Similar sounding words part 01

Apart Vs A part

Apart  (adv) separated by distance or time.

For example: I always feel so lonely when we’re apart.

A part (noun) a piece of something that forms the whole of something.

For example: They made me feel like I was a part of the family.

Here Vs Hear

Hear : refers to something that is perceived by the ear. Such as:

Did you hear that noise?

Do you need a hearing aid?

If I hear you say that one more time I’m going to…

Here :  refers to a place or at some point or to present something. Such as:

 Here you go.

 I told you the cookies are right over here.

My friend here is single. Here once stood the Twin Towers.

Bazaar Vs Bizarre


A shop or group of shops where a variety of goods are sold


The church bazaar or the open air bazaar


Conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual


Restaurants of bizarre design–one like a hat, another like a rabbit

Assure vs Insure

Assure: to promise or say with confidence
Example: Let me assure you that I will be at the meeting at noon.

Insure: to issue an insurance policy

Example: I will insure my home with additional fire and flood policies.

Enquiry Vs  Inquiry

The nouns ‘enquiry’ and ‘inquiry’ can mean ‘question’, ‘inquest’ or ‘investigation’. They can be used interchangeably, but in the US, ‘inquiry’ is the more widely accepted. The words ‘enquiry’ and ‘inquiry’ derive from the verbs‘to enquire’ and ‘to inquire’. (The guidance on this page relates to the verbs as well as the nouns.)

In the UK, a distinction between ‘enquiry’ and ‘inquiry’ is developing.  The word ‘inquiry’ is being used in relation to a formal inquest (i.e., an investigation); whereas, ‘enquiry’ is being used to denote ‘the act of questioning’.  However, there is still notable leniency on this distinction. Of note, many in the US will consider ‘enquiry’ a spelling mistake of ‘inquiry’.

Personnel Vs Personal

Personnel : Employees are personnel,

Personal : Private individuals considered separately from their jobs have personal lives.

Retch Vs Wretch

Retch : If you vomit, you retch;

Wretch : ( ill mannered)  if you behave in a wretched manner or fall into wretched circumstances, you are a wretch.

Shone Vs Shown

Shone : “Shone” is the past tense of “shine”: “long after sunset, the moon still shone brightly in the sky.”

Shown : “Shown” is a past tense form of “show”: “foreign films are rarely shown at our local theater.”

Wander Vs Wonder

Wander : If you idly travel around, you wander. ( Physical activity)

Wonder : If you realize you’re lost, you wonder where you are. ( Mind activitiy, you are wandering in your mind or thoughts)

Rapt Vs Wrapped  

When you get deeply involved in a project, you may say you’re wrapped up in it; but if you are entranced or enraptured by something you are “rapt,” not “wrapped.” 

The word means “carried away” and is used in expressions like “listening with rapt attention,” “rapt expression,” and “rapt in conversation.” 






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