Making suggestions and recommendations – ESL Lesson

Answer the questions below to test what you learned :


  1. ________ visiting the zoo this evening?

2. ________ go to the cinema.


3. __________ spending the weekend at the farm house?


4.  _________ noodles for dinner tonight?


5. _________ join the dance class to exercise.


6.  __________ dining at the club?


7. __________ you take up a new hobby class?


8.  __________  taking the bus to work instead of the train?


9. ________ a long vacation this summer?


10. ________ she stay home and rest tonight?



In this lesson, Rachna teaches you to make suggestions and recommendations in four different ways. You can make a suggestion/recommendation by starting your sentence with ‘what about….’, ‘how about….’,  ‘why don’t/doesn’t…’ and ‘let’s..’ There are certain key points to be kept in mind while using each of them.

What should we watch on television tonight?

When you make a suggestion to the above question, you can do it in the following ways :

  1. What about watching the match?
  2. How about watching the match?

The above two suggestions ‘how about’ and ‘what about’ are followed by a gerund ( the verb in its ‘ing’ form) or can be followed directly by a noun.

  1. What about the match?
  2. How about the match?

When you make a recommendation or a suggestion using ‘why..’, please note that the verb always goes in the simple present negative  form. In case of the third person singular, you have to use ‘doesn’t’.  For example, Why doesn’t he watch the match tonight?

  1. Let’s watch the match tonight.

In the above statement, Let’s is a contraction of let + us =let’s. In such a sentence, the simple or the base form of the verb follows let’s.

 More often than not, these structures are used interchangeably.


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