5 Mistakes that could destroy your career.

Hello Subscribers, Welcome to another personality development video to learn some personality development tips and understand what are those 5 things that could possibly destroy your career. Watch this personality development video and find out, if you are making these mistakes. This soft skills training video is taken from our personality development course, conducted at our Let’s Talk English Speaking Institute in Mumbai & Thane.

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Complete Lesson Transcript:-

There are some mistakes that can ruin your career that can absolutely destroy your career. We make serious mistakes when it comes to our careers and some of these are so dangerous that they can cause such a great damage that it will take a long time and sometimes a lifetime of work to repair these mistakes. Have you ever wondered why people go for career counseling? Think about it. Well, they go for career counseling to get career advice from the experts so that they do not, make such mistakes which can ruin their career. So this session is all about mistakes that can ruin your career. It’s important to think carefully and decide carefully and see all the advantages and disadvantages before you pick up a job for yourself. So here are some career choices that I’m going to tell you in this lesson today. Today I’m going to tell you what are the important decisions that you need to make before choosing your career. And how to avoid making the big blunder of career. So keep watching personality development course with me on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. My name is Michelle.

So my first advice to you about choosing a good career doesn’t choose a career without doing your homework. Have you decided to be a doctor or an engineer or maybe you’ve decided to be a teacher but have you decided that because your parents want you to be that? Well, this is the step one to failure. When you let other people decide what you are going to in your life, you are paving the way for your own failure. Yes, I know that you respect your family, you respect your friends and you respect their advice. But think about it again, how will you be able to study medicine without even having an interest in medicine for 5 years? So when we are deeply interested in something, that’s when we do our best and when we are not interested in something, we are bound to fail. too many people choose careers without even thinking and considering their own choices, their own interests and without considering if that particular job is going to be right for them or not. So, if you have decided to be an engineer for your family. Maybe it’s your parent’s dream that you should be an engineer and you hate Math and you hate Physics, shouldn’t you reconsider that decision? Maybe you will end up in a very difficult situation later. May be right now, you will be able to please your family and make them very happy with a decision to be an engineer but do you think, you will be able to study this course for 5 years? You’ll be motivated enough to get a job and then to be an engineer for all your life, when that’s not what you want to do? So to build a great career, you need to find your area of interest and you need to decide for yourself, what you want to be. So my advice for you is, if you do not want to ruin your career then don’t ignore your own interests and your own personality traits. Career is one point in life where you must do, what you want to do and not what other people want you to do. Otherwise you’re bound to start a lifetime of struggle,

My second advice for you is, don’t lie about your qualifications. What I’m trying to say here is, the idea of exaggerating your qualifications over the CV sounds great. it’s not really hard to type an extra degree or an extra diploma or an extra experience on your CV. this can definitely get you a better job but how will you react when you find out that your boss has found out about your lies. How will you react when your employer finds out that you have lied about your qualifications to them? Firstly, you will lose the job because they cannot trust you anymore and you’re not qualified enough for the job. Secondly, you won’t have a good reference from the company where you spent so long working. So isn’t that a bad start to your career and doesn’t that add a black mark to your CV? So I would say that, it’s better to not get a job rather than to be worried every single day at work, that your boss will find out about your lies and then they will fire you. So don’t exaggerate on your CV about your qualifications and don’t lie about them. Don’t like about your experience as well because this is a bi no-no and it can definitely ruin your career.

So you’ve decided to do an MBA? Oh, wait your parents decided for you to do an MBA? Great, you did it, you even have a job now, wow what else do yu want! What? You’re not happy at your work? Oh, because you don’t like your work and you always wanted to be a chef but you did an MBA because that’s what your parents decided for you to do. So what now? What should we do if our job is not working out for us? Should we keep struggling to go to work every morning? Whenever you wake up, the thought of going back to that office annoys you and you just don’t want to go to work. What kind of a start is that to the day? A very bad start. So if you’re not enjoying your job and if it’s not helping you meet your financial goals as well, I guess it’s time to change careers now. And to this statement, you’re like what? I’m already working as a marketing manager for 5 years now, are you kidding me? Should I change my career now? Well, I totally agree with you that it’s very hard to make a transition in your career when you’ve started once but this won’t be easy but I can promise you that it’ll not be impossible. You will have to learn new skills and you may have to start at the bottom but do you really want to continue to do something that you don’t enjoy. Tell me about it. Is that how you want to spend the rest of your life? Working at a place where you don’t even wanna go. Well if your answer to both of these questions is no, then I think it is time to change career for you because you don’t fit in your job, right now. So go for the job where you think you fit in and what makes you happy. So start your search and take your decision very wisely this time and follow your interests, follow your heart and go where your heart is.

So if you need to change your career, the step one is to leave your job. Okay, but how do you leave your job? Maybe this job was a total drainer which means you did not have time for anything after coming back from work. Or maybe you had a very bad coworker. I recommend that you do not leave the job on bad terms. Don’t vent out your anger when you’re leaving. Even if it was your decision to leave or may be the company asked you to leave. Leaving is a very sensitive matter for both you and for the company. So you may want to tell it off to your tyrant boss that he was a slave driver or maybe you want to tell it off to your pain in the neck coworker and used for every single task. So in such a situation, I think it’s important to act a bit more maturely and to remember that you’re current, soon to be ex-employer and coworkers may turn up sometime later in your career and what then? Maybe your current boss takes over the seat in your next company sometime after you’ve joined. How do you think that experience is going to be if you’ve left on a bad term? Well, then you will be on the way to destruction. So please leave on good terms and don’t leave on bad terms, be sensitive and be careful about this matter.

Take it easy, boy. Everyone needs a break. Even if you love your job, you still need a break or if you hate it, then you can’t always do it. You definitely need a break. So taking time off, whether it’s a few days or a few weeks, it will allow you to come back refreshed and relaxed. So if you want a career then don’t work constantly because that can surely ruin your career. You will be better at what you’re doing because you give some time to yourself to rejuvenate and to come back stronger and better. So going for a weekend getaway with your friends and family is only going to help you perform better at work. So my suggestion is if you don’t want to ruin your career, don’t be a workaholic and do not work constantly coz this can make you hate your work. so if you want to keep loving your work, take some breaks, refresh yourself, get back to work and enjoy your work.

So guys today you have discovered the 5 mistakes that can ruin your career and now you know what to do and what not to do in order to have a great career. So I recommend that you take a step forward and build your career. Don’t get influenced by what other people say, don’t get influenced by your parents, your brothers, and sisters and your friends about what you should do. Listen to your own instincts and choose the career that you think fits yu best. Run after your interests and if you love your job, then make sure you keep taking some breaks so that you continue to love your job. So thank you so much for watching this session with me and I hope that your career builds in a great way. So thank you, you’re watching this on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. I’ll come back really soon with another session, till then you take care, bye.

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