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Hi friends, thanks for clicking I am Niharika. Well in today’s lesson we are going to look at some phrases to talk about, dieting and also to also to talk about weight gain. Now if you are fat or a little obese, then probably your doctor would recommend you to go on a diet. So if you are on a diet, what are the phrases or what’s the vocabulary that you use in English? Well that’s what we are going to learn in today’s lesson.

So here I have a set of five phrases that you can use, when you are on a diet. So let’s have a look at the first one, which is to watch what you eat. Now here when I say, to watch what you eat, doesn’t mean that you have to look at the food and then eat. Well here it means that you need to be careful about the quantity of food that you eat. Now for example, you visit your aunt and your aunt offers you this delicious piece of cake. Wow, it looks delicious, scrumptious, I wanna gulp it down but hey you are on a diet. So you need to watch what you eat. So it means that you need to be careful of the quantity of food that you eat. So if you’re on a diet, stay away from that piece of cake. Well, that’s good for you, right?

Now let’s have a look at the second phrase, which is to watch your figure. Now this is, especially for the girls. Well girls love to maintain their figure. They love to look good. Yes because if you look good, you feel nice about yourself. So it’s important to maintain your figure. So the next time, someone comes and tells you, hey I have a nice idea, why not we plan a trip to a nice restaurant and eat some burgers. Not a great idea because you are on a diet. So you need to watch your figure. So the next time, you look at this fatty food or if you look at pastries and too much of soda, well if you are on a diet, you can say I need to watch my figure, right? So for the girls, you can use this phrase if you are on a diet.

Let’s have a look at the third expression which is to go on a crash diet. Now what is to go on a crash diet? Well to go on a radical diet, so what is a radical diet? Now something important is coming up. like for example, your sister is getting married in two months and you wanna look really pretty for the wedding and you think that you have gained too much of weight. Time to go on a crash diet. so a crash diet is to go on a radical diet, it’s like a quick diet plan that you follow for like a month or two, so that you can lose weight quickly. Okay so that’s a crash diet for you.

The next one that I have for you is, to count the calories. Now how do you count the calories? Now the food that we eat, it’s important for you to measure the calories. It’s important for you to measure the calorie intake. Like for example, if you end up eating a chocolate pastry or a chocolate muffin, which is almost about 300 calories. So you need to measure the amount of calories that you take on a daily basis because the more calories, well you need to burn it all the more. Okay so to count the calories, it means to measure your calorie intake.

The next phrase that I have for you is, to cut down on. Now when you are on a diet, it’s important for you to cut down, which means to either reduce or to stop, eating certain items. For example, when I was on a diet last year, I had to cut down on pastas, on bread and of course on junk food. What is junk food? Well fast food or ready to eat food is always called as junk food. So that’s junk food, so if you are on a diet, it’s important for you to cut down on certain items that you eat. So either it can be junk food, either it can be soda, either it can be too much of fatty products. So go ahead and use this phrase, when you wanna reduce or stop eating certain food items. alright so these are five phrases that you can use if you are on a diet and no let’s have a look at some phrases that you can use when you gain too much of weight.

So are you putting on a lot of weight? Well if you are, then these are some of the phrases that you can use. Not necessarily that it’s just you who’s gaining too much of weight, it can be your partner; it can be your friends. So you can use these phrases for them as well.

The first one, you are what you eat. Well there’s friend of mine and she would always come up to me and say, hey Niharika, do you think I’m fat? How does this dress look on me? Am I looking fat? And then I’d say, not it’s alright, you’re not fat, don’t worry about it. But there are times, that when someone is asking you and you realize that yes, this person is looking a little fat. You’re not gonna say, oh yes, you look fat. That’s gonna be mean, that’s gonna be rude. So a correct phrase or a nice polite phrase that you can use is well you are what you eat. So here it means, that whatever you are gonna eat, that’s gonna show on your body. If you eat healthy, nutritious food, you’re gonna be nice, slim and trim. However, if you’re eating too much of junk food and drinking too much of soda, that’s gonna show on your body, that means that you are gonna look fat. So if someone comes and asks you next time, use this phrase. Well you are what you eat. So you are safe here. You’re not saying that, you look fat. But you’re being also nice by saying that it’s you, what you eat, that’s how you gonna look, right?

The next one is middle age spread. Hmm… what does this mean? Well it sounds a little funny. But middle age spread, it means when you gain too much of weight around your waistline and around your hips. So there are some people, people, people call it as a tube tire when all your fat is right here on your waist and your hips. So a better word rather than saying, that hey look at my tube tire, you can say, that, that’s a middle age spread that I can see. So a middle age spread is, gaining weight, gaining weight around your waist and hips
The next one to go up a size. Now when you say, look at me, I’m going up a size, so it means that I used to wear clothes of a small size. However now that I have gained weight, I need to look for clothes with M. that’s medium size. So when you think that you’re gaining weight, you can use this phrase, now just when you’re shopping but you can use it casually when you’re just talking to your friends about look how much weight I have gained. You can say, Oh I have gone a size up. So which means that you have gained weight.

Now when you say, I need to drop a size. So here when you say that I need to drop a size, it means that may be you’re already fat or obese and now you need to go on a diet and drop a size. So if you’re already wearing large size clothes, now it’s time to go to medium or may be small, right? So that’s to drop a size.

Then the last phrase that I have for you is, pile on the pounds. Now in many countries people measure weight in pounds, especially in America. Like here, you will say that, I am 50 kilos, I weigh 50 kilos but in the US, you would end up saying, I weigh around 90 pounds. So, one pound or 1 kilo is almost equivalent to 2 pounds, okay so like almost 2 pounds. Okay so that’s not the exact calculation but almost 2 pounds. So if you pile on the pounds, it means that you are gaining weight, too much of weight. So rather than just saying that hey lady, you have put on too much of weight, you can say, hey lady you have piled on too much of pounds or too many pounds.

Okay so that’s how you will use these phrases for the people who have gained weight or for yourself if you have gained weight, right? So go ahead use them, they are really nice and funny and of course you will sound really confident when you use all these. So I’ll be back with a new lesson soon, till then, take care.

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