Pronounce English alphabets – The NASA style

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In today’s Spoken English lesson you are going to learn to pronounce English alphabets the NASA style. These words are called as – ‘The International Radio Telephonic Alphabets’ and  are used in defence service in many countries including NASA. Most of the hotels, Call centres and Airlines across the world use these alphabets to spell names as they are universally accepted and are easy to recognize if someone doesn’t understand your accent or pronunciation.


A – Alpha ( al – fah)

B – Bravo (brah – voh)

C – Charlie (char – lee)

D – Delta (dell – tah)

E – Echo (eck – oh)

F – Foxtrot (foks – trot)

G – Golf (golf)

H – Hotel (hoh – tell)

I – India (in – dee – ah)

J – Juliet ( jew – lee- ett)

K – Kilo (key – loh)

L – Lima (lee – mah)

M – Mike (mike)

N – November (no – vem – ber)

O – Oscar (oss – car)

P – Patrick(pat – ric)

Q – Quebec (keh – beck)

R – Roger (raw – ger)

S – Sally (sae-lee)

T – Tango (tang – go)

U – Uniform (you – nee – form)

V – Victor (vik – tor)

W – Whiskey (wiss – key)

X – X ray (ecks – ray)

Y – Yankee (yang – key)

Z – Zulu (zoo – loo)

There’s something special about ‘Roger’ that I would like to share with you. When people say “ I Roger that!” It means they understand and accept your information and instructions.

Some names that are spelt differently as seen in the video:

Pronounced Name Correct spelling
Kiara Chiara
Dikshit DIXIT
EEzolda Isolda
Hesus Jesus
Shawn Sean


Pronouncing names ( As seen in the lesson)

Emmelda: Echo mike mike echo lima delta alpha

Chiara: Charlie Hotel India Alpha Roger Alpha

Dixit: Delta India X-ray India Tango

Isolda: India Sally Oscar Lima Delta Alpha

Jesus: Juliet Echo Sally Uniform Sally

Sean: Sally Echo Alpha November


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