4 Life lessons I learned from Holi about Relationships & Money management.

This is Michelle and I have got for you 4 simple life lessons about relationships and money management that Holi brings with it. There is so much to learn from these festivals, this is an interesting personal development video and self-improvement video with positive thinking tips, which would help you understand some life hacks that could be learned from the Holi Festival. So let’s get started, here on Skillopedia, the place to learn skills for the real world. Holi is the Indian Equivalent of La Tomatina. Holi celebrations begin in the morning. The day is all about enjoyment and enthusiasm.  People play together, laugh together and celebrate one another’s company irrespective of their creed, colour or religion. Later in the day, they visit one another’s homes, offer sweets, eat together, play music, sing and dance. It was a lot of fun in childhood playing Holi back then. But nevertheless, I still celebrate HOLI with friends and families every year. Accept each other in love.

Let us take this Holi a message to love and accept each other. If you are married, you should stop trying to change each other but accept each other in love. If we are members of a community or country we should love and accept others, just as God does.”

Love All – Forgive All

Holi gives us a reason to forgive even our enemies and play with them, celebrate with them and make friends with them. It isn’t easy, but that is why Holi is such a special festival. There are so many examples and stories of enemies who became friends after they celebrated one Holi together.

It is also a time of the year when people don’t care about cast and creed, or religion. When celebrations begin families come together, friends gather and they renew those dusted relationships.

Diversity Leads to Prosperity

This Holi you need to diversify your business and your area of work. Putting all your eggs (as in savings) in one basket is never wise. Expand your products and services. Even if you do not wish to add a new product right now, do something exciting with the existing products by adding more value to them. Or if you are involved in a job, try to learn a skill in order to diversify and develop professionally.

Make Wise Financial Decisions

The Holi eateries carry some sweet lessons with them. Reflect upon all the financial decisions that you’ve made in the last year. If you made any wrong financial decisions in the last year, avoid repeating them. Learn from your past year business dealings, and look out for options that could gain you more benefits.
For instance, if you invested your personal savings for your start-up, business expenses, for purchasing a new gadget or funding any bigger financial need, take a business loan or personal loan to do that in future. By taking a loan to fund your needs, you not only keep your personal savings preserved for financial difficulties but also improve your credit record and CIBIL score.


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