How Not To Be Boring? 5 Tips To Be More Likeable And Interesting In Conversations

Do people call you boring? Do people run away from your conversations? Do you think you are boring while talking to a girl? If the answer is yes, this self improvement video is just perfect for you. Today I will share with you 5 tips on how to be more interesting and likeable and how not to be boring and dull. How to have meaningful conversations and keep the conversation going.

All the tips in this video are practical and based on situation we face in our daily lives. So guys, get boredom out of your life and shine bright. Throw away the word BORING out of your life and be liked and become an interesting and confident person with whom everyone wants to be around.

Complete Video Transcript : –

Hey everybody welcome back to Skillopedia and you are with me Meera. Guys you know, what’s the biggest problem in the world? Any guesses? For those who all are thinking, “hate”, “jealousy”, “war”, “unemployment”… you all are wrong. This biggest problem in the world is a disease we might catch, no… it’s not HIV it’s not malaria, it’s the disease of “being boring”. Now why do I call it a disease or an epidemic? Well, because it kills your chances of a good career, getting a date, kills your personality… If you’re being boring, believe me you will never be able to get the best in life. So how do we cure ourselves of this epidemic? How do we get rid ourselves of this disease? Today I have exactly few tips for you that will help you get rid of it.

Now when you get to a party at work or when you’re on a date, what do you say? Most of us say, “how’s work going?” Or “how’s everything?” Now these questions are what I call “social scripts”, you’re saying them because you don’t know what else to say. These questions are so predictable, let me tell you and the person who answers them, knows this as well. So I really want to challenge you all, to “engage people in active thinking”. How will you do that? You need to ask questions that make them give you an answer based on their deep believes or emotions. So on a date you could say something like so tell me, “are there any particular project at work that you are deeply passionate about?” or “I love your work is there anything else you would rather do?” Now these questions are comfortable questions which make a person talk about his likes, his dislikes, his preferences and the person you are speaking with really feels that you’re genuinely interested in them and that makes you a lot more interesting. So boring out, interesting and engaging in.

There were many years where I felt like I never had great connections, you know? Never had close friends or colleagues, never. I realized that somehow I wasn’t interesting enough. Now when I closely analyzed, why..? I found that my actions show that I wasn’t showing people that I was interested in them. Now let me tell you that, people find you interesting, only when you show that you are interested in them. How do you do that? Pick a close person in your conversation that help you ask interesting details about them. For example, your friend is a software developer, you can say, “being a developer must be very challenging, how do you cope up with such a fast-paced industry?” or someone who’s a freelancer, you can say, “how do you get inspired to write about things, where do you draw your insights from?” Your questions are showing that you’re interested in the people you are talking to, your questions give importance to people and that’s how you become more likeable. Believe me, if you give importance to people, you become less boring and you end up having a real advantage talking to people and in your social life. When talking to people, also make sure your phone, that your phone, you’re not busy with your phone, make sure that you maintain eye contact and give your 100% attention to them, focus on them.

This is almost like a no-brainer, okay? But having to say that, giving compliments and genuine ones, definitely will make you more interesting. Interestingly there is at least one good thing you can you know, you can say to anyone you meet. So why not say it, right? What if that’s the most first good thing that you’ve ever heard from them in the whole day? Now, wouldn’t you be an interesting person for them? Think about it. Give compliments, it doesn’t take more than a minute and doesn’t take any money out of you. It’s easy and makes you a lot less boring around people.

Well guys, make sure your body language is right. Now what does that mean? You could use three simple tips… every time you speak with someone, lean in their direction, like so, why? Because psychology says that, if you like someone you are bound to lean closer towards them. So subconsciously, it shows that you are genuinely interested and that makes you less boring. When someone is talking to you, make sure you just nod multiple times, to show that you’re engaged in what they’re saying or what they have to say. People love to be heard and this is a way to ensure that you make them feel that you’re paying close attention to them. Now this one is optional, but you can also touch them or Pat them slightly on their arm maybe or on their shoulder to show affection. Just make sure, you do it once, if you’ve done that once, you’ve established a good deal of comfort with that person.

Not everyone is natural at, you know, cracking jokes, but if you are one of those people who can make light, of any situation, you will never be called boring. Now using humor doesn’t mean that you need to crack a full-blown joke, even if you pass a comment that makes people crack a smile, it’s a good sign. If you’re talking to your date about living with your parents, instead of saying, ‘I’m currently living with my parents’, you can say, “well it’s been a while since I have woken up to my mother yelling at me to make my bed but I love being with my folks”. When you say that way, chances are that you will make people smile and enjoy being with you, simply by using humor in the smallest possible way. Hey guys I just want to thank you for watching this video because I wanted to make sure that there’s anything inside you that is Mr. boring or Miss boring, I want to make sure that that goes out and interesting comes in to you. Well guys that’s all for today. I hope you’ve got some good tips, I will see you soon in another video with another topic, until then this is me Meera saying, ciao.

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