5 Easy ways to develop a Strong & Loving Relationship with your partner this Valentine’s day – Personal Development

Hey all, it’s me Niharika here. I so love this season of love. Love is in the air. People are all geared up to celebrate their love this valentine’s day. So what am I doing here? Well this Valentine’s, I wanted to share some tips with all you out there, who are really wanting to have a very healthy and loving relationship with your beloved partner. Yes, well you know the big fat wedding is over, you are done with that coochie poo, oh my baby, that honeymoon period or probably you know the fluttery butterfly excitement all that is gone. And now most of you’ll out there want to have a good healthy relationship with your partner. So how do you do that? Well, here are some tips in today’s personal development session,  that will help you to have a very healthy and loving relationship with your partner.

Well, the first tip that I have for you is to communicate effectively. Now if you don’t say a word to your partner and just keep expecting, it’s not going to work. Well let me tell you, that’s not going to work. Your partner doesn’t have these super powers to read your mind. So what’s important for you is to express your feelings and needs effectively.  Do not assume things or discuss things about your partner to a third person. You know, you end up discussing with your friend or family members. Well probably, they may know what’s best for you but they don’t know about your relationship and unintentionally, may give you a very bad advice. So, the best is to talk it out. You know it’s important for you to chat for some time before you retire to your bed. Like when you wake up in the morning, you know have your first coffee or tea together. So what I really want to tell you people out there, in order to have a healthy and a happy relationship, you need to communicate effectively.

Well here’s the second tip for you, you need to thank your partner for the little things. You know do you end up keeping a score of constantly calculating that who’s done what? You know the tit for tat thingie. That’s very childish. You know something like, hey, I paid your credit card bills last month, now it’s your turn or initiated sex last time, now it’s your turn. I did this, I did that. Uh, enough, you know rather than keeping a score, you can note the positive things that your partner has done for you. It’s important for you to thank him for whatever he does. And trust me appreciation always helps because your partner feels more connected you know. You show kindness towards your partner, it really helps. Small surprises, even when not asked for. That gonna do wonders for you. So, you know little things like if he fixes your knob, like the cabinet knob, you thank him. If your wife fixes you a quick meal, you thank each other. It always works, trust me. So, go ahead, thank your partner for all the little things that they do for you.

Well, the third tip that I have for you is take care of your appearance. You know just because you have each other now you ignore the way you look or dress up, that’s wrong. Well, I’m not saying that you dress up every night or you know put on too much of makeup before you retire to bed or dress up like a celebrity. Naah…but just take care of your appearance. You know you need to watch your waistline. You can’t keep gaining weight. You need to look presentable. So what’s gonna help? Well, regular grooming, regular exercise and eating healthy helps you to look great and stay fit. So the next time you look at yourself in the mirror, you need to look beautiful for your partner.

Well, the next tip that I have for you is, be flexible. Yes, well it’s always a two-way thing, you know. So be it financial or household arrangement. Well, you need to be flexible. Everyone, when you are into a relationship has a role to play.  So understand it really well and be a little flexible towards it. You know issues like ego or financial abilities that should not really affect you. A lot of people will disagree with me when I say that you need to compromise. Well of course if your partner is beating you up, you don’t have to deal with that and like compromise or adjust but you know small things in a relationship, they can be ignored and compromised, right? It may not sound sexy but learning to compromise will always keep the romance alive. So next thing that you’re gonna make a note of is, to be flexible with your partner.

Well, the last tip is one of my favourite ones and the most romantic one. Well, go on a date. Yes I mean your relationship is pretty old but date like you mean it. Yeah, you will say that it’s such a cliché Niharika but then guess what? The importance of date night in a relationship can’t be overstated. Date night you know can be, a game night. You know play board games or cards; go for it or probably just going out for drinks and dinner or cuddling up and watching a movie together. Wow, it’s all so romantic. So, no matter how crazy your week has been or how horrible your boss is and no matter if you guys have fought the whole week. Well, do not screw up your weekend. Well, date night is the trick. So you can also plan something like a small staycation. What’s a staycation? Well, a staycation is when you just book a room in a nice hotel but in your city. So basically, you’re just close to your home but out for some romance with your partner. So, remember guys if you wanna feel romantic or be romantic well go on a date.



So guys enjoy your valentine’s day. It’s 14th of Feb. you know be all romantic and loving and follow these steps. Remember guys that each year in your relationship will have too much of drama. You know the career worries, middle age issues, health issues but you got to go on. You know don’t let the love and spice out of you. I’ll see you soon so just keep watching our lessons on Skillopedia, and follow us if you haven’t yet and lots of love to you’ll and wish you a very happy valentine’s day. I’ll see you guys soon.

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