Why You Shouldn’t Make Any New Year Resolutions OR Set Any Goals?

Hey You Lovely people, it’s New Years time and I am sure you are all geared up and excited to make New Year Resolutions or Set new Year goals. But, wait a minute, I advice you not to set any goals for the new Year, Surprised!! Well don’t be, I have something more smarter for you, that would change the way you think about setting goals in life. Don’t worry I will not tell you to set smart goals, I am sure you have heard that many times, I am asking you to set only one goal, to set no goals.

Over the years I have realised there’s no point in setting goals for the new years, not because you are not able to finish them. I have 5 reasons to convince you, why you should stay away from making any resolutions. Watch the complete video and see it for yourself, why I think so.

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Complete Video Transcript : –

The New Year has arrived, which means it’s time to make some resolutions, everyone makes one or two, so the question is, why shouldn’t you? So tell me what will be your New Year resolution? It might be the same old, I want to lose some weight, I want to earn a lot of money, I’ll start eating healthy, I’ll change my boring job, I’ll spend more time with real friends, blah, blah… and the list goes on and on and on… Now the truth is, most of us will do the same thing as we always do, set some goals that will probably be forgotten about by the mid of January, or at the most end of January, isn’t that true? Yes, that’s the story every year. So this year I’m proposing something new, which to an extent I personally follow, and I’m sure a lot of motivational trainers and gurus are going to hate me for it. Now like you guys do, I used to make a few New Year resolutions and get excited about bringing that change around the New Year, but then my enthusiasm would slowly fade away as time went by. So this year I’m throwing my resolution book out of the window and decided to do something different. now I have heard this a million times the reason why we don’t stick to our resolutions is, because you know they are not smart goals or they’re not smart resolutions, I mean they are not specific, they are not realistic or they are not achievable… so you need to set smart goals, I am sure you have heard about this many times, now there is a lot of truth in it, but many people don’t set realistic goals but for me it’s only half the story, so what should you do with your resolutions? Well stay tuned and watch the complete video with me Aakash on Skillopedia the place to learn skills for the real world. Now the phrase New Year resolution itself has the word procrastination built into it. Now what do you mean my procrastination? It means being lazy or to delay you know things to later time. Now I sometimes wonder, why it has to be only the 1st of January to make changes in your habits or life. The problem with setting resolutions for the New Year is that, you have to wait for the New Year to arrive to implement those changes, why not start now? There’s simply no logic in waiting, if you have to bring about a change, why not start doing it today? Why do you have to wait for the New Year to arrive? you know what, we think as if the new year has some magical powers you know, that would help us bring about a change in ourselves or help us achieve our goals, now that’s certainly not true. There’s nothing special about January 1st, it’s just a date on the calendar. Change only starts to happen when you take actions and the best time is to take action now and not on some special date on that calendar. Now if you’re so keen to set a resolution, then make this one, give up wanting anything to happen in the New Year, and just don’t expect anything to happen. Now what I mean is, if you have to set a goal for yourself, just do one thing, “set a goal, to set no goals at all”. But you might think it’s the new year’s, it’s a new beginning, a lot of people talk about setting new goals, well I know that just forget about all that stuff, now if you don’t want to find yourself in the same position as last year, do this instead don’t set any goals for the new year. Now what I mean to say is, rather than rushing in a panic to set resolutions or a list of goals, enter the New Year in the present mode and not the future. Just welcome the New Year feeling positive about it. Think how good and positive it’s going to be for you. Just enter the New Year with zero pressure on your back, just be open to new possibilities and new opportunities that would come your way in the New Year. Now as we discussed, most resolutions fail okay, and only two or three percent people are able to keep up with their goals. Now you might wonder, why is that so? Because most of them set unrealistic goals that can never be achieved. Now you might say my goals are quite realistic, then why am I not able to realize them or complete them? Well the answer is you lack the skill or the potential to finish your goals or finish your resolutions. Now rather than rushing to set goals analyze your potential, New Year is a great time to do some fact-checking. Say for example, your New Year goal is to earn more money, now earn money, but how would you earn that money? Or how much money do you want to earn? Be specific, how much money and until when do you want to earn that money, by the mid-year, end of the year… be specific. It’s all nice to set goals but the most important part is, do you have the skill to earn that kind of money? This is where 99% of the goals fail. We set goals but we lack the skills to achieve them. Now New Year would be the best time to analyze your skillset and acquire the required skills to complete your goals, even before you set your goals. Because if you have the skills that match your goals, I’m sure achieving them, completing those goals would not be difficult as you might think. There is no point in setting the same resolutions year after year only to feel disappointed. If you don’t possess the right skills to achieve them, you are never going to achieve them. I remember a quote by Albert Einstein, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”, and it means you cannot keep on doing the same thing again and again and expect different results, you’re never going to achieve different results. A resolution is nothing but a simple goal just prefixed with two words New Year’s. Now to achieve any goal in life you need to be realistic, we looked at that, I call them pocket-sized goals, goals that are achievable, they are within your reach. for example your goal is to earn a lot of money, say you being very specific and you say that I want to earn a million dollars, now you could also believe in something called as a law of attraction and make a poster of it saying, I will earn a million dollars at the end of this year, as its suggested by a lot of law of attraction experts, but please understand, just looking at that poster every day is not going to make you a million dollars, if you don’t have the skills or a strategy to earn a million dollars, so be realistic. Ask yourself this question, do I have the skills and more importantly the plan to earn that kind of money, that’s $1,000,000? Now if you have the skills and a plan ready, to ensure success you need a strategy. Set a monthly target one around eighty four thousand dollars a month. Just break that down and I am sure you know that, you know that whole grind or breaking down the goal into smaller goals. or for example if you have to run a marathon by the end of the year, start acquiring the required skills, eat healthy, start exercising, running a mile each day for a week, prepare your body for the marathon, start increasing one mile every week until you reach your goal, say that could be 25 miles… in short you need to have the right skills, the right strategy and the right planning to achieve your goal. I hope you got my reasons for not setting any resolutions for the New Year. I “take things as they come” when I started this channel Skillopedia, I actually did not wait for the new year, but coincidentally it was started at the end of December, but the whole idea of starting this channel was that we all trainers could share the skills you know, we have acquired in our journey. As you have seen many of our videos and other channels like Learnex and Let’s Talk, where you learn English as a second language, my simple goal was not to mix skill based videos like this one, with language learning, that was the only goal to start the channel. Now we don’t plan or decide what we would upload for the whole year on any of our channels, we just make plans for the next 15 days to come, and these plans often change. Because if we plan some topics for the entire year, I am sure by the coming December, many of these topics would not be relatable as they seem relatable today. They will lose their relevance, same is with your resolutions or your goals, and they lose their importance midway. Some goals lose their importance and don’t seem to be relevant in the present, so just take it easy, and make short-term plans to achieve larger goals in life. Likewise our goal for Skillopedia is to reach a million subscribers, that’s the larger goal and I’m sure with your support we are going to reach that milestone very soon. I hope this video was helpful for you, so just don’t stress about making any resolutions, just relax the year has just started, let’s quickly go through what we looked at today, number one “New Year resolution itself has procrastination build in it”, why should you wait for the New Year to start? If you have to start something start it today. The only resolution you should have for the New Year’s is, to have no resolution, it’s a perfect time to analyze your skills before you set your goals. Next, treat New Year resolution as a normal goal and set goals that fit your pocket size. And the last one is, take it easy, plan things as you go, don’t burden yourself with the weight of your goals. guys that’s all for today I hope you’re filled with enthusiasm and positivity in the new year, just enjoy the newness of the new year and allow it to fade away slowly before you start setting your goals. I will see you soon, don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family, who are about to make their new year resolutions, subscribe and press the bell icon to stay tuned with all our latest uploads. Take care and have a splendid year ahead.

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