. Well guys what is kick back? It’s just a phrase that you can use to say if you’re telling your friends or your family what are you going to do this holiday season well I’m planning to just kick back and relax, right? So what-what-what does it mean when I say kick back and relax? It literally means to kick back all my tensions, all my thoughts, all my to-do-list plans everything is kick back for another day, another time and just sit and relax, talk to my family friends, watch movies or TV series and that is what I mean when I say kick back. That means to forget about anything, so I’m just going to write stuff. So it just means to just forget about stuff and relax, okay? The important thing is relax.

Now following the same path the next term is ‘laze around’. As you can see it’s right there what it means so but you can actually use it in sentences by saying that this year we have planned to laze around the house itself and see what we can plan. We will decide later again it just means to relax, right? To laze around and eat good food and you know drink hot stuff probably hot chocolate or hot milk and just talk and play family games and laze around not do much of any activity as such. Now I’m literally going in a holiday mood and a relaxation mode just by even talking about all these things believe me,

Because the next one we have is ‘to put our feet up’. Okay now physically you imagine the situation to put your feet up it literally means the same so again when people are asking you what are your plans, you can say this year we have decided to just put our feet up and watch or binge on different TV series say probably friends or Big Bang Theory or Game of Thrones or whatever you feel like, right? So put our feet up again, since we’re going in a holiday mood we’re talking about relaxing around.

Okay, well another thing that people usually follow or do during holidays is ‘eat out’. Okay so your plans could be to eat out or dine out that means to eat at restaurants, okay? Right so you’re planning to dine outside or eat outside and you can invite your friends because you’re planning to eat out and not laze around at house around the house or in the house, okay?

Then we have is, ‘to cut down on’. Well I have a sister and when I asked her what are you planning to do this holiday season, you know what she said? She said, “I’m planning to cut down on eating out and this holiday I am just going to work on eating healthy food instead of eating out.” So cut down means to sort of like decrease or lessen something, okay? To cut down on, that means to reduce let me write this down as well.

Okay and the last word for the day ‘Feliz Navidad’, that means Merry Christmas in Spanish, right? Let me just not disturb this, it just means Merry Christmas. Well why not just, just be open to different languages and different terms and just enjoy, right? That is what holidays and that is what New Year’s and Christmas is all about. Miracles and new things and new beginnings. So guys Merry Christmas, Christmas to all of you I will see you very soon with another interesting lesson until then keep smiling, keep practicing, spread a lot of love guys, this is me Meera signing off, bye.

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