07 creepy things you shouldn’t say on your first date.

In this Skillopedia video Niharika will tell you what not to do on your first date. Yes all of us feel excited to go a first date, however it can be a make or break situation. So in order to leave a great impression on your date, watch this video and make note of the tips shared.

Don’t talk too much about yourself.

The first thing to keep in mind is to not talk too much about yourself. Remember the key is to keep it simple and to get to know your date. If you talk way too much about yourself, you will end up making the person bored and eventually that may become your last meeting. So remember talk less and listen more, it should be a two way conversation.

Put your phone off

Please keep your phone away.  If you keep looking and typing on your phone while you are with your date, it is almost like an insult and downright rude. It will show that you are disinterested and will send the wrong message to your date.

Don’t get drunk

Do not drink too much on your first date. Yes you will always have time to drink like there’s no tomorrow but not on your first date.  It will be a horrible date if he or she has to carry and out you into a cab or worst case see your drunken tantrums. So please limit your drinks to may be just two and wrap it up.

Don’t bring in your ‘EX’

No conversation about your ex-partner. It’s a sin to talk about your ex on a date. This will only show your date that you are not over your ex yet and probably are on a rebound. That’s like a warning sign for your date to never return your calls after the date night ends.

Marriage & Kids? – Don’t rush

Talking about marriage and kids can freak out even committed couples, let alone someone you have just met for a date. So please keep these topics at bay. If you feel like, you can talk in general about children in the family and cut the topic short.

No controversial topics

We all love to flaunt our views on religion, politics, finance, etc. But these are strictly to be avoided on your first date because it’s possible it may lead to an argument and your date night will just go down the drain. Instead you can talk about things like movies, food, hobbies, etc. and keep it light and interesting.

Don’t get sexually involved

Last but not the least; do not get sexually involved on your first date, if you are looking for a committed relationship and not a one night stand. It will seem like you are desperate and do not have any control over your feelings. So do not show any such signs and stick to regular conversation and spend a nice evening.

So here are the tips that you need to keep in mind before going on that long awaited date. If you follow these tips you should have a successful first date and possibly a second one planned too.

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