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Improve Your English Vocabulary For social media captions. Learn new words and phrases to add as captions to your pictures on social media ( Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) Make Use of good vocabulary with your photos helps your photos to speak more and people relate to them faster. This video will also help beginners of English, who often don’t understand the meaning of some trendy social media captions.

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Are you somebody who is holding back one of your best pictures of videos to put on social media just because you have a nice caption to write below? IsΒ  that ever happened to you before,Β  you think this or that is a great picture, however you don’t have the right write up or statement below it.Β  Well worry not, because today we are going to learn some amazing social media vocabulary and phrases that you can use for your post captions.Β  Take a quick look at this picture this picture of mine has a caption and saysΒ  β€œgood morning everybody have a great weekend ahead” and that’s my caption.

What are captions? A small write up or a small sentence on the needs a post of yours on social media that talks Moin detail about what do you want to convey to your audience and to your followers were willing to learn some simple yet some interesting captions by you can use under any of you videos post that you want to start a clothing from now the first one we have on lake I like this one you can use this when you think you have that perfect picture whether it could be your hair make up your outfit with your muscles that you’re trying to build these days and if you think that their effect on point you can use this one on fleek means something that looks perfect for on point where you go guys right next one is gas and that’s right you can put as many as is and as many as you want because this talks about a certain excitement or a certain agreement that you want to express on someone’s approval of post so for example you want to post a picture of your family friends and motivate them you want to just keep the encouragement going in the family you think it’s a great outfit using the great party video that I have what will you say for the next time go for a guy is a simple yes with more drama next up we have OTD well I am sure some of you must have tested and some must be a little confused OTD is the short form of outfit of the day just like this is for me today this is my OTD 7 then take a picture of mind really nice and post on my social media saying OTD outfit of the day next up we have sold if you put a lot of salt in anything in you take a bite of a what happens to you your face suddenly get that irritation anger in your expressions exchange if you have very Candid or a natural captured picture of yours and your family friends when their angry irritated at something that’s why you go you can use the word salty as your caption used as an attractive when you are feeling sad upset angry on irritated Something go for guys don’t hold back natural or Candid memories just because you don’t have the right caption now you do here we go we have your love this is also one of my favourite by the way it means you only live once you can have travelling pictures you can have these beautiful images of natural scenic places that you have been to your travel with memories with friends with timeless you can just go for one Yolo or you can even go for you only live once your choice next up we have for the win because now I know that with this word you associate it with a game correct imagine it’s the is the game season and it’s good Wimbledon season and you are rooting for Federal or rooting for Nadal so you want to take a picture of When You’re watching the match or a video and you can say for the win you talk about with a team of the person that you are rooting for you are cheering for very good guys we have twining Twinning a nice simple word meaning it means when you’re wearing matching outfits when you looking just very similar to one another was probably you are going for some Halloween party or a theme party in you and your friends are looking the same timing same next one is for for sale of redmi 4 if there is a situation or video where you have captured really embarrassing moment and you want to say a mistake that happen in your embarrassed fit socially embarrassed you can say for heavy good guys back to basics think about it your own holiday and your loving this royal life you know your doing everything that you are not able to do in your daily routine and one find the other holiday gets sadly it gets over you get back to your routine and that when you use back to basics when you talk about your usual stuff for your routine stuff now we have Walla it is pronounced as bowler or right when we use it when you suddenly have a surprise element of salt in your picture ok maybe you just emerged out of some excitement and it appears it looks as if it is a surprise to it right ok now Sunday ritual tell me what do you guys are usually to Sunday may be some of you go for a long drive some of you go shopping some of you like to chill ritual talks about something that you do quite often now Sunday to Saturday we can do to something just like that you talk about how you spend your Sundays or your weekends something that you keep repeating my kind and now if you ask me if I am going for a long run and if I take a picture of mind while running or for a swim you know that something that I love doing That’s My Kind of weekend what is yours tell me now if you take a picture of that software eating a pizza calling on your sofa take a picture and caption it my kinda weak and your style of weekend next up we have my happy place is in this simple yet so useful and relevant you have pictures with your closest people your beloved and your spending time with them date or just having a romantic dinner my my happy place where you feel happiest move wanderlust what is it wanderlust you use this specifically for your beautiful traveling pictures you go to the Himalayas O you going the coast of Kerala and you talking about your the traveler in you wanderlust well Gomes again this one square trending is a couple goals workout goals whenever you are inspired of something or your motivated of some by something you can use gold my 5 a.m. friend are you an early Riser early bird just like me when whatever you do at 5 a.m. Baby read maybe going for a run may be taking your pet out for a walk that’s your 5 a.m. friend was there you go please are your really cool simple and amazing captions for all your social media pictures and photos videos what ever you want to bad go for guys know more savings in your gallery now I only have to go ahead and post them on social media work that’s all for the day guys I hope you found them useful this is meet Mira Singh to buy until next time

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