09 ways to start the New Year 2017 with a bang.

Hey! All you Skillopedia fans, Welcome to 2017. Ya, we know you guys are sad as the holiday season is over and we are all getting back to our daily routine. Well, do you want to start your new year with a bang? Then stay tuned in this video as Michelle gives you 9 wonderful ways to to start the New Year with a bang.

Take a break

Sure, you had a very long break from work, but was it really a break. You must be busy with all the festive preparations, baking cakes, inviting friends and family over dinner and now still having the festive hangover. Wouldn’t it be appropriate to take a short break to come over the hustle bustle of the festive season and refresh your mind to get started with the New Year? So, take a break and rejuvenate yourself to kick the New Year with a bang.

Create a Vision board

It’s time to list down everything that you want to do in 2017. It’s a great idea to have a vision board in your room, just a sheet of paper or a white board. List down all the things you want to achieve in 2017 according to their priorities. This way you would remind yourself of all the things you need to achieve in 2017 and would stay focused towards your goals. Divide your goals in to quarterly and monthly targets, so you could envision them more realistically.

Tidy up your space

The beginning of the New Year is the appropriate to tidy up your virtual and physical space. We all have a lot clutter all over us, after all we are all humans. New Year is the best time to clear all the clutter on your desktop, arrange all files and photos into folders. Arrange your wardrobe create extra space for all the clothes and shoes you bought on sale this festive season.

Re-stock your supplies

Do you remember when you used to back to school after your summer vacations, you Mom would always buy you new set of pencils, colors, backpack etc. New Year is the right time to re-stock your supplies, maybe you were wanting to change your computer mouse for a very long time, as the scroll button isn’t working, do it now. Maybe you need an extra hard drive to clear the clutter on your desktop. So re-stock your supplies and get started for the New Year with a bang.

Get Moving

Many of you have been wanting to get fit and shed that extra kilos you have put on. Why not make ‘Getting fit’ your new year resolution, it should be on the priority list of your vision board. Plan your schedule and put those 60 minutes for an exercise routine. As getting fit would always pay, don’t you want to fit into those slim fit pair of denims?

Get Organized

As you have already created a vision board, now it’s time to prioritize your goals. You need to get organized and start working towards your goals more seriously. Maybe, you were looking to make some investments in 2016 and your commitments made that goal move to the back bench. Do a research about investments, meet a financial consultant and get the ball rolling.

Get out from behind your computer.

We all spend most of our working hours on the virtual space. Instant messaging, Skype calls they all have become a part of our daily routine. Its good as technology saves a lot of productive time, but sometimes it’s better to meet people and clients face to face as it helps strengthen our relations and give a personal touch to our meetings which a virtual meeting wont.

Create a work-life balance

Balancing between professional and personal life has always been a topic of concern for many of you. New Year is the best time to plan and allocate time to your personal and professional life equally.  It’s time to open the time management chapter in your book, so that you could maintain a work-life balance.

Set a Theme

Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, come up with a theme instead. The theme should be a word that resonates with you and embodies something that has been missing from your daily life. Write this word down and keep it on your desk and look at it every day. Here are some examples: mindfulness, flexibility, simplify and adventure.

The New Year offers an opportunity to reboot, reorganize, start over, and do the things you’ve been putting off way too long. Be patient with yourself. You have all year to accomplish your new goals. And don’t forget to reward yourself whenever you make strides in a positive direction.

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