Phrasal Verbs with ‘Run’

In today’s lesson we will looks at some phrasal verbs with the verb ‘to run’. Phrasal Verbs are mainly used in speech and informal texts.

1) Run after  – To chase/ to Pursue

Example – I ran after the bus but it didn’t stop.
Example – The cops ran after the thief.

2) Run around – To run around an area

Example – The kids ran around the neighborhood.
Another meaning for this phrasal verb is – To be very busy doing things.
Example – I spent all day running around trying to find the  right things for the party.

3) Run into someone/something – To meet someone unexpectedly

Example – I ran into some old friends at the bar last night.
Another meaning is – to bump into something 
Example – I drove off the road and ran into the tree.

4) Run through – Quick review

Example – Let me run through your travel itinerary.
It also means – To quickly rehearse or practice for a performance or presentation.
Example – Lets run through our play before our final performance.

5) Run over – To collide or to knock down someone or something

Example – I almost ran over a dog on the highway last week.
It also means – To go beyond limit . 
Example – The meeting ran over by 30 minutes.

6) Run out of – To have none left

Example – We ran out of gas.
Example – We ran out of beer at the party last night.

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