Pronunciation Tricks For English Fluency | 20 Mispronounced Daily English Words

One of the important aspects to improve English fluency is to correct your English pronunciation with the help of right word stress. This English pronunciation lesson would help you to improve your English pronunciation for 20 mispronounced Daily English words and speak English fluently and confidently. Your English teacher Hridhaan will help you speak with a clear English accent and diction to sound more confident in English. Understand who the word stress shifts when words are added before and after a word.

Do watch our other English lesson to make you English fluent. We have a library of more than 1500 spoken English lesson that would help you become fluent in English speaking easily. The lesson topics covered are English Grammar, English conversations, Building Vocabulary, Tips and tricks toย  speak English fluently faster, Improving communication skills, personal development etc. Happy Learning!

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