07 challenges successful people overcome

Skillopedia session to learn seven things in particular that can hold us back from climbing the ladder of success. Today in this Skillopedia session, we are going to shatter the stronghold of these seven factors and help you develop a strong personality.

If you want to overcome challenges in life and business it’s necessary to view them as opportunities and not obstacle. This is what most successful people do they embrace challenges and then defeat them in their face.

It is necessary that we do not blame our personal deficits for failures instead we must believe that we can do better in future because it stimulates improvisation.


Age is not the radar for our goals. It does not matter what age you are as long as you are confident about what you are trying. After all, trying is step one for success. Do not think of the body you live in but think of the goals yoou want to achieve.

What Other People Think

Don’t let anyone take away your happiness with what they say. This is the key to failure, beware! You’re never as good or as bad as other say. If you wish to be the master of your own destiny then you should derive your self-worth through mastering personal standards and not by meeting the standards of those around you. Stop comparing, start reflecting.

Toxic People

If you’re unhappy with the way things are going, look around. This means that you need to assess whom are you spending most of your time with because this is directly going to impact your state of mind. As positive people help you reach your full potential, likewise toxic people pull you down through unconstructive criticism, tantrums and discouragement. You


Fear is the cause behind people acting like dead men while they are still alive. It paralyses us and prevents us from taking any step forward. Successful people flip fear in its head by conquering it.

Do not be afraid of failure, conquer it.


Negativity has more than one door to enter your life. Sometimes it enters through the back door and you end up hosting it and feeding it in your mental house.

The best way to tackle with personal negativity is by being grateful for what you have. This will re-direct your focus in a positive direction. Once you have ousted negativity from your mind, think of a valid solution to your problem and tackle it.

The Past or the Future

“Worrying is like paying a debt you don’t owe.”

Be it future or past they are both a product of our mind. We must make peace with our past by accepting it and we shouldn’t be anxious about future because worry is not going to add another hour in our life, as the Bible says. Successful people follow this strategy to battle past regrets and future uncertainties.

The State of the World

If you see the news for any length of time, you’ll see back to back news of violent attacks, terrorism, environmental disasters, death etc. This amplifies the already existing negativity in our immediate world so therefore it’s best to distance ourselves from the downhill state of the world in order to stay positive. If you want to be successful focus your attention and efforts on productive tasks and positive ideas.


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