Practice Past Tense – Answering ‘What did you do last night?’

A very common question that pops up in an English casual conversation is ‘What did you do last night?’ This question is about the last night and you need to answer it in the past tense. Learn some interesting English phrases and expressions that you could use to talk about how did you spend your last night. Your English teacher Michelle teaches you questions related to different situations and how to answer them correctly in English. It’s always better to learn English based on situations as it helps you to remember phrases and vocabulary that you could use in a specific situation. So sit tight, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the lesson. Let us know in the comments about your last night. Thanks for watching, keep learning.

Complete Lesson Transcript –

How was your last night? Do you remember something or were you too drunk to remember anything about your last night? Did you go out clubbing or were you working on a boring project? Do you wanna ask your friends what they did last night? In this lesson with me Michelle, you’re learning some different ways to ask questions about last night.

So here on the board, we have some interesting phrases that you can use to talk about last night to your friends but they are all used in different situations. and I’m gonna tell you that which phrase can you use in which situation but before we do that, what is the difference between last evening and last night? Have you thought of it? Doesn’t it sound similar? Can you use them interchangeably? Um… okay so I’ll give you a situation. So you are going to an after work party and when you join the event, when you just enter and you greet your friends, do you say good night? No, you say good evening. Well when you leave the event, you say good night. So last night is actually used to talk about a later time in the day means just towards the end of the day but if you talk about last evening, it’s used to talk about a time earlier than last night. So last night would be used to talk about a later time in the day. Alright, now let’s look at some of the phrases.

What did you do last night? So I think it’s a very general question. You can ask that to anyone. You know obviously it should be a friend or you can’t ask that to your boss, what did you do last night? So probably your friend or somebody you know, you could ask them and a possible response you could hear is, may be, I was working on a project or I was with the kids. I was feeding my cat, it could be anything. So you can expect a very general response to what did you do last night? Because it’s a very, very general question. Okay, now let’s look at the next question.

Did you do anything last night? So, this word anything makes the question more specific than the first question. So this talks about a specific thing that you expect the other person to do, the last night. So maybe you meet your friend on a Saturday morning and of course, you expect them to do something special on a Friday night cause Saturday is off and thank God it’s Friday. So, you can ask them, did you do anything last night? So may be your friend might say, yeah, I went clubbing. So this is a specific question. With that, we move to the next question.

Did you go out last night? So this is used more to talk about a party, like the previous question and it can be a follow-up question. May be like, did you go, did you do anything last night? So your friend could say, yeah I went, I went somewhere and you could be, did you go out last night? Where did you go? So your friend might say, he went clubbing. Or another question after this could be, did you have a fun time at the club? And your friend could say, yes I had a nice time. We had fun, we were all drunk and I can barely remember anything about last night. So these are two questions that you can use in the context of a party or a night out, for a party or a night out.

Great, so let’s look at the next question. What did you get up to last night? So get up, as you know is a phrasal verb which has a verb and a preposition. So get up here does not mean to get up but it means to be awake at something that you’re doing something. So you stay up for it or you stay awake for it. To stay awake. Alright, so what did you stay awake to last night? So, you could ask this to your friend at work or may be your colleague at work. You see him in the morning and he has bags under his eyes, really puffy eyes and he looks kinds lousy with his all his filthy messed up hair and you’re like, okay. So, he possibly was doing something last night. So, you could ask him, what did you get up to last night? And your friend might say, I got a phone call from my ex and we got into a conversation and I was up till 6 am and after that I couldn’t just get any sleep.

Okay with that, we look at the next question. What were you up to last night? So, here we do not have this word, get up. It’s only up to and this is actually like an idiom, what were you up to last night? It talks about a hidden meaning. So this meaning is more like, your father sees you waking up at 2 pm and he sees you and you’re up and still kind of drowsy and he asks you, what were you up to last night? More like what were you doing last night? So up to here means doing. So what were you doing last night? And you could be like, okay you obviously wanna hide from him what were you really doing. So you could say, oh daddy, I was studying. I know you weren’t and he’s also smart enough to know that you weren’t studying.

Okay, let’s look at the next question. How was last night? Do anything? So let’s say, you have an exam the next morning and you and your friend have not prepared for it and you both know that you haven’t prepared for it and you see each other. The first question that your friend asks you in the morning is, how was last night? Do anything? Means did you prepare? So this is also a very specific question because we have the word anything like this one and here also anything. So here it’s specific in a different way and here it’s talking about something that you think your friend might have done. So here it’s talking about a party. You think your friend may have gone to a party. Here it’s specific because you’re asking your friend if they studied last night.

With that, we look at the next question, probably the last question. Do anything special last night? So this is kinda naughty and it has a double meaning. So you’re asking your friend that okay, did something romantic happen at the date? Happened at the date? So may be your friend went out on a date and you were expecting him to propose this girl that he went out with. So you’re asking him, oh do anything special last night? And your friend could be, yeah I finally proposed to her. So this could be for a romantic meaning.

Here you have some very interesting questions to talk about last night. So don’t wait, go and talk about it to your friends and have a great time. I’ll see you again in the next lesson. This is Michelle signing off, bye.

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