4 Life Lessons I learned from my pair of JEANS/ DENIMS

Life is tough and so is our pair of jeans or denims. This personality development video at Skillopedia, by Niharika, focuses on self-improvement tips to build your self-confidence. Niharika talks about the life lessons she has learned from her distressed pair of jeans, how they have helped her with motivation and inspiration to tackle tough situations in life. 

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Complete Video Transcript :-


Hello friends, you are with me Niharika and you’re watching me on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Well you can see I am wearing my favorite pair of jeans. Well I was told to wear something more dressy and classy but I couldn’t resist myself from wearing this. Well I think you are also like me. We all want to stick to that comfortable clothing that’s affordable, um that doesn’t need to be washed or ironed too many times and guess what it just looks perfect. Well this pair of jeans is just perfect for me. So here I am, well anyways I am not here to give you fashion advice. Well it is about you know certain life lessons that I have learned from my jeans. Yes! True that. Well yes a humble pair of jeans can teach you so much. So I have made a list of what I have learned and I would love to share it with y’all, so stay tuned.

So guys, do you believe that you are defined by the work you do. Well we all wear different types of jeans. Well they all look the same. So what’s the difference? Well yes, the fabric is the same but the type is different, you know you actually start identifying them when you start using these different types. For example some of us wear these baggy jeans at home while we are doing our chores, like gardening or washing the bike. While others, when they go out for a party, they would wear something really nice, skinny fit jeans, right? Or probably you’re working at a garage, you want to be super comfortable so you wear those stretchable ones, you know that gets a little greasy after a while. So depending on the use, the look of the jeans changes, don’t you agree? Now the one that you use for your household chores, well would be pretty interesting and we’ll have that rough look but the one that you wear at the garage becomes stained and it develops a different texture over the time and one that you wear just for the parties it’s gonna just stay the perfect way that is in your closet, right? So yes, you got that. Well the work that you do it always defines your value and your character. So just like a jeans defines the type of our wear, similarly when different things in life comes up and you do it in a different manner it just shows that what kind of a person you are. So guys don’t take your work for granted because trust me it just shows that what kind of a person you are. Well this is one of the lessons that I have learned from the pair of jeans.

Something really nice that I learned from my pair of jeans is that hardships make you tougher. Yes! Well, have you heard that before, that when, you know going gets tough the tough gets going. I’m sure you have heard that but what it really means is that you know when you go through hardships in life you come out stronger. You become more interesting because of what you have been through or what you have learned or what you have experienced. So believe me when I say this, that the best of people that I have met, who are super, super successful but they have struggled a lot, yes. So the jeans are exactly like that, they get better as they age. Jeans have these patchy looks when you know do you do a lot of work it just gets worn out something like this, yes because you know you have gone through the wear and tear you know it just puts you through that. So just like how our jeans shows the kind of situations that we have faced, it’s exactly the thing that we learn from it in our real life as well. So the more you struggle the more kind of exposure and experience you get, well it’s gonna make you a better person. So hardship really counts.

There’s another thing that I learned, well provide defense, yes. Do you know jeans don’t tear very easily? Ah, try them you know, go home try to rip off your jeans, ah it’s gonna be so tough because the fabric is really tough. It has the second layer of white thread which actually provides an extra protection against the wear and tear. That’s amazing, this fabric is just perfect and it is designed for rough use. Believe it or not we human beings are no different. None of us have this easy amazing life. We all go through so much. So just like a humble pair of jeans, we need more protection and we need to be a little more secured. So I have learned that we must always be ready to face the problems that just come unannounced. So if you are ready, you are gonna stay strong, right? You are gonna be well prepared to face anything. So in real life we can defend ourselves in times of emergencies and just be prepared like a humble jeans, just like the protection that our jeans provides well that’s exactly the way you need to do in your life as well. In real life we can defend ourselves in times of emergencies. So just be prepared like our humble jeans. Just the way they are rough and tough, that’s exactly how you need to be in the real world.

So here’s the last thing, well mortality, mortality means that everything will perish. Everything must end with time. Nothing goes forever. That is so true people, as tough as a pair of jeans might be you might end up growing fat and you will have to go end up buying another one or probably it has stained so bad that you just can’t bear it anymore. So as humans we need to remember that our bodies are also mortal. We won’t look or feel as young as you are right now. That’s why we need to live a sober life. You know we can do this by taking care of ourselves, our bodies and our minds. So it is a reminder for all you out there that stay healthy and just be positive in life and this will help you to plan your future well, as well.

So I hope you understood the interesting facts that I have learned from the pair of jeans and I hope whatever I shared really helps you out. You know we always love to read your comments so go ahead, share what you feel about this. Tell me if you have also learned something from the pair of jeans or something in your life, do share it with us and to keep us watching, thank you and have a great day.

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