Phrasal Verbs with GO!

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I had to ___________ breakfast because I was running late.


The price of computers has _________ recently.


You should _____ your homework before submitting it to your teacher.


I wish she would not _____ her proposal.


I think trainer would _____ the lesson after a short break.


The siren _____ in the noon.


We ______ hell working on this project.


We decided to _____ the orange wallpaper for our room.


This year I would _______ the musical concert.


I can’t ______ eating chicken.


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Phrasal verb is a verb followed by a preposition or an adverb. It is a combination that creates a meaning different from the original verb alone.

In this lesson we will look at the phrasal verbs with Go:

1) Go off – To make a loud noise or to explode

2) Go over – To review / to make sure

3) Go with – To match or to see if something suits the other.

4) Go back on – Not to keep a promise or one’s word

5) Go for – Try to achieve or craving something/ to hit the spot

6) G through – Experience or to examine something

7) Go in for – To participate

8) Go down – Decrease or to reduce

9) Go on with – Continue as planned

10) Go without – to not have the need of something or to abstain from


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