Slang words and Expressions for smokers.

This lesson is perfect for smokers ! New words , expressions that can be used when talking about cigarettes. But lets not forget that smoking is injurious to health, it cuts your IQ, spoils your teeth, causes cancer and so on. Below are some slang terms that can be used by smokers and non-smokers as well.

Bone – Slang term for a cigarette
Example – Hey,give me a bone.

Coffin nail – Slang term for a cigarette especially used by non-smokers
Example – You need to quit those coffin nails.

Ciggy – Slang term for a cigarette
Example – I gotta go pick some ciggies.

Cancer sticks – Slang term for cigarettes
Example – I quit those cancer sticks an year ago.

Bummage – A cigarette obtained from another person for free.
Example – I got a bummage from Sam today.

To smoke like a chimney – to smoke cigar / cigarettes heavily. ( Chain Smoker)
Example – John smokes like a chimney he’s spoiling his health by smoking those cancer sticks.

Passive smoking – Inhalation of other people’s tobacco smoke also called as second hand smoking .
Example – Passive smoking is injurious to health as well.

Cigarette butt – Small part of cigarette that is left after smoking. The end of a cigarette (Filter)

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