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English slang words and phrases are a part of natural English speaking. If you wonder how someone speaks fluent English, they use a lot of slang expressions in their spoken English. Speaking slang English means, the way it’s spoken on the streets, although it does not have a place in Formal English. In this English lesson with Niharika, you will learn some interesting slang expressions with the Word Talk. We are sure you would find this spoken English lesson useful and you would use these phrases in your conversation. Learning slang words and phrases gets you closer to understand native English speakers and speak fluent English. So if you have a question, How do I speak fluent English, the answer is here.

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Complete Lesson Transcript:-

Hi friends, I am Niharika and thanks for clicking. Well, in today’s lesson we are gonna look at some slang phrases that you can use with your family members with your friends with the word ‘Talk’. Like I said, I love talking, but then we also have some slang phrases with the word ‘Talk’. So, let’s have a look at the first one which is ‘Coffee Talk’ now when do you use this slang phrase? For example, when you go out with your friend and you are just hanging out with this person and talking about things here and there, so nothing important, but just things in general, nothing important, so then you say, that Og! we just went out for a coffee talk. Okay, so not really that you went to a coffee shop to have a cup of coffee, but when you say -I just went out with John for a coffee talk, it means that you were hanging out with John and you were just talk about casual things. Nothing important! Okay…. Let’s move on to another slang phrase which is ‘Pep Talk’, my niece was really upset last night, so I had to pep talk to her. So, what does really Pep Talk mean? It means, that when you are having a conversation with someone in order to encourage that person or just to change that person’s mood or to motivate that person. So, when someone is upset and probably not going through a very good time, okay…. then you need to pep talk to that person, which means that you need to probably just change their mood or probably just encourage them, motivate them. So you can say – I had to pep talk her, Okay…. Alright!
Let’s move on to another slang expression which is ‘Real Talk’ Hmm… Have you come across some fathers, who say to their kids, Hey I need to have a real talk with you. So what does Real Talk means? It means that the person wants to talk about something important and wants to have this real honest chat with someone, then you can use the slang expression, which is ‘Real Talk’. Okay, usually parents use this term, right? I need to real talk with you. So which means, I need to have a real discussion with you. So both are used in a similar way, when you know … someone wants to have a honest chat with you, when someone wants you to very honest and truthful, then you can use the expression ‘Real Talk’ Okay…..
Let’s move on to another one, ‘Dirty Talk’ So what is dirty talk? Now, men love to have dirty talks with girls, so dirty talk is when someone is having a conversation about sex or is when someone is passing some sexual comments, it means that person is doing some dirty talk… okay…. Like my neighbour, I can’t tolerate his dirty talks, which means that whenever he is having a conversation, he really dirty talks, he really adds some sexual comments or you know… talks about sex too much, so that’s ‘Dirty Talk’. Okay….
Let’s move on to another one which is ‘Thrash Talk’, so what is ‘Thrash Talk’? Well, when someone criticizes the other person way too much, or gossips then it means this person thrash talks too much. So have you come across people who do that? they love insulting, or they love criticizing someone, then those words or those expressions that they end up using can be described as ‘Thrash Talk’ Will you stop this Thrash Talk of yours, be nice to someone… okay… so when you criticise or you insult, it mean that you are Thrash Talking…. Okay…. Let’s move on to another one which is ‘Sweet Talk’ Have you all come across any ‘Sweet Talkers’ in life? Well, I have, too many. Because there are people who talk to you wonderfully, they are just so nice and sweet to you. But, that are doing this in order to persuade you to do something for them, they need favours. And that’s exactly why there are being so nice. Isn’t it happen… you know meet people who are just so nice to us, but in real they want us to do something for them and that’s exactly the reason why they are being nice. Okay… so yes, we do come across sweet talkers, so when they are sweet, when they are being nice and they are using nice polite words, then those words can be described as ‘Sweet Talk’. So being nice for talking some favours… okay…
The next one… ‘Shit Talk’ Ohh! when do we use this? well, when someone insults you too much, someone is so rude, is so mean to you and you hate the way this person talks to you, then you use the expression ‘Shit Talk’. I hate the way my friend Shit talks to other people. So, which means probably you have a friend whom you do not like so much and this person just talks way too mean things about someone. So, it means that this person talks shit. So either you can say – he talks shit or you can say I do not like shit talks. Okay. The next one, well let me write the meaning. Let’s move on to another one which is ‘Locker room talk’ OOOH! Locker room talk, what does this really mean? Well, this slang is just perfect for the boys who love to chat in their locker rooms. So, probably they are vert comfortable chatting, abusing, talking about sex, talking about girls and talking or using abusive/profanity language. So, boys are boyband if they talks shit or if they abuse or they are talking about sex, then they do that in the locker room. So, all these words can be put into “Locker Room Talk’ – We were just having a locker room talk. So when they are using abusive language, they are using profanity, when they are having a sexual talk… so everything comes under ‘ Locker Room Talk’ and then the last one that I have for you is ‘ Talk Turkey’ . So, what does this really mean? Well Talk Turkey is again, when you wanna have a chat or what you wanna talk to someone in a very frank way. Okay, so – A Frank Talk or talking Frankly. So talking frankly is ‘Talking Turkey’. For example – There have been issues between us and we really need to discuss this out, so let’s talk turkey, so let’s be honest, let’s be frank to each other. Let’s Talk turkey. So Talk Turkey is little similar to ‘Real Talk’ but Real talk is when you are talking something important, when you want that person to be very honest, then you use this term. but ‘Talk Turkey’ is when you really wanna have a open discussion, okay, you wanna put in all the points, you wanna be really frank with the other person, then you say ‘Talk Turkey’ Okay, so these are some nine slang phrases, with the word ‘Talk’. Use them in your conversations with your friends and family and I will be back with a new lesson soon, till then you take care.

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