Most Used English Slang Words in 2018 on Social Media.

English Slang words always confuse students. Sometimes modern day slang words can be irritating, students get their eyes rolling when they hear these words on the streets mostly used by teens. However, using them sometimes could be cool and you would often see them on social media. In today’s English speaking lesson with Ceema you would learn the most common slang words used in 2018 on social media ( as per the Google search rankings).

Complete Lesson Transcript –

Hello, hello! Welcome back everyone and today’s lesson is going to be quite interesting because I’m gonna talk about slang words. Well what are slang words? Slang words are words that you use quite informally in a conversation, but did you know there are some 10 most commonly used slang words for this year. Yes, well if you don’t know them well you’re not too updated then, are you? And you really have to watch this video and for those who know these words, well please watch because you need to know how to use them in the right context. Besides it’s gonna be a lot of fun. So let us have a look at these commonly used slang words which is by the way rated even by Google as the most widely used words in this year.

The first one is ‘Savage’. Well Savage ordinarily would mean really wild you know really, really scary that way but as far as the slang is concerned, what a savage mean? It refers to something being extremely insulting like when you’re being really insulting, really rude, you are being Savage. So let’s say your friend made fun of you for whatever reason but then you couldn’t contain that anymore, so you gave it right back to her or gave it right back to him. What did you do? You made sure that your answer was Savage. You made sure that you were savage or insulting. Well it’s not a good thing to do, but I think sometimes you just have to, right? Right, so when you’re saying well my friend was real Savage what she was really doing is she was really insulting and she gave it back to the person who tried to make fun of her.

Okay then the next slang is ‘fierce’. Well what is fierce? A tiger is fierce, a wild animal well yes pretty much but as far as the slang is concerned fierce is used to call someone who, who looks really powerful or someone who is really well made up or let’s say someone who is really well put together. So maybe you are going to dinner and you are looking all dapper in your new suit, I can say, “Hey Ron, you look pretty fierce out there.” Which means you look really powerful, you look quite well made up and very much put together.

Okay then, moving on to the next slang is ‘throw shade’. Hmm! Well if you are not in the Sun, you are in the shade, right? So if you don’t get the clue to that, throwing shade is being passive-aggressive. Now this is kind of the opposite of the word savage because when you are being savage, you are being openly insulting, like you are telling someone to their face, okay you are being very, very blunt with them. But when you’re throwing shade, you’re kind of making them aware that you’re not, you’re not happy with them but you’re doing it in a very passive aggressive way. I don’t know how many of you do that but let’s say for example you know I, I hosted a nice party and I really wanted my best friend to come but she couldn’t make it so the next day I see her I would say something like, “You know what, some people well, they’re a little too busy for parties these days, aren’t they? What did I do here? I was throwing shade at her, I was being passive-aggressive, I couldn’t really be Savage, I couldn’t be overly insulting so I decided to be passive-aggressive, I decided to throw shade at her.

Okay then let’s look at the next one which is ‘woke’. Woke means obviously it means to wake up, right? So in the slang way of using it woke would mean being politically or socially aware of things going on around you. Well how many of you are not politically or socially woke? So I could say something like, “Identity theft or identity fraud is a real thing in the digital age that we have today, So be woke about it.” Okay so be politically, be socially aware about things that are happening around you, be woke.

Okay we’ve got ‘icon’. Well what is an icon? Your famous celebrities, are they your icons? Of course they are and that’s pretty much where this word comes from. So I can refers to a person, so you’re going to use this word to talk about a person who acts like a celebrity. Now please note that you’re not making fun of them, I mean you’re not like saying that in the rude way but you’re kind of doing it in a very playful in a very teasing way, so if your friend she loves her Gucci bags and she’s really brand conscious, maybe she is trying to behave or emulate a celebrity a well-known celebrity so you can say something like, “You know what Melissa, she can’t go anywhere without her Gucci bags, she is quiet an icon.” Okay, that’s what an icon is.

All right then moving on to the next, the next slang is ‘goals’. Okay what are goals? Goals are certain things that we want to accomplish, right? They are what we want to strive for. Like I’m here I want to get there, that’s a goal for me so when we’re talking about is slang a goal refers to something or someone we really are inspired by. Have you heard relationship goals? Whenever you now watch news, are watch certain YouTube videos, you will see some famous celebrity couple and you will see something like relationship goals, what are you really saying here? You’re saying that they are such an amazing couple and I would want my romantic relationship to be quite like that, I am inspired by people like that. So goals are things or people that we want to really become like because we are really inspired by them.

Okay then moving on to ‘extra’. This slang means over-the-top. You know things that are extra are not needed. So people who are over-the-top do things that are not needed. So maybe my brother he had to raise a toast at a relative’s wedding but being the extra that he is he actually hired a voice coach to help him prepare the speech, can you believe what an extra this little man is? Yeah, he’s an extra, he is totally, totally over-the-top.

Okay then we’ve got ‘basic’. Well basic is kind of a little the opposite of extra basic refers to people who are, who are very simple and people whose actions are very predictable or shall I say there are very mainstream people, pretty ordinary people, right? So my mother is pretty predictable when she goes to Starbucks she might just order the usual cappuccino. So I can say you know what, “Oh my mom’s gonna Starbucks again, she’s ordered the cappuccino, she’s so basic.” Which means that she’s quite predictable, she would never do anything really out of the ordinary. She’s pretty basic.

Okay then the next one is ‘I am dying’. Okay well this looks like a pretty morbid phrase but it’s not because I am dying refers, it’s a phrase that is used when you are overly happy or you are overly angry. It’s pretty, that’s pretty amazing because you can use it in two different emotions. So if someone’s made a joke at you and I’m laughing like ha ha ha you know what am i doing I’m dying, I’m dying of laughter like I’m so happy that the joke wasn’t you, I can’t stop laughing so I am dying or you know if I’m really mad I could say I’m dying like that guy did that like seriously, I’m dying, okay? So I’m dying is used to talk about an emotion where you are in the situation and you are either overly happy, like all happy or you’re just really, really angry.

Okay then the last slang is ‘tea’. Well we’re not talking about the regular cup of tea that you love to have early in the morning, what we’re talking about is spilling the beans or giving people information that they don’t have. Kind of giving out secrets rather, I would say and giving information or giving out secrets. So let’s say that your friend is seeing a new guy, okay no one knows about it but only you do. So I’ll come to you say, “Hey give me the tea, what’s happening with Clarissa, why don’t you give me the tea?” Which means I’m asking you to give me the information or give away some secrets that nobody else possibly knows.

Okay then thank you so much for watching, these are the 10 most used slang words in this year. Use them and use them in the right context and if you come across them, you now know what they really are. So I’ll see you with some more lessons until then this is me saying, bye.

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