How To Say ‘NO’ Diplomatically Without Making People Dislike You?

We sometimes have to say NO. But saying No directly may offed someone and people might dislike you. So how to do you do that without offending someone? In this English lesson I will teach you useful polite English phrases to say No in a diplomatic way. I am sure these English phrases would help you soften the English tone and sound polite in English.

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Complete Lesson Transcript –

Oh hi Jenny, what there’s? A party tonight… okay! Oh my God there’s a party and there’s too much on my plate. I can’t go but how do I say no politely? Because, she might feel bad. Well, are you somebody just like me who doesn’t know a better way or a polite way to say no? Look no further guys, today you are with me Meera on Let’s Talk and we are going to learn polite ways to say no. Well whether you have… OR don’t have time or whether you just want to provide the right reasons and be honest politely, you will learn various different ways to say no and not make others feel bad about it as well. Let’s get started what do you say when you have no time to attend parties or attend any other schedule? For example – Thanks a lot but I have other commitments. Or I have another commitment …yeah, you’re telling them that you have already committed to other plans and that’s why you’re not able to go. However, because you start your sentence with ‘thanks’ they appreciate you telling them in advance. Next we have ‘I’m afraid. I’m just swamped right now’ I particularly love this word ‘swarmed’ swamped means you are extremely busy. Maybe you have a lot of tasks to do already and you’re seeing that you’re too busy however because you start with i’m afraid it’s a very tactical way to begin your sentences when you want to say no oh i feel bad but i’m not able to make it this week you can replace this with week month year or today even however because i feel bad comes in the beginning of the sentence it tells the other person who’s listening to you that okay she wanted to come but she can’t make it all right hey thanks for asking me i have a few things i need to do or i need to take care of first so i’m going to take a look at them and then call you back probably right thanks for asking me yeah you’re suggesting that you’re happy that they even asked you or they invited you and you’re acknowledging that part however later you reject but because you’ve already thanked them in advance or previously it doesn’t hit that bad well let’s take a look at more such examples i’m at the end of my rope right now so have to take a rain check end of my rope imagine literally imagine a rope and that you’re the end of it that means you have so much work to do that you’re holding onto the rope and trying to finish those tasks first you want to take a rain check that means you want to see if you have an available slot to attend that party or that dinner i’ve got too much on my plate right now thanks for asking another polite way to inform too much on my plate means that you have a lot of tasks at hand and a plain way to say that or a better way to say that is too much on my plate right now thanks for asking oh no sorry i can’t make it i wish there were two of me i love this one particularly you’re actually stating that you cannot make it for the party or for the meeting for whatever dinner but you wish that you wanted to go there so you’re saying that i wish there were two of me that’s quite not possible but it’s a funny way to say no don’t you think so all right next up saying no with providing a reason what is the reason that you can’t make it sounds great but sorry i have work tomorrow here you’re showing the excitement that you think that the plan is great however you use but to introduce another statement your reason that i have work tomorrow similarly thanks for the invite but i have to attend an important party today evening you have already committed to somebody else that you will go for that party and hence you’re thanking them for the invite introducing but and then telling them the right reason that would be great but unfortunately i have already made some plans another way to tell them that you are busy with prior commitments that would be great and excitement but introducing the reason and unfortunately you talk about when you talk about things that you you are not able to do and that you’re sorry for right great here we go guys sorry i can’t i have a huge project or assignment due tomorrow that means you have to submit something tomorrow and hence you can’t make it oh no that sounds fun but i’m too tired and planning to hit the sax soon you guys have fun well hit the sack hit the sack means to go to sleep or to go to bed hit the sack thanks but i have a million errands to run today sometime later maybe a million errands aaron me errands means a lot of things

to do okay when you want to go shopping when you want to do some bank work when you want when you have a lot of other jobs that you have to run around for and they’re called errands well now let’s take a look at these reasons when you want to be honest however do that a little politely shall we please don’t mind but i really can’t come today when you introduce your honesty with words like please or don’t mind automatically the person who’s listening to you will not feel too bad about it to be honest with you i’m really tired and just want to go home think about it when you are honest with someone instead of giving fake reasons and you tell them why you want to go home i think that’s pretty acceptable don’t mind me to be honest i’m trying to save some money this month now to be honest is something we’ve already seen what i’ve added before that is don’t mind me don’t think that i’m giving you wrong reasons but i’m trying to save some money this month now that’s quite understandable right a lot of us are in such a position at some point that’s why you can use this reason very politely if i can be honest here you go starting your sentence with the word honest itself i’m really not comfortable around so many people we’ll catch up later well maybe you’re one of those who is not that social or who gets very anxious around a lot of new people and you are telling that you are not comfortable and then you are suggesting that don’t worry i’ll meet you soon that’s a good way to talk about your anxiety and be real with your friends please don’t get me wrong but i’m not a big fan of drinking so i’ll go back home post the movie here you go now you have made a lot of plans it starts with movie and then dinner and drinks if you are somebody who is not comfortable around drinking or alcohol try to use this word from the next time not a big fan it indirectly means you are not comfortable next up we have sorry i have a headache i hope you understand very simple very honest something that will help you people will believe you that yes you have a headache and that’s why you can’t make it here you go guys now i think i have a better reason to say no to jenny i’m sure you have learned something just like me today there you go guys that’s all for today this is me meera signing off until next time ciao

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