How To Reduce Mother Tongue Accent And Speak English Naturally (Accent Reduction Training)? + IELTS Success Tips

Join Me live, let’s discuss how to reduce mother tongue influence and speak English with a natural flow. I will share with you some tips to improve your English. If you are appearing for an IELTS exam, know more about the IELTS structure. I will talk about the online English courses I have designed understanding the struggle faced by non native English speakers. I will give yo a broad idea about my online English courses-

  1. General English Level 1 (Basic)
  2. General English Level 2 (Intermediate)
  3. General English Level 2 (Advanced)
  4. Advanced English Conversation Program
  5. Accent Reduction
  6. IELTS Preparation

Get some useful insights about the courses, so you could plan your English learning journey with me.

A little more about me –

I’m an experienced communication skills trainer. I have worked with the customer service industry for over 3 years and learnt the different aspects of communication. It has always been my constant endeavour to help everyone communicate well in this global language. I have always strived to avoid my students’ paths from getting blocked due to lack of command over the language. To learn a language, it’s root must be strengthened and that is grammar. If you have a good understanding of grammar, conversation skills is the next step.

So if you feel the passion for this language as I do, join my online classes. Together we shall work towards EXCELLENCE.



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