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Small Talk is the best way to practice English speaking as a beginner in English. In today’s spoken English lesson with Niharilka you will learn some useful English phrases and Greetings in english  to speak fluent English and take your English to the next level. These English Greetings are quite useful to wish someone Good morning or Good night. Learn some new ways to wish your loved one’s rather than the boring Good morning and Good Night. We hope you ‘ve learned something useful from this English practice lesson and would use these greetings in your daily conversation.

This English lesson is a part of our English unplugged series shot in the outdoors to make your learn english easily with fun to watch and understand. This video is filmed in Auckland, New

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Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey everyone, a very good morning to you. Well how’s everyone doing? How’s it going with learning English? Well I am Niharika your English trainer and today I am back with a new lesson for you. Well this one is pretty interesting, if you’re learning English, this one you will really enjoy. So what are we gonna look at? Small talk, that’s my favorite thing to teach, yes when it comes to small talk I really enjoy teaching. So today I am gonna teach you some small talk about sleeping, you got it right yes we do wake up every single morning and we all go to bed every single night we do that right? So when you wake up and when you go to bed it’s common to make small talks about sleeping. So in English we use certain phrases when we go to bed or when we wake up. So which are the English phrases that we use in the morning or in the night? You’ll be like, oh Niharika, that’s pretty easy. Good morning and good night, well friends guess what we have many more phrases for you and especially when you’re learning English it’s great to learn these phrases because good morning and good night which are of course correct but they’re so boring and so common. So come on friends let’s have a look at some phrases out here, it’s morning time well it’s a beautiful day, it’s a gorgeous day and it’s time for your that morning cup of tea or morning cup of coffee but hey remember we are gonna talk about small talk here yes we are gonna look at some phrases so when you wake up what do you do well you can ask your partner or probably your parents or your friend whomsoever you live with well you can start your day with, ‘hey good morning, hope you had a good night sleep? This is the first phrase that you can use. Another one which is very similar to this one that I just mentioned is, ‘hey good morning, did you sleep well? So these are two simple phrases that you can use in the morning. Now the next one is one of my favorite one, ‘Hey, rise and shine!’ Now this is a very informal way to wake someone up like someone is sleeping till late, uff, it’s 12 o’clock already and your friend is still asleep and you have to wake that person but you gotta be nice in the morning so you’re gonna say, ‘hey, rise and shine!’ Yes isn’t that what the Sun does too? Well this phrase definitely comes from the Sun. Basically saying that the Sun is up and shining bright and now it’s time for you to wake up too. Okay guys now it’s time to respond to these phrases that we just learned, so how do you do that your partner says, ‘hey good morning, did you sleep well? Did you have a good night sleep? Now if you really slept well you can keep it very simple by saying, ‘oh yes, I did, I did have a good night sleep, thank you.’ So what are you gonna say, ‘oh yes, I did, I did have a good night sleep, thank you.’ Now if you were extremely tired and you slept really well, then you’re gonna respond saying, ‘oh yes I slept like a baby.’ So this is the phrase that you can use that, ‘oh yes, I slept like a baby.’ Now if you did not sleep well, you were extremely restless or anxious and tired but you just could not fall asleep, you’re gonna say, ‘ah well I was just tossing and turning.’ Okay so this is a common phrase that people use they do not get a good night sleep. They say that, ‘uh, I was just tossing and turning’ right? So these are simple phrases that you can use when you wake up in the morning you ask someone and then of course I also mentioned about the phrases that you can use to respond to these questions. Now let’s have a look at what you do in the night when you gotta go to bed. So here are very simple ones, ‘hey, sleep well, good night.’ So you’re done for the day and what’s the phrase that you use when you are heading to bed hey, sleep well, good night.’ Another simple one is, ‘make sure you get a good night sleep’, okay? So make sure that you get a good night sleep. Now if you have kids and they are not sleeping, what’s the phrase that you can use? ‘Hey, let me tuck you in.’ So parents generally help their kids to sleep of course kids are naughty they are not gonna go to bed unless the parent accompanies them. So when you want to wrap it up and you would like to go ahead and put them to sleep you’re gonna say that, ‘hey kids, let me tuck you in’. So this is another phrase that you use with kids. Now when you’re extremely tired and you’re done with your dinner and done with chatting with your family, with your partner, with your friend and now you really want to go to bed, so what’s the phrase that you can use? ‘Ah… I’m gonna go hit the bed.’ or ‘hey, it’s time for me to hit the hay’. So two options ‘I’m gonna go hit the bed’ or you gonna say, ‘ah… it’s time for me to hit the hay’. Okay so these are the two phrases that you can use when you are extremely tired. Now another way is a very funny way to wish someone good night, well you say, ‘sleep tight, let not the bedbugs bite’. This is usually used in a very informal setting when you are with your friends. Well don’t use it with kids because they will really be scared, they’ll be like, ‘what, there are bedbugs on my bed?’ ‘That’s creepy’. So it’s just a funny way to wish someone a good night. Now these are the phrases that we can use when we go to bed. So we’ve learned the phrases that we use in the morning, we have learned how to respond them and then we have also learned the phrases that you use in the night. But is it only in the night that you sleep? Well we love taking short naps too. Oh well I love it, like the siesta time, I totally love it. So there are some English phrases that you can use while you take small naps as well. Well the first phrase is, ‘I think I’m gonna take a quick cat nap. Cat naps can be a very refreshing phrase but it can also be refreshing for you because you can complete what you need to. You just feel so refreshed. Another one is ‘forty winks’. Now this phrase is a British phrase with the same meaning. So two phrases when you take small naps during the day, ‘well I’m just gonna take a cat nap’ and the other one which is a British informal word or term well you say that ‘I’m gonna take forty winks’. Okay well so you got it right now these are the phrases that you can use in your daily conversation coz we do wake up every single day and we do go to bed every single night. I’ll be back soon till then you take care and keep smiling.

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