SMS English ( Lesson) – Modern English abbreviations and Shortened text messages

Not only non-native, but also native speakers have problems with the SMS text language when it comes to reading those abbreviated SMSs. Quite often, teachers or elders despair when reading their students or Childrens texts.

When worse comes to worse, some people simply shorten their texts to SMS even while writing letters and emails. In this video lesson Niharika brings you some common shortened text messages, so that you don’t find yourseld lost in the dictionary whenever you recieve one.

Some common shortened text messages:

Enjoy the lesson.

1. BRB – Be right back
2. BTW – By the way
3. BYOW – Bring your own booze.
4. LOL – Laugh out loud.
5. ROFL – Rolling of the floor laughing.
6. TGIF – Thank God its Friday.
7. HB2U – Happy birthday to you.
8. SOB – Stressed out bad.
9. Gr8 – Great!
10.TTYL – Talk to you later.
11.ZZZ.. _ Sleeping
12.IDK – I dont know.
13.CIAO – Good bye.
14.2NYT – Tonight
15.LMAO- Laughing my ass out.
16.M8 – Mate
17.NE1 – Anyone
18.EOD – End of debate
19.COS/CUZ – Because
20.N2S – Needless to say
21.CUL8R – Call you later.

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