How to be LIKEABLE & Attract People Like A Magnet? Make people Like you Instantly!

How to make people like you or How to be likeable is the most common question search on Google. Some people are so charismatic that they attract peple like a magnet, and you keep wondering what’s different about their personality, that you don’t have. Well, they do things differently than have polished their attitude and have developed self confidence to communicate effectively. In this Personality developent video with Meera, you will learn 7 tips to make people like you almost instantly and attract girls or boys towards you like a magnet.You are watching this video on Skillopedia, part of Let’s Talk Institute for Personality Development and self improvement. We have hundreds of videos to develop good communication skills, personal growth, motivation skills, inspirational tips to develop self-confidence. Skillopedia is a well known name in the corporate training segment in Mumbai to deliver best personality development course for corporate employees and individuals. 

Complete Video Transcript :

Hola everyone, welcome back. All of us have some people in our lives you know, friends, colleagues probably family members who are usually the heart of the party. Everyone loves to have them around, right? And the party seems to be so much more enjoyable with them being around. Now I have actually cracked what social skills they have that make them so likable and people love them so much, so that you don’t have to feel left out the next time you feel like getting some attention. You don’t have to be a different person than who you are but you can always and always borrow these skills whenever you need a little bit more attention and a little bit more love. So guys, this is me Meera and you are watching me on Skillopedia where we will learn social skills that will make you more likeable.

Okay guys, so this one thing that people repeatedly say, they say this for a reason, what is this skill, any guesses? Okay they say that ‘we have two ears and one mouth’. Just one why that’s for a reason that’s because we should listen twice more than we speak. As the Dalai Lama once said, “When you talk you’re only speaking what you already know, but if you listen you may learn something new.” And guys this really caught my attention, so my brother has this exact same problem of talking continuously and what happened was only when he entered the corporate world and the professional world he realized the importance of listening sometimes that’s the only time he learned from his seniors and his colleagues. Listen more carefully and actively and respond instead of just yapping and just talking. Likeable people actually are listening and responding to what you are saying. Asking questions encouraging people to tell more things about themselves this is something that is always appreciated.

Also guys tell me something is someone who forgets names quite often, right? Does it happen to you? Well let me tell you, it is a put off when people do not remember names. It shows how self-involved you are and how much you don’t care this one time I had gone for an interview where, so they made all of us stand, all the candidates stand in a semi-circle and each one of us had to introduce ourselves with our name and with our last name and a little bit of story so our education etc. and the first challenge after introduction was to name other candidates around us, correctly that is when I realized how important it was to pay attention to names. It could be friends, it could be customers, it could be clients, really I understood that day that, oh my god this is going to be make-or-break for my job. When you know people by their names, if you make them feel special by remembering their names, call people by their names even when you’re in an office environment. So do remember this point for the next time for an interview or for any general, social gathering.

Here is another thing that you can do and you can make it your social habit if you want. You can always be the one to cut the interrupter and let the other person finish, how? So I’ll tell you what, we all have been in an awkward situation where someone interrupts our story and then we keep wondering, will anyone listen to me or not? You can be the bigger person here just say, “Hey! Can you please finish the car story?” “Can I hear the rest of the story.” “Hey! You are saying that you kept getting calls from an unknown number, what happened next? So here you are being the bigger person even if someone else has interrupted you make sure that the other person doesn’t feel left out or tell the person interrupting with a smile, “Let him finish please it is interesting, right?” This way you will instantly make the speaker comfortable and they will appreciate that you were listening to them. This is another skill that people usually really like.

Guys have you ever, ever observed that sometimes when you stand together or in a group or a semicircle you don’t look around and people stand behind your back or at times when people are talking we only make eye contact with the people we know, right? So if I know two people I will just be looking at them, has it happened to you? What I’m trying to say is that include one and all. So be that person who looks around before making others stand facing your back. When you are making, when you’re speaking make eye contact with people with new people around only then you can actually prove your presence and you can, you can show that importance to others, right? You need to do these things and these people shine in social circles more often.

One tricky thing that can instantly make you more likeable that is what? Accepting a compliment the right way. You know guys what usually happens, right? So your friend says or your colleague says, “You look beautiful.” And how do you reply to that? “Thanks. You too.” You know why that happens? That happens because you feel conscious. Suddenly someone has appreciated you and you don’t know what to say or you don’t know how to reply to that. But if you don’t compliment and return you think that oh my god that other person will feel bad about it. So what do you do? You use the most boring way to reply, right? Instead of keeping some phrases ready in your hand such as, “Oh! You made my day, thank you.” “You look ten times better than what I do.” “Thank you for making me feel special.” You know how to make people smile. See guys, even if you don’t have you actually haven’t complimented that person you made them feel good about complimenting you, right? Now there is one more way that works almost every time, do you know what that is? That’s to flatter someone. Yes this is a little bit different from complimenting someone now for example, “You know a lot about books, how come?” That’s a way of asking someone, making them feel special another one, “It’s no joke how you manage home and work at the same time.” “I’m planning to go for a trip, do you suggest where should I go?” So when you, when you ask people and when you question them you basically ask them and make them feel more valuable more important you show that their answers hold a lot of importance in your life. So when you focus on these small little good things and you question people that actually flatters them. But the point is you have to keep a genuine and not be fake like, “Oh! You’re the most trustworthy person I have ever met.” Okay I don’t think anyone can do this better something that is so irrelevant you shouldn’t do it, keep it relevant, keep it simple, keep a genuine and this one is for sure a win-win situation for this other person as well as you.

Okay guys do you know that we have a, so there is a friend of mine who’s so charming not because she wakes up wearing makeup or she wears makeup she actually doesn’t need to wear a makeup, she wears a smile and shows enthusiasm and this energy is so contagious that automatically it lights up a dull party. This draws people’s attention to her. People spend more time talking to her. People like talking and sharing things with her and they leave with a beautiful and a nice long smile on their faces. They remember her. Every time they meet me, they asked me about her and they talk about her charisma. Her energy towards other people and in that circle as well. So try to incorporate these things in your lives so that you can you know if you get attention and people do like you socially.

Now we’re very confused as to how to end a conversation at times. I have seen this happening in front of me and there have been so many awkward situations. Imagine just because you couldn’t end the topic well, you had to hang out with that person for the rest of the evening, right? Isn’t that really crazy? So what do you need? You need to go and socialize with other people as well, right? You cannot just hang around with the same person. You have to end the conversation on a right note you guys. Again keep some phrases up your sleeve. I will tell you some the ones that you can use quite often are, “This was great! Glad I got to speak with you.” Just hint that the conversation is over very, very subtly, okay in a very subtle manner. “I hope you enjoy the rest of the evening.” “I will surely remember our talk.” “It was lovely talking to you, Cheers! It is so easy to do this, don’t you think so? Once you know these small phrases and it can leave an amazing impression about you and seriously who doesn’t want that? This shows confidence and a positive energy that comes from within you.

What you need to do is just apply these simple skills in your social life and just see the difference. Well they are trendy, they are simple and absolutely adored by everyone, right? So guys thank you so much for watching this. That is all for the day. I really hope to see you soon with another such interesting topic until then make sure you’re smiling keep practicing this is me Meera signing off for the day guys. Ciao.

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