Being Shy vs Lack of Confidence – Personality Development Video

In this Personality development video, you will understand the difference between feeling shy and lack of confidence. People often interchange them when in reality, both are very different. There are four factors to help you understand what is shy and lack of confidence.


Shy: You experience nervousness or anxiety when facing a person or a situation

Example: I am shy when I have new people around.

Lack of confidence: being uncertain o a skill or some information

Example: You may lack confidence in painting. ( you do not know how to move your brush correctly)

Internal and External factor

Shy: being shy is an internal factor. Your mind keeps telling you what is wrong and keeps sending you signals. You are anxious, some people blush, some sweat,.

Lack of confidence: is an external factor. Your sure people would give you feedback to improve.


Shy: The opposite is ‘bold’ or ‘daring’.

Lack of confidence: The opposite is ‘confidence’ or ‘over confidence’. Over confidence is slightly negative, you are so sure of your skills that you don’t feel the need to improve.

How to Overcome?

Shy: the only way to overcome is to come out of your ‘comfort zone’.

Lack of confidence: to overcome lack of confidence, one needs to ‘practice’. Practice a skill set to improve.

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