Shut Down Haters! How To Deal With Rude People Who Hate & Insult You?

We come around people who are rude and insult us outright without thinking how would we feel about it. Social media is no other place, it’s filled with hatters and trollers who abuse the power of online platform. If you are a social media influencer, creator or publisher, I am sure you have come across such nasty trollers, but the question is how do you respond to them. Staying quiet and getting demotivated isn’t going to help you either. In this self improvement video at Skillopedia, I bring you 5 cool ways to deal with Rude people who Insult and hate you. Learn how should you respond to them by keeping your cool and staying motivated. 

Complete Video Transcript : –

Hey everybody, welcome back to Skillopedia, and you are with me Meera. Now if you’re socially active and if you have accounts on various social media platforms you must have basically experienced either with yourself or in regards to someone else the way people get hateful comments on social media. I mean let’s face it guys when someone says something hateful, mean or bad we just get hurt, right? It affects us tremendously and now it started happening on a daily basis on every social media platform and there is actually no law or no police for it, we have to face these hateful things ourselves, we feel like giving it back to them sometimes, right? Maybe like a punch or abused them… But is this the only way? Is it the right way? Well guys fear not because today I will motivate and give you tips on how and what are the best ways to deal with these haters and how to respond to these haters so that you gain the most out of it and continue remaining positive about life, let’s get going. Guys we all can agree that at some point we have put a picture of ourselves on FB, Insta, snapchat… a picture that we think is super awesome but suddenly someone dislikes it, someone posts a negative comment and we start seeing the negative points in ourselves and that heat gets to us, right? So what happens next time? We hesitate posting a picture. The next time we just don’t want to put a picture and worse, we start getting ourselves our bodies, but guys what if I tell you that it’s about how we take their sentences or dislikes so let’s make their criticism our fuel. If someone says, ‘I don’t like how you have pouted in this pic’, you can think, ‘oh thanks! Maybe I’ll try something else the next time’, maybe next time you try take it from another angle or just try without a pout… not because you’re scared but because you are taking it as a positive criticism and even they’ll know that their hate comments are not going to stop you from doing what you like. Always remember it’s on you how to take their hate. Imagine if you start taking hate as a compliment, then the haters will get confused with how they are reacting and you on the other hand are cool and composed. Guys hate comments are the best proof that you are doing something good at times. Hate comments come from people who are insecure and under-confident about what they are doing. So they start hating on others, don’t you think so? Let’s make their comments, your positive source. If someone says, ‘what you’re doing with your life?’ ‘What is this, only posting pics about food and parties, what are waste’ Let it ignite a fire in you and think I can’t wait to prove these guys wrong, not my words but my actions will show them what exactly am I doing with my life. You know some might say that your business idea is not going to work and it’s not going to last long, just let it motivate you to work harder and make impossible, possible. Allow these sentences to motivate you, right? Not to prove them wrong always, but of course to prove to yourself. You should know and remember one thing, ‘what someone says reflects, who they are, how they feel, what they think’. If someone says, ‘oh my god! I can’t take you seriously’ or that, ‘you look good only when you wear makeup’ or some trolls statement about you… Your first response should be to ask yourself, ‘what is this person going through?’ ‘Why do they feel the need to say something like this?’ and this will help you get over it, that’s true! Because the second you take hate comments personally, you’ll lose it. Alright, you can take control sometimes, yes! These days I am learning from successful people and celebrities like, you know the way they give funny responses to trolls someone like Sonam Kapoor or Chrissy Teigen, these people are known for their hilarious comebacks on their trolls. So if you have a funny reply and you’ll see that many of others join you too in it, suddenly you know that you took control of it in a positive and a funny way. Well guys having said that you can reply back to your trolls doesn’t mean you do it every single time. Just remember that successful and positive people, don’t need to put others down. They don’t need to give the heat back. Well, let them say nasty things, right? We learnt before that we shouldn’t take it personally, didn’t we? Happy, successful people do not waste time saying negative things to others, why? Because they are busy focusing on what they want to do and what they are doing, instead they empathize with such people, yes! The next time someone says, ‘you have the most irritating laughter’ or ‘your writing is dumb’, ‘your dance moves are just boring’, ‘you sing like a crow’… just remember to empathize with them. That’s how much negativity they must have in them that they have to put it out like this, the way they have to get rid of it on social media. Understand that these haters are suffering from this problem themselves. Pray for them and just hope that they feel better soon. This way you kill them with your kindness instead of letting them bring you down. Now I’ll surely like to ask you, to check the list of things you have learnt from these hate comments. There has to be a lesson to learn from this, don’t you think so? After all you’re actually shutting the haters. You have done something good by that. So take a minute and check what did you learn each time so that you can pat your back. For example did I learn to control my anger? Yes. Did I learn to reply with great humour, funny jokes? I definitely did. By replying, did I create an engagement which attracted hundreds of people and made it into a great marketing skill? Probably yes. Did I learn how to be humble and grateful for not having such bad thoughts about anyone? Oh yes, that I did learn. Did I learn how to convert negative into my motivation? I sure did. That means you have learnt how to deal with negative conflicts and how if most of your answers were ‘yes’, then you can respond to their troll into a ‘thank you’ for teaching you a life lesson. So appreciate these haters and appreciate your victory in this, yeah! Well lastly my dear friends, don’t give up. History and present is filled with people who did not give up. When you know you’re doing something good then what others say will not affect you. They too will get on board after a while. Alright, all the best guys, I hope that you have learnt something from today’s video. I hope to learn from your comments on how you responded to your haters and made it into your motivation. I’ll see you soon in another video until then take care this is me, Meera saying goodbye.

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