Is Dating someone in the office Good or Bad – Relationship Advice

Well, there’s this cute new guy who’s just joined the organization you work.  And what makes it better is that he works in your department.  Before you know it, he asks you out on a date.  You go out for a couple of dates and now you’re in a relationship.  Do you know you have entered into an exciting office romance? Yes, you’re dating a guy at work.  That may be exciting, but is it risky? In this Skillopedia session let’s  see the various things that happen when you indulge in office romance. Learn some pros and cons and some dating advice of office romance with Ceema.


Draws you closer to each other:

People in general, spend a major chunk of their time at work.  So if you are in a relationship with someone from work, you get to see them every day.  Obviously, because you work in the same office, you have a lot of things in common.  Working with someone everyday gives you a feel of their personality, their ethics and their intelligence.  This in turn helps you be more close to your partner.

Good level of understanding:

Someone who works with you understands the pressures and demands of your job.  They know how it will impact your time and availability to spend time outside of the office.  This kind of understanding is very good for a relationship because we are naturally drawn to people who understand us.

Safety of dating someone you “know”:

Dating someone from office can make it safe because you already know this person quite well.  You know their daily schedule.  People prefer dating people from a familiar environment rather than some “creep” you meet at a club, a bar or any other random place.

A force for good:

It can improve your productivity levels if you share ideas of work, encourage your partner when he/she feels pressurized and collaborate well together.  You are like a team which is bound to work for your own mutual good.


Talk of the town:

Remember-office relationships are never a secret! Your love life will soon become the subject of gossip around the cafeteria; people are going to have their eyes on you and the person you are dating. When a relationship is always scrutinized, it can create a wedge between you and your partner.

Hamper job performance:

It could also lead to performance issues as you may find yourself exceeding your lunch breaks or sneaking off alone and therefore reducing the amount of effort you put at work.

Workplace drama:

If the relationship doesn’t work out, it will definitely be very hard on the person who didn’t want the relationship to end and has to see their ex every single day.  This can result in poor performance, absenteeism, hurtful office gossip and such other unnecessary drama that you may want to avoid.  Sometimes, a sexual harassment claim may also come up which would be a very tedious affair for the company and the parties involved.

Bad job ethics:

If the relationship is between you and a supervisor, office gossip may start indicating that you are getting special “perks”.  Even if this is not true, you become an outcast and people try to stay away from the “boss’ favorite”.  In fact even the supervisor may face a problem with disciplining his partner simply because of the relationship that they have. Sometimes, the subordinate may feel that he/she doesn’t have to work as hard as the others. This eventually leads to bad job bad ethics.

So basically, if you want to indulge in a workplace, make sure you consider carefully before jumping right in.  You don’t want to be faced with the option of finding the love of your life and losing the best job you ever had.

Complete Video Transcript –

Hi this is Ceema and I am back with yet another fun session at Skillopedia. The place to learn skills for the real world. Well, today we’re gonna deal with a very interesting topic and the topic is, All about office romance. We’re gonna find out, whether it is good for you? Whether it’s not a very good idea?

Well, imagine you’re in your office and a cute guy starts working in the same company that you work in. In fact he works in the same department. The next thing you know, He’s asked you out on a date and now you are in a relationship with him after say maybe two or three days. That sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? Well is it just exciting or have you put yourself in a very risky position? This topic is gonna help you find out, whether office romance can be good or bad for you?

There are a lot of pros or advantages, if you are working together with someone, who you’re dating. Let’s look at a few of them.

The first one is that, when you are in a relationship with someone at work. It draws you close to each other. Well, let’s face it; all of us spend a major chunk of our time at work. Yes we spend like twelve hours or maybe thirteen hours at work on an average, so If you spend so much of time at work. You and your partner you get to see each other every day. And because you are meeting each other every day, you get to have a good feel of, what your partner’s personality is? What their work ethics are? You kind of understand their intelligence levels. And because you get to be with them so close every day, it draws you closer to each other. Which is very vital for a relationship? So therefore If you are drawn closer to your partner, because of being in a relationship with him, that’s a very good thing. So it’s not a bad idea to have a partner who is working with you.

The second advantage of dating someone that you are working with is that you understand the pressures and demands of your job. And therefore you understand each other very well. You know the kind of time and the availability you can give your partner outside of office depending on the pressures of work. And the demands that your job puts on you. Now naturally we as human beings are drawn to people, who understand us. So therefore if someone understands you, you’re gonna have a better relationship with them. Therefore If you are in a relationship with someone that you are working with, that can be a very good thing, because both of you are gonna have a good level of understanding.

Another reason, why it could be a good idea for you to date someone that you are working with? Is because you have the safety of working with someone or dating someone that you actually know. Now imagine you meet a guy at a random bar, a club or a party and you probably might hit it off with him. But you don’ really know the guy, but someone who you are working with, you are quite familiar with him, because you know what he does every day. You are familiar with his routine with his daily schedule. Therefore when you are dating someone you are working with, you are always under the safety or you have the safety of being with a person you know pretty well and that can be quite comforting, quite nice for you in a relationship.

The forth advantage of being with someone or dating someone, who you work with is that both of you are a force for good. Have you heard of the saying, “Two heads are better than one”? Well, that’s pretty much what I’m trying to talk about, because If both of you are working together, you can share ideas. Which will lead to better productivity? In fact if one of you is stressed at work the other can encourage him or her to reduce their stress levels. You can help them with their daily activities at work. And you can also collaborate together, so basically if you are together as a team. You might increase your productivity levels. And that’s really good for work and for both of you in a relationship.

Well, I’m sure you feel that having an office romance is a very good thing. It’s very exciting and you’re probably right. But there are a lot of cons or a lot of disadvantages to having an office romance. Let’s see what they are?

The first disadvantage or the first problem that you might have is that you could be the talk of the town. Let me tell you a secret. Office relationships can never be hidden, no matter how hard you try, it’s always gonna come out in the open. And when that happens you are going to be the talk of the town or you are going to be what office gossips are all about, so when you are in the cafeteria or you know near the water cooler. You will have eyes on you and the person you are dating, people are going to whisper behind your back, pretty much all the time. And when relationships are under such constant scrutiny, it can create a wedge between you and your partner. So office relationships can kind of make you gossiped about and as I mentioned that can always make you the talk of the town. Which may not be a very good thing for you?

The second disadvantage of having a work relationship is that, it could sometimes hamper your job performance. A lot of people, who are in relationships, do not really perform as well. You may see them taking breaks together for exceeding long amounts of time, so they exceed their lunch breaks. Sometimes some naughty people would like to sneak off alone and have their own time in office, which is not a very professional thing, so all these kind of things sometimes lead to bad performance. It hampers your job performance in the long run. Which again is not very good for your work place and for both of you in a relationship as well?

The next disadvantage of having a work relationship is having unnecessary office drama. Drama in the office is the last thing you wanna have, when you are say in a relationship and say the relationship has ended unfortunately, then It’s gonna be a very hurtful thing for the person, who do not want that relationship to end. You know why? Because they’ve gotta face their ex every single day. In spite of the relationship being over and that’s not a very nice feeling, is it? More then that there are other things you’ve gotta face like, you may have poor performance because you feel bad all the time. You see your ex every day. You can’t concentrate, so therefore that leads to poor performance. Sometimes it can also lead to absent-ism. You don’t feel like coming to work anymore, you kind of don’t come to work for two days or three days. Which again is going to be very bad for your career and your productivity levels in the office? Also sometimes you will become subject to hurt full office gossip. People are gonna call you the bad person or talk really bad behind your back, which again is not going to be a very good thing for you. A lot of relationships when they end at the work place, also sometimes leads to a problem of sexual harassment cases. So the person who was ditched might just raise his sexual harassment case. Which again is something that you, the parties and the company wants to completely avoid.

Having a work relationship or a relationship with someone at work can also result in bad work ethics. In fact if you are in a relationship with a supervisor or if you are the supervisor and you have a relationship with your subordinate. A lot of people or office gossip could indicate that you as a subordinate are getting special perks. Even though that may not be true. They may not wanna talk with you, because they feel like you are the bosses favorite and they don’t wanna stay too close to you for a fear that you’re gonna go and tell the boss things about them. If you are the supervisor and If you are in a relationship with a subordinate then that’s again gonna be a problem. Because you may have a problem with disciplining or reprimanding your subordinate. Who is your partner, because of your relationship? So a lot of times, wherein you would easily reprimand or discipline someone. Now you may kind of hold back, just because you’re in a relationship. In fact your partner, who is the subordinate, may think that he or she can get away with anything simply because he is dating you. So these are the few disadvantages of being in a work relationship.

Well. I hope you’re now clear about the advantages and the disadvantages of being in relationship with someone at your work place. I know it can sound exciting, but as you can see, it is also very, very risky. Well, it’s up to you. We leave it up to you to decide, what you want to do? Consider carefully before jumping in and making that decision or you may find yourself choosing between a job you love and the love of your life?

Well that’s it from me on this session for more such videos. Please subscribe to Skillopedia. Your place to learn skills for the real world.

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