How to order a SUBWAY Sandwich🌮 like a Boss? Learn English Vocabulary & Phrases With Niharika

How to order a SUBWAY Sandwich like a Boss? Learn English Vocabulary & Phrases With Niharika

Confused while ordering a Subway sandwich? Learn English Vocabulary and phrases to order or asking the server to make a sandwich for you. In this English Speaking lesson with Niharika you will learn food vocabulary, different type of breads, sauces and ingredients that go in a Subway sandwich along with useful spoken English phrases, so that the next Time you could speak English confidently and order your favourite Sub, no matter which part of the world you are in. This English lesson is a part our English Speaking course at Let’s Talk Spoken English Institute in Mumbai, Thane and Navi Mumbai, to know more about our English classes visit our website.  We have more than 1300+ free English speaking practice lessons to make you learn English easily.

Complete Lesson Transcript :-

Ordering a sandwich, can be complicated at times. So to make it easy, we have a lesson for you, the expressions that you can use, to order your sandwich. So sandwich is a perfect snack, or even a meal for some, in order to fill your tummy. So when you to a place, that serves sandwich, how do you order for the sandwich that you like? Well that’s what we are gonna learn, we are gonna look at some expressions that would help you to order a sandwich that you like.

So what’s the first thing that you do? You walk into the store that serves sandwiches and the server would ask you, “Hello sir, are you ready to order?” So, how do you start? Now the first that you mention is the type of sandwich that you would like to eat today. So there are various types of sandwiches that are available. Here are few examples, that I have mentioned, we have roasted chicken, we have all veg, all veg is perfect for the vegetarians, then we have chicken teriyaki, well great for the people who love teriyaki flavor and we also have meat ball sandwich and there are many more. SO the first thing that you decide is the type of sandwich that you would like to have today.

Now what is the second thing that you need to mention? Well you need to mention the type of bread. Now before mentioning the type of bread, you can also mention the size of sandwich. So either you would like to eat a six inch sandwich today or you would like to eat a foot long sandwich. If you are really starving, then probably you can go for foot-long and then you mention the type of bread that you would like to have. So here are few examples, we have Italian, we have Wheat, well for the people who are health conscious, we have honey oats well this is my favorite, then have herb & cheese and we also have oregano mix. So these are few examples of the types of bread available, but there are many more. Now also you have an option to either have your sandwich cold, like a cold sandwich but if you prefer your sandwich to be grilled, or toasted or heated, then you need to mention this to the server. So either you can have your sandwich grilled or toasted or you can have your sandwich heated. So grilled, toasted, well a toasted sandwich would make you sandwich really nice and crispy and heated sandwich will make your sandwich a little warm. But you don’t want it either of these three then you can have your cold sandwich that you would enjoy. Now another word that you can use instead of using the word heated, is microwaved. I would like my sandwich to be microwaved. So which means that you would like it to be little warm, okay?

So you go for the type of the sandwich, then we move on to the type of bread, and then it’s time to add ingredients to your sandwich. So these days you can add a lot of ingredients to your sandwich there are certain things that you would not like, so please mention, do not add so and so things. Okay, so the kind of ingredients that are available that can be added to your sandwich are, cheese okay for the people who don’t care about their weight then yes go for a nice cheesy sandwich, then you can add tomatoes, onions, Jalapenos, now if you look at the word here, many people mispronounce it many people end up pronouncing it as Jalapenos or jalapenos but the correct pronunciation is jalapenos. Okay now jalapenos are green peppers. We also have red peppers which is really spicy but the green pepper that green jalapenos are most common ones which is served at a sandwich place. And then we have Black Olives, tastes not that great but it’s pretty healthy, we have mushroom for the people who love mushroom to their sandwich and then we have pickles, okay? SO these are the ingredients that you can add to your sandwich. But as I said, that if there are certain ingredients that you would not like the server to add to your sandwich, then please mention that. Probably you are allergic, probably you don’t like the smell of a certain ingredient or in general you just don’t like that thing. So you would say, “Do not add so and so things.”

And the last thing that I have for you is, adding some flavor to your sandwich. So sauces can be added to your sandwich so that’s when you get the real taste of the sandwich. There are various types of sauces available, here are some examples for you, we have mayonnaise, nice white mayonnaise, then we have sweet onion, well sweet onion makes your sandwich a little sugary, then we have honey mustard, again that’s my favorite, so if you are a lover of mustard sauce or may be a little sweetened mustard sauce then you can go for honey mustard, then we have south west and we also have barbeque now barbeque can be either spelled with ‘Q’ or it can also be spelled with ‘C’, okay? So these are the types of sauces that you can add to your sandwich, okay?

So now let’s have a look at the way you will order for your sandwich, before we go ahead, make sure that you decide the type of sandwich and the ingredients that you want to have before going to the counter. SO the ordering experience is a little less stressful for you. So let’s go about with the phrases that you would use to order, “I would like to have a roasted chicken”. So you are gonna say, “I would like to have…” and then you choose the type of bread, “So I would like to have a roasted chicken on an Italian bread” SO you can also mention the size, so you can also say that, “I would like to have a roasted chicken on a six inch Italian bread” and ingredients that I would like to add to my sandwich are some cheese, tomatoes, onions lots of jalapenos, okay now if you wanna add something extra to your sandwich then please do mention that to the server. Some black olives and lots of mushrooms, okay. And then add some flavor to my sandwich, ‘I would like to add some mayonnaise and some honey-mustard, okay? Let’s go about ordering a nice sandwich for you today, “I would like to have chicken teriyaki on a six inch honey oat bread, I would like my bready to be toasted and the ingredients that I would like to add today are some onions, jalapenos lots of black olives and could you also please add some mayonnaise and honey-mustard to my sandwich” and there you go, your sandwich is ready.

So now it time to pay for your sandwich so you go to the cash counter and pay for your sandwich by cash or by card and then the last thing you do is thank your server, so you will say that, “Thank you for my sandwich”, Okay? So the next time you have to order for a sandwich and sure you won’t be confused, your experience would not be stressful, go ahead and use these expressions and let me know how your sandwich was? I’ll be back with a new lesson soon, till then you take care.

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