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If you want to improve your English faster, it’s imperative to learn new English vocabulary for daily English speaking conversation. In today’s spoken English lesson with Meera, you will learn new English words that you often hear about or on social media. Social mede is a new phenomenon and many new English words have evolved with it. So let’s take you English fluency to the next level with these advanced English words making you speak fluent English for the social media world. At let’s Talk we always attempt to bring your English lesson that would help you to constantly take your English the next level making you a fluent English speaker. Do watch our lessons on British English, American English, Daily English speaking conversation, IELTS speaking Test, IETS writing test, Building vocabulary, Tips on how to speak fluent English, Improving English pronunciation and Accent Training to make your English better so that you could speak English easily in your daily English conversations.

Complete Lesson Transcript : –

Hey everybody, welcome back to Let’s Talk, this is me Meera. Today’s lesson is going to be rather short and quick and as well as fun. I found a lot of students coming to me every now and then and giving me a lot of updates when it comes to ‘Instagram’ or ‘Facebook’ or ‘YouTube’ and they are quite resourceful I must say. Why? Because they are the ones who actually gave me all the vocabulary that is on the board right now and I thought to myself when this was happening, that hey, you know what, why don’t I make a video about social media vocabulary? Maybe you would be interested in it. Okay, so let us quickly begin with our first word which is, ‘Troll’. Well, now in real life the word the way I heard, the word troll for the first time, is via children’ story books, right? Story books which contains huge giant or trees which become into giant and they actually, they are the ones which are trolls and they scare children. But here in social media language, it actually means trolling someone it’s actually a verb form of something. Now we might say and we might read a lot of news when it comes to a TV actresses or umm, even web actresses and they are being trolled on social media, where there is a lot of argument happening with them as a base of it and they are the actual targets or they are being targeted, being trolled, right? So troll is what? Arguments with targeting certain people, right? Now moving on from troll, to ‘meme’, what does meme actually mean? Now all of us might see these funny images and when they actually started coming in, none of us knew what to, you know, how to call this weird faces or smileys. I remember this time when I used to call it smileys, have you seen those weird smileys with funny jokes on it? But they are the ones which are memes, they actually target someone’s personality or character or something that is, a situation that has become so funny and created into a massive joke. Do meme is nothing but funny pictures with text written on it, right? Images with text. Funny texts specifically. Let me just write funny so that I don’t miss out on it. Okay, now those are memes and I’m sure all of you are so used to be or still are involved in forwarding these memes or jokes to one another maybe on WhatsApp or Instagram or Facebook, are any one of you out there creating these memes by the way? I must say you guys are very creative and so funny, sometimes. Okay, all right, moving on from there, we have ‘clickbait’. Have you ever heard or read these headlines which says this one time I started reading and you know what happened….? They actually create a mystery, a sense of, woo, what is the story? Inquisitiveness and you suddenly, it becomes a mysterious situation and all of us want to read what it is. Some times its literary nothing, sometimes it’s absolutely the end of story but, they create so much mystery about it, a headlines, interesting headlines, that you want to click and that is what it means, a bait is what? What does bait means? Something that attracts. So for example, goats are usually when it comes to forest or people, when they used to hunt, before, they used to put goats as baits and they tigers, lions used to come towards it and that is what a bait means. For example when you go fishing, you put these little worms and then you get big fish and they start eating and how you catch a fish, well that’s a bait. A worm and a goat but, here an interesting headline becomes your bait and that’s why people keep clicking on it and that’s how it becomes viral at some point of time, okay? So clickbait are interesting, catchy headlines, okay? Moving on, from clickbait we have ‘Vlogger’ or Vlogger is what they call it, my students told me it’s not v-logger ma’am, it’s vlogger. Okay, so vloggers are nothing but people who log videos, who blog via videos. A quick questions for you guys, do you think I am a vlogger as well? If you think so write to me in comments as to what you think. Am I a vlogger or not? Okay, moving from vlogger who is a person which blogs about any video, ideas, travelling, clothes, a lesson like this even are the ones who vlog. All right ‘hater’. I don’t like this word of course, nobody does. Especially on social media where it’s, where it’s visible for the whole world to witness or to see but these are the people, who usually target someone and talk ill about that person, all right? And they usually, people refer to them as haters. There are lot of people who protect one another on social media and ask the haters not to talk ill. It is actually, I have seen a lot of articles been published in newspapers where the publisher or the journalist are also requesting people not to just go on hating people and that’s why I always end my session by saying, ‘spread love’ because guys we don’t need people who speak ill, right? People who speak ill are haters. Guys, do you know what is ‘blogosphere’? Sounds a very, it’s such a nice terminology right here and such a new age term, but do you know what it means? It actually means where a lot of bloggers talk about a certain issue, right? When a lot of bloggers, and there is a huge discussion that goes on, on that particular topic when a lot of bloggers talk about it and that actually becomes a blogsphere. Okay, moving on from blogsphere we have, ‘AMA’. A system, that means, ‘Ask Me Anything’. Well a lot of YouTubers started this and it simple means that, hey, they welcome all of their subscribers, new subscribers old ones to come on the platform and ask them anything, literally anything and they keep the platform free and liberal to people to ask them questions, about them and they are there to answer it. And that’s how they connect with their audience, specially when it comes to a lot of subscribers or attracting a lot of subscribers and that is an AMA video, okay? All right, moving on from AMA we have something called as a mash-up. Now what does a mash-up mean? It’s actually a mix of all the best things, so don’t you have songs on mash-up Bollywood songs, mash-up gym songs or pop songs or hip-hop songs where the best of all the videos are actually put up together in one video. SO a mix of best parts okay in a video form and that becomes a mash-up. You actually have a lot of mash-ups about when it come to a YouTube celebrities or even actors and actresses and their best work or their songs to acting or dancing make sure that you go and check some today that you understand better what a mash-up is. And last but not the least something that so many of us want these days is to ‘go viral’. Now obviously when we talk about viruses getting, probably just like creeping in your computer system or even when it comes to a viral being you know getting into human body causes sickness and illness and nobody likes it but, do you think people not like going viral on social media? Of course everybody wants to go viral. Something that is spreads like a wild fire and it happens probably overnight for certain people and that actually gains a celebrity status for some people. Well guys I’m sure you guys know so much more than what I have for you, why don’t you write to me in the comment section but, that is it for the day, I will get back right here and talk to you about something so much interesting and new topics as well until then make sure that you’re smiling, make sure that you are practicing, don’t be a hater, spread lot of love, this is me Meera, signing off for the day, bye guys.

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