18 Common English words that are always mispronounced in Spoken English

Hi guys, welcome to one more English pronunciation lesson. Today I have listed 18 English words that are always mispronounced in spoken English. These are very common words that my students often make errors in pronouncing them correctly in English conversation. Learn the correct pronunciation so that you don’t make these silly mistakes in English. This lesson would also help you to speak with a correct English accent. I have even Brough about the difference in the American accent and British accent so that you could choose the correct accent that suits you. Pay close attention to the English sounds, as I pronounce these English words for you.

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Complete Lesson Transcript :-

Hello everybody Welcome once again to a new lesson with me Alisha. And of course you’re on your favorite channel Let’s Talk. Friends, did you know English is the third most widely spoken language in the world, Yes you’re right, you and I are investing time to improve English and that’s a great use of our time because as you know it’s one of the most popular languages in the world And today what are we going to do? Well, you may have already seen on the board that I have an assembly of words. And what are we going to do about these words? Well these words when I was sitting and doing some study around my favorite language..I realized that these are words which are used often and guess what? Mispronounced often! So let’s both of us invest some time to understand the right pronunciation of these words and go ahead ..Use them in the right way. So the first word is How do you spell this? How do you pronounce it? Well, it is RAWN-THEY-vu and although there is a “z” but we don’t make that sound. So we don’t make the “z” sound there. So in easy way you just have to pronounce it or spell it with the “z” definitely, but when you want to pronounce it, do not pronounce the “z”. So let’s have a look at that, Rawn-so you can pronounce the “Rawn”, “They”, Just eliminate the “z” sound and eliminate the “s” sound and just say “vu”. So let’s say it together, Rawn-they-Vu. I love to have my rendezvous with you. Rendezvous simply means a meeting that we have scheduled. Alright, how do you pronounce this one? Higher? Or Hayr? Or Here? You will be surprised to know this word is pronounced simply as “Air”. Surprised? Precisely! It is pronounced as “air” And this word clearly means someone who has an inheritance or a natural inheritance of perhaps a throne or more than something..a property or ..uh more than a property sometimes. So if you’ve watched movies and you have seen stories and you’re very very interested in stories where the king’s son would be the natural “heir” his or her throne. Ok, now what’s this? What’s this? Yeah Cash, we all clear it, we have it on our mobiles, on our computers, It is a little place in our computer and our mobile which stores data or memory. And you have to clear it if you want your particular device to give you ma..optimum usage. Ok so how is it pronounced? It is pronounced as follows, It is pronounced as “Kash” So the sound that “c” makes here is the “k” sound. So you pronounce it as “Kash” Just as “cash” Money? Ok this one is my favorite Because all of us and I see most of us pronouncing it as “Fortay” We break it into two syllables. But friends it’s only a monosyllabic word. It is spelled as or pronounced rather as “Fort” What do you mean by “Forte?” Any strong point or any ability that you’re very good at is said or is supposed to be your “fort” and not your “Fortay” So for example:Hey singing is your “forte” which means you sing very very well St-ah-tus or Stay-tus? I want you to think about it! Well it is actually, “Stay-tus” So when you pronounce the word, break it into two syllables and say “Stay-and then say “stus” status, so it’s not st-ah-tus, it is “stay-tus” which is the current situation of anything. So what’s the status on your preparation for your English test? So you will not say “St-ah-tus” you will say “What’s the current stay-tus?” Or my current status is “all prepared” I’m sure you are prepared. What is this? Is it a soot? Or it’s a sweet? Well, it is spelled like a “suit” but in reality it is a “sweet” which is written as just like “Sweet” which is the taste sweet or I’m fond of sweet and I have a sweet tooth, Believe you me I do! And it’s basically a hotel room which you usually book when you’re going for a lovely vacation. This one is quite new and I wanted to share it with you because it has a good meaning And it also is one of the words which are mispronounced! It is “Shi-kane-iree” and this sound made by c is not “k” or “s” it is “sh” The sh sound “shi-kane-iree” and it means deceit or deception. So cheating, you know ..So let’s make a quick sentence, Uhmm..Let’s not get involved in Chicanery in office, Let’s not get into cheating and deception. Because that’s not recommended! Alright this one’s my favorite because I love to dine out! So this word is Uhm, it means “RES-TUH-RAWNT and uh,…clearly the “T” is very very silent sound of “T” is what you need to make. Some of us pronounce it is as “Res-tu-raw” or “Res-th-raw” and they forget the “t” behind but you can clearly say it as “Res-tuh-rawnt” a very slight word, a very slight sound of the “T” A very slight “T” Alright, let’s come to “Bowl” And I know there are a lot of say and pronounce it as “Bow-l” I’m going to give you a very quick tip! When you say “Bowl” remember “rock and roll” all you have to say is “Bol will roll like rock and roll” So if you remember “roll” you will never go wrong. Just say “Bol” Your “O” will be as in “rock and roll” So you will never go wrong! Now Jewelry I know a lot of us spell this word in the right manner but pronounce it as “Ju-el-eree” because we typically want to follow the way the word is written. But the right pronunciation of the word is “Jewel” So say the word as “Jewel” and then add the ry to it, so it becomes “jewel-ry” Chauvinism chauvinism, you cannot Uhmm the sound that “c” makes here again is the “sh” “shauvinism” Chauvinism clearly means the excessive belief that one’s race or uh, you know creed may be the right one , like you know the most common use of this word can be when want to get rid of male chauvinism Um, so chauvinism is another word which is mispronounced but I’m sure effective today you’re not going to pronounce it like that. This word is “Gay-j” and it’s not pronounced as “Gaw-j” A lot of us do that, now all you have to do is remember say it as “Gay-j” So convert it to the easy spelling of it and this “G” turns into the “j” sound. The “j” sound So the moment you say, “Gay-j” and you remember the the sound “A” sound you will not go wrong and you will not pronounce it as “Gaw-j” you will clearly say “Gay-j” which is to measure something. Alright, this one is my favorite! Because I most often see people pronouncing it as “Kawnch” Could you guess what the right pronunciation of this word is? Well, to my surprise and yours, it is pronounced as Khun-k” and I’m gonna say it once again, It’s pronounced as “khunk” So the sound that “c” makes here is the “k” sound “k sound. So you can pronounce it as “khank” And a khunk is something that we’ve all collected, sometime in our lives when we’ve gone to the beach because these are nothing but medium sized to larger shells that we find we are able to found able to found so often on a sea shore. Entrepreneur? Easy word friends! You dont have to worry! Break it! On-tre-pru-ner Obviously a person who manages or runs a business. I see a lot of mispronunciation of the word. People say “On-tre-pro-nur” OR “oOn-tre-pruh” It is simple! You just have to pronounce it is “on-tre-pru-nur” a person who manages and runs a business. Let’s go to academic, A lot of us pronounce this word as “a-kah”demic” so we stress on the second syllable. But actually it is aka-demic” and no “a-kah-demic” So aka-demic. There is a stress on the third syllable. Alright this is a word that I wanted to include here because this word can be used both as a noun and as a verb. So the verb is “Address” You have two versions if it, One is a noun version and the other is a verb version. So both of them can be pronounced in the similar manner. However you may want to change the stress on the syllable depending on the form of the verb or the version of the word that you want to use. So let me demonstrate an example! So if you want to know the physical address of something So if you want to know the address of your school, college or your office, then you would say, “what’s the ADD-ress of your school/ So that’s the noun form of the word, and if you want to use the word in the form of a verb which is “I want to add-RESS you by your first name” So that’s a verb because you want to address somebody with their first name. And here when you say “address” you can spell or stress the second syllable, you know you can pronounce it with a little bit of emphasis on the second syllable Alright! I have how do you spell this word? Guygantic? Gigantic? No doesnt sound right! Well this word is an example where the sound changes. So the first sound made by “g” here is not “g” but it’s the sound “j” Ji-gan-tik” I”’ll spell it again and pronounce it again for you The first sound made by “g” and the first “g” of the letter is “Ji-gan-tik” So just remember the “g” is replaced with a “j” sound and say “Ji-gan-tik” “Gigantic meaning something that is very huge. So this is a gigantic piece of cake I can’t have so much. Alright, and epi-towm or epi-tum-ee? Epi-tumee is the right pronunciation And i know most of us believe that it is epitome! So simple! You just have to break it into two syllables and this one the second syllable is perhaps the easiest to pronounce because it means tummy like our stomach “tummy”? So Epitome and an example for epitome would be the meaning of this word is something or someone which is a perf..who is a perfect example of something. For example: Lets Talk is the epitome of learning. So let’s talk is a very very good and perfect example where you can come and learn and it’s an interactive channel for all of you! Alright, so I wanted to share this particular list that I made for all of you. Well I have chosen words that are used extremely often and are mispronounced And I’m sure you have enjoyed And it’s kind of a revelation of sorts where you realize that most commonly these words have been mispronounced So go ahead, practice them and I’ll see you in the next lesson, Goodbye!

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