When NOT To Use ‘TO’ in Spoken English? | Avoid Common Mistakes in English

‘TO’ is a very common preposition used in English, 80% of the sentences we speak or write has the word ‘TO’ in it. But, do you know when not to use ‘To’ in English. That’s what you will learn in today’s English Lesson. In this English Grammar Lesson with Meera you will learn the common English mistakes made while using the prepstion ‘To’ and how to correctly use it while speaking English and written English. 

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hello everybody welcome back to Let’s Talk and you are with me Meera. Well today I have got something very interesting for you all, what could it be? What are you not going to use? Today you’re going to learn when not to use the word “to”. Isn’t it the simplest lesson that you might think, that okay I know this but wait if you think you know when not to use “to”, why don’t you just stay and watch where people exactly go wrong and where is this conclusion coming from. I actually have this tendency whenever people say, “I am going to…” my ears pop out just to wait in here what are they going to say. The world’s most common mistake, right here, “I am going to home” is what people say. People usually use “to” over hear but what English says is that this is wrong having “to” when we say home is wrong. You cannot say, “I am going to home”, but haven’t you heard people say that you have, right? You have, right? I have too. Well that’s what we’re going to learn today where we’re not going to use “to”. First of all “I’m going to college” and “I’m going home”, okay? “I am going to school” ‘to school’ and “I am going abroad”, ‘flying abroad’ “I’m going abroad” you can see that I have not used “to” over here and I have not used “to” over here. Now I’ll tell you where this confusion has begun, okay? This confusion comes from the basic rule, which is ‘rule’, okay? That you will use to whenever you use such nouns, ‘place nouns’, okay? Then another confusion whenever we use anything to do with “go”, again we used “to”, agreed? That’s where this whole confusion has begun, you know and people are wondering what is with this word “to” and why are we going so wrong with it? The thing is it’s very simple, I’m going to tell you words where you will not use “to”. What do I expect out of you? I expect you guys to remember these five six simple words, if not I’ll tell you a trick how you can remember it. Let’s quickly begin and see where you’re not going to use the word “to”. As you can see these are the rules from where the confusion has begun and now we’re going to see where we are not going to use it. This is correct, this is correct, this is correct and this is correct so don’t get confused between this. You will not use “to” when you have to say, “in”, “inside” or “out” you will say “I am going in, ‘in’ the house.” “I am going inside the café.” “I’m going out just to chill”, to probably meet friends, watch a game of football or something, so you will not use “to” over here. You’re only going to say ‘going’ and use all these words, okay? Now let’s come to the next part, you will not use “to” when you use, “here” and “there” “here” and “there” ‘here’, ‘there’, okay? So when it comes to these two words okay, so “I am going here…” where here? Just here around the corner, just here somewhere. “I’m going there, do you want to come with me?” You will not say, “I am going to there” or “going to here” no-no-no, very basic words, very few words and easy-peasy to remember. Moving on, you will not use “to” when you have to say you’re going “underground”. Basically any basement or a subway, right? Where you catch trains or metros, that’s underground. You will say, “I’m going underground.” “I’m going to the subway”, where? Where? Subway but underground you will not use it. Now next up we have, can you see it? Can you see it? Okay, now you can see it. Well you cannot use “going to” when you say, “anywhere” or “nowhere”. For example “I am going to anywhere” just and you were randomly chilling, doing nothing, no! You will say, “I am going anywhere I wish”, okay? “I am going nowhere, I’m right here”, okay? “Nowhere” and “anywhere”. Let’s move on, the last words that I want you to remember, “I am going “upstairs” going upstairs, where? In your house or in your college or in your office, just going upstairs, you’re probably in the basement, underground now you’re going upstairs, not “going to” no! Then “I am going “downstairs”, okay? I’m going downstairs okay that you can use for only going there is no “to” over here. Now I’ll tell you what, the thing is if you actually open the dictionary right now okay, and if you see all these words, check out these words okay, try this out you will see that the dictionary does not say that these are “nouns”, these are what? These are “adverbs of location”, okay and that is why you do not use “to” over here, no “to” over here. So now I hope this is very clear as to where you’re not going to use “to”. Here it’s very simple, “I’m going to college”, now these are nouns, noun but this is adverb of location. Home is a location, abroad is a location, okay? Inside, out, outside similarly just like out you can obviously say outside but, going outside. Here, there, underground, anywhere, nowhere, upstairs, downstairs… simple? Have I simplified where you are not going to use “to”? There you go take a look at this board properly and make sure just, just remember these words, they’re not many, just very few, okay? The next time when anyone is saying, home, going home, make sure that your ears pop out and listen if they’re going to say “to” or not. “I’m going to home” no! “I’m going home”. There you go guys, I’m sure you remember this, I’m sure this must have taught you something new that you haven’t heard before and that it has clarified all your confusion. Alright guys, I understand that this was an easy-peasy lesson but for all those out there who have stuck till now, I know that you’ve got this right. Well guys that’s all for the day, well I’ll see you soon in another video with another topic this is me Meera, I’m going home, going, bye, see you.

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