How To Get Out Of A Conversation Without Being Rude? Public Speaking Tips

Hello English learners, welcome to yet another free English speaking practice lesson from Let’s Talk English speaking Institute. In today’s spoken English lesson you will learn some handy tips and tricks to get out of a conversation without being rude. In the past, we have had lessons that teach you how to start a conversation, how to continue a conversation and public speaking tips, this lesson is a bit different. At times we have to get out of a conversation when you realize that the conversation is just not going anywhere or its boring. You desperately want to get out of such conversation, but don’t want to offend or be rude with the other person. So how do you do that, that’s what this English lesson teaches you. Learn some useful tips and tricks to get out of a conversation without being rude.

This video is a chapter from our Personality development course conducted at our Learning centre.

Complete Lesson Transcript –

Hi, this is Ceema, well have you ever been in a situation where someone keeps talking to you and you want to get out of the conversation? Now, I know, you might feel a little awkward, a little rude because of having to get out of that conversation but I’m gonna show you, a few ways, a few tips on how to get out of a conversation without having to feel rude or awkward.

Okay, let’s look at the first way of getting out or ending a conversation. The first thing you have to remember when you want to end or get out of a conversation is to always smile. In other words, you’ve got to look very friendly. So before you say anything, before ending a conversation, ensure that you look friendly and you can only achieve this by giving your best smile, right? And you do this so that, the person who you are talking to, should feel that you have enjoyed having a conversation with them. You have absolutely enjoyed talking to them. Okay, so the first tip is that always, always look friendly by giving a really nice smile, okay.

The second tip in order to end or get out of a conversation is to make a positive comment and give a reason. Now as we already saw, at the beginning, we don’t wanna sound rude. So, therefore, we are going to make a positive comment about the person we are talking to. Okay, it could be anything positive and then you are going to give a reason, as to why you’ve gotta stop talking to them. So you could say something like, you’re so funny or you could say something like, I could talk to you all day. You’re so entertaining. So give a couple of positive comments and then you can give your reason as to why you should go. So you can say something like, you’re so funny. I could keep talking to you all day. However, I’ve got some errands to run or maybe I’ve got some household chores to attend to, so I’ve gotta run. See you later, okay. Does that sound better? Because that way, you don’t sound rude because you’ve made a positive comment and you’ve given a very valid reason as to why you’ve gotta stop talking, okay.

Alright then, the third way of successfully, and effectively getting out of a conversation is to summarize whatever you’ve been talking about and then, informing the person you are talking to about your next action. Okay, so what does summarize mean? Summarize is basically, you know talking about the main points. So in a conversation you kind of talk about many things, okay but summarizing is basically quickly discussing the main points you’ve discussed, okay. So, maybe you and your work colleague, say you are working on a project together at your job. So, you are going to do something for your boss. So, you can summarize by saying, look, I’m going to prepare the reports and you are going to make the presentation, that’s the summary of whatever you have discussed and then you are going to inform your colleague about the next action. So you can say that, okay, we are going to discuss the details of the presentation next week. So, when you summarize, you basically tell the person that have discussed whatever you wanted to or you have finished your discussion. Most meetings and most debates always end with a summary of whatever you have spoken. That is another way of telling that you have finished saying whatever you’ve wanted to say. So always summarize the main points you’ve discussed and informed the other person of the next action that you are going to take. Okay, the next way of getting out of a conversation is giving a slight pause. Now you know a conversation can get quite tedious, can get excruciatingly long, if you keep talking or if you keep listening to someone. So sometimes when you’re saying something, you’ve gotta give a slight pause because that indicates that you have nothing more to say and after giving a slight pause, you can always, you know begin your statement with words like, well or any way. So say, for example, you’ve been talking to your friend about a trip you had taken with your partner and you’ve kind of you know spoken about for a quite long time and you think that it’s time to end that conversation. So you are going to, give a slight pause after having spoken for quite a bit and then you can say, well anyway, the kids need help with their homework. I’ve gotta go home. I’ll see you later or I’ll catch up with you later. So, when you give a slight pause, it indicates that, you have nothing more to say, which is an indication that, you’re finished talking and then you can start your statement by saying, well anyway, I’ve gotta do, whatever it is that you want to do and kind of exit your conversation, okay.

The next and very important tip, if you wanna end a conversation is to always show respect for the other person’s time. Time is valuable for everybody, right? So if someone has taken time out of their busy schedule to talk to you, you’ve gotta respect that, right? So how do you respect the other person’s time? Or do you show respect for the other person’s time? Well, you can use statements like, I don’t want to keep you or you could say something like, I’m sure you must be very busy. so, you know you are in a conversation with your work colleague who may be runs a business and you wanna come out of the conversation but to show that you respect your friend’s time, you can say that, well I’m sure you must be very busy, running a school or running your classes, I don’t wanna keep you. I’ve gotta go but I’ll catch up with you some other time. So when you show respect for someone else’s time, you avoid being rude and getting out of a conversation will not be so awkward for you anymore.

Okay and the last or the final bit that you might wanna kind of you know use when you wanna get out a conversation is to express your regret and make future promises in order to make sure that you can have future conversations, okay. Now how do you express your regret? there are a few sentences you can use, you could say something like, I hate to tell you this but my mom’s waiting for me or I hate to tell you this but I’ve got a class to attend to. So you’re basically telling the person that you regret having to stop the conversation. So that way you don’t sound rude and it’s not so awkward for you and once you’ve done that, once you’ve expressed your regret. It’s very important to sometimes make future promises. so after you’ve said that I hate to tell you this but I’m gonna have to leave, you can say that, how about meeting next Tuesday for a cup of coffee? You know or why don’t you come over to my place tomorrow night and we shall have dinner and talk about this some more. So, one more thing to remember is that, if you express your regret and follow that up by making a promise, only make a promise if you are going to keep it and only make a promise if you mean to actually speak or have a conversation with that same person in the future.

Thank you so much for watching. I’m sure if you use these few tips, you will be able to get out of a conversation without having to feel rude, awkward or sorry that you actually have to come out of it. Well, I’ll catch you with some more new videos until then, this is me saying goodbye.

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