05 Brilliant ways to deal with a bad boss

Is your boss a case of narcissism and bullying? Does he take credit for all your work? If that is the case then you need to continue to watch this video where today we are discussing ways to deal with a nasty boss.

Work on your escape plan

The first step is to plan an escape. In order to escape from this you need to use this job to develop your skills rather than leaving it suddenly. Once you have strategically developed your skills for the next job you can thoughtfully start applying. It will be a bad idea to complain against your boss who will be sided by all the higher-ups and most probably such a decision will act as an arrow against you,

Look for allies and support from other areas

More than complaining about your boss it’s essential that you develop a supportive environment in your workplace by helping your colleagues. It would be great if you can find yourself in the good books of those at or above your boss’s level so that you can be assured of positive reference in the future.

Find ways to influence and manage their behavior

Find out the likes and dislikes of your boss. If you think he likes a particular person it’ll be a good idea to slip into his positive reference whenever you have an opportunity. If you see that he/ she believes in family values you can share about the strong family values that you were raised with. Your boss should see you as an ally and not an opponent. This is the purpose of this point. He should be able to identify your ideas as common with his.

Don’t cower, but don’t get into a power struggle

Stand for yourself. If you feel attacked by the way your boss behaves in public or private, you must voice it out. Possible, this will remind your boss of you being a sensitive human being as well. Do not get into a power struggle against him because in a case like that, you are bound to loose. So stand for yourself and voice your feelings.

Give Your Best and Manage Your Emotions

It’s truly hard to manage your work and emotions at the same time especially when your work is undervalued or wrongly criticized. Use your experience with your current employer as a stride for developing coping mechanism so that you are prepared for your next job. It’s essential for you to give your best even in the midst of an emotional storm by persevering until you finally decide to switch to another job.


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