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‘May I’ vs ‘Can I’ – English Grammar lesson

Finished watching the video? Now take a test to know how much you learned from this lesson.

Fill in the blanks with may or can.

Mom, ____________ we go outside soon?


Yes, children, you ____________ go outside as soon as you finish the dishes.


How many students ____________ fit inside a sports car?


Natasha ____________ run the forty yard dash in six seconds.


____________ you spell Mississippi?


Dad, ____________ we watch TV all day long today?


No, you certainly ____________ not go out, it’s raining heavily. Instead, you can play indoor games.


“____________ your dog do any tricks?” we asked William.


“My dog Rover ____________ roll right over three times in a row,” William said.


“Teacher, ____________ we play a game when this grammar drill is over?”


Question 1 of 10

Many people use the word can when they are asking for permission. They say,

 “Can I go to the bathroom?”


“Can I have a box of popcorn?”

There is a better way to ask for permission. Use the word may instead.

“May I go to the bathroom?”


“May I have a box of popcorn?”

Try to use the word may when you are asking for permission. Try to use the word can only when you are talking about being able to do something. Examples: Can Natasha program her laptop to make funny noises? Yes, she can do many amazing things.

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