How to avoid someone, you don’t want to talk with? Public speaking tips

Sometimes you encounter people that you wish to avoid and there are many people in our life with whom we never wish to talk or want to completely avoid them. While you can take all the measures to avoid In this Skillopedia video with Niharika, you would learn some tricks to avoiding people you don’t want to interact with. Learn to improve your social skills and learn how to be diplomatic at times if required.

Being Calm

If you encounter someone you don’t want to talk to because this person is rude, or you two have a history with them, maybe they treated you badly or were rude to them. Firstly remember to stay polite. Being courteous and calm and not letting someone’s attitude toward you goad you into retaliating or being the same way they are is an effective way to keep any conversation with such people short. So learn to be polite and cut the conversations short.

Draw your own boundaries.

You don’t always have to express what your boundaries or what your limits are to someone you wish to avoid, but you should know what you are willing to tolerate. How much of shit you are willing to take, Stand your ground and stick to it. If someone has a history of invading your personal space, the next time you have an encounter, simply tell this person to give you more space physically. You can also be upfront at the beginning of a conversation that you only have a certain amount of time to talk.  So set your boundaries, after all, it’s your personal space.

Ignore this person.

Chances are that you are not the only person who wishes to avoid a certain person. Pay attention to how others deal with someone you wish to avoid. If you’ve tried of upfront methods as we discussed earlier or that they haven’t worked, simply ignore this person. Ask other people how to best deal with ignoring this person.

Avoid situations where you might interact with this person.

Sometimes you have to make changes to avoid someone you don’t want to talk to. If you know this person is going to be at a party or gathering, just don’t go.  Unless you’re in a situation where you can’t excuse yourself from school or work, you may have to choose not to attend a function, or a friend’s party to avoid someone.

Now in case you have no option and have to attend the party or that function and you see someone you want to avoid talking to or interacting with, see if you can move elsewhere.  Don’t make it an ego issue, please understand you are just avoiding the ugly situation, there’s a difference.

Ask for help.

  If you really don’t want to interact with someone but are having a hard time avoiding this person, you could also ask people to help you. You can get help from your friends, parents, your boss, or even a counsellor if required if the situation is really intense.

 Cut ties with this person.

If you are able to, be upfront and end the relationship. If you have an ex that you don’t want to see or talk to anymore or someone that might be in your larger friend group, you can simply cut ties with this person.

Keep a positive attitude.

Sometimes you may not want to talk to certain people because you feel uncomfortable in your surroundings. Take a deep breath and tell yourself that you are an enjoyable person to be around. You are the best person to be around.  Remind yourself that you are entitled to your boundaries.

Instead of worrying about other people, and how someone may react to you, focus on enjoying yourself. Know that if someone is being mean to you, or trying to make you feel bad, that it’s always not your problem.  We hope you liked today’s session and learn some cool tricks to avoid someone you don’t want to talk with.

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