5 Simple & Easy tricks to Speak Fluent English Faster?

You are looking to speak fluent English faster, improve your pronunciation and speak like a native English speaker. You have tried every tip and trick in the book to improve your English fluency without achieving any major success. Maybe you are doing things the wrong way. Here are 5 simple and easy tips to speak fluent English faster and better in no time. Niharika, your English trainer has shortlisted some easy to implement English learning methods that would help you to learn English faster and make you a pro at speaking English.  Learn tips to improve your English pronunciation, learning real conversation phrases and how to find native speakers to practice English. We hope this English lesson will take your English to a level you have always imagined.

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Complete Video Transcript –

Hello, hello, well how are you alll? Well, you are watching me on Let’s Talk and my name is Niharika. So, friends, do you feel frustrated that your English is not improving in spite of all your efforts? Maybe you know the words but you’re not able to use them in a sentence. Oh, you’re also looking for a shortcut to English fluency. Well, you’re in the right place. You’re watching the right video. Now I do have solid tips that will help you learn how to speak English more fluently in less time because I’m on a mission to make you fluent in speaking English. Now these tips that I’m going to share with all of you out there, well it’s getting you speaking as smooth as a native speaker. So pay attention as you’re just minutes away from learning to be a pro at English.

Well here’s something that you can do, which is, speak with native speakers. Now we can only know how fluent we have actually become by checking the progress that we have made. And that’s why; we need someone to check our progress in fluency, right? No, I believe you need to native speakers to tell you how fluent your English has become but wait a minute. I know you’re probably thinking, I don’t have any Americans or any Brit friends or I just live in a city where not many people speak fluent English. What do I do Niharika? Well friends, what if I say, you do have English speaking friends. Don’t believe me? well let me introduce this awesome Cambly app. now let me tell you about this Cambly app. all you need to do is, download this app on your phone and you will gain access to native English tutors that are available 24/7. Now, this app provides English lessons with native speaking tutors and they are from Canada, UK, USA and so on. So if you have a question, you’re a little confused about certain pronunciations, hey guess what? You can use this app. so it’s actually a one on one training session and their teaching method is really flexible which means that you can organize classes on the basis of your schedule. Yes, that’s true. However you want, isn’t that awesome? And best of all is you get to native speakers who will be the best judge of your English speaking skills. Now I personally know a lot of people who have tried this app and in fact, I have tried it too. Wanna see how it works? Well, let’s see here.

Hello. Hi, how are you? I am well, how are you? I’m good thank you. Well, I just downloaded this app and I just wanted to try it out. So well I just had a question for you. Okay. Well, how do I pronounce the word entrepreneur? Like is it entrepreneur or entrepreneur or what is it like? Entrepreneur, entre, entrepreneur. Entrepreneur? Yes, okay, okay and is there any other word that I can use instead of using entrepreneur? Umm… you can call them business people, like a businessman, businesswoman, businessperson. A tycoon will be somebody who will be extremely good at business. Right. A spectator is somebody that might speculate in the markets for example. You have a business executive, an enterpriser. Somebody who creates an enterprise. Yeah, I think really to be an honest entrepreneur, we use a lot. It’s probably the best one. Alright. I mean if you’re in business and you’re thinking up of more ideas and you’re implementing new ideas all the time independently, we would use entrepreneur. Okay, okay great I think that should be really helpful. Well thank you, thank you so much for your help. No problem, yeah you have a good day, you too bye.

So did you enjoy the conversation between me and the trainer? Well, I actually cleared my doubts. So if you have any doubts, well you can clear it too by using this app.

Now we do have exclusively 15 minutes for you to try this app, so the invite code is in our description, please do use that and let me know how did you find it. I would love to read all those comments of yours.

Now success only comes to those who know how to first visualize or foresee what they want. So in order to talk in fluent English, you need to first visualize or see English. Now how on earth, do you do that? Well it’s an easy habit of imagining what you’re going to say in different situations. Now let’s say your friend invited you for a movie, like my friends called and said, hey Niharika, what are you doing tomorrow? Let’s catch up for a movie. Now once done with the call, what comes to your mind? You start visualizing. Like I will visualize the movie screen or me buying popcorn or wondering what I’m going to wear. So time for you to actually visualise in English. Now you have to see yourself talk in English no matter where you are and how do you do that? Well, you need to do this all the time and even if you make mistakes, don’t let it stop you because the best time is when you talk to yourself anywhere. Like you have a plan for dinner tonight, how do you describe the event? So just go ahead and talk about it to yourself. Like you start by saying that, this is a lovely restaurant or the food is really amazing. My favourite dish is like Pad Thai noodles or probably a strawberry cheesecake or you can also talk about the different services, like the service is so good. They made us feel so comfortable. The restaurant was nice and fancy and so on. So I am describing it. So now when you’re constantly talking to yourself in English, you are exploring new words and creating a great habit of making your own sentences based on different satiations, right? Now I know some of you watch native speakers talk in really fancy vocabulary. Like you wish like you could talk like them. However for starters I would recommend that you start using simple words that you are comfortable with. You know that will make you sound more natural and will help people understand you better. After all, the key to fluent English is to be understood well, right? So instead of saying that this is the start of art museum, you can simply say, this is a lovely museum. So visualize English and use simple vocabulary to make sure your sentences are spoken with a natural ease. So that’s step number one and start following it.

Well, let’s start using English phrases for real conversation. Now that you have learnt new vocabulary, I’m sure you will feel great but what if you combine this vocabulary with real conversation? Yes, that’s English phrases. Now let me tell you, real or conversational English is very different from textbooks. It’s the key to speaking like a native. For example, you have learnt a new word called incorrect. Now incorrect means wrong but how do you use this? I mean it’s a simple word, right? So in a sentence, you can learn to use this word in a phrase that a native speaker might use by saying like, correct me if I am wrong or am I missing something here? So you know it’s a good idea using simple vocabulary and then combine it with related phrases to speak fluently in real English conversations and that’s how you gonna learn and that’s how you gonna be a little more fluent in English.

Now let’s put some light on another tip that I have for you, well use technology. Now learning to speak fluently has never been easier, simply because we’ve got technology. Well, technology helps us so much in the learning process. Like did you know that if you need new words or sentences on a topic, you can simply use Google voice search on your Smartphone. Well, I’m sure you all have a Smartphone these days. So let’s make use of it. I mean take it out of your pocket and use this voice app. I mean it’s incredible. You simply need to say what you are searching and your device will search for relevant data. And this way you will also know if you’re pronouncing words correctly. Cause if you don’t pronounce it correctly, the app won’t understand you and you won’t get the right information. So let’s see how this works. So here I am using the Google app and let’s see how do you use it. Now for example, if I am looking for some coffee. Yes, I’m craving for a cup of coffee. I wanna know where the closest Starbucks is and if I’m pronouncing it correct, it’s gonna recognize my voice and give me the right information. Is there a Starbucks nearby? Well, I got the information. so I’m gonna go grab a cup of coffee because I’m craving for one and this application actually helped me to find or locate Starbucks which is close to my workplace.

Now here’s the next thing that you can do is implement. Now that you’ve learnt to talk to yourself in English and got all the help from native speakers and inputs from technology, how about using what you’ve learnt in real life? Yes, I mean I would say, throw yourself in a situation where you can actually use what you have learnt. Now it wouldn’t hurt to go to Starbucks and order a coffee and have a pleasant conversation with the waiter after you’ve trained yourself on coffee vocabulary. Now again let me remind you that you need not be afraid of making mistakes. Making mistakes is okay. Speaking in the real world and using what you’ve learnt will actually make you a pro in no time. So go out there, show the world what you have learnt and of course keep trying and never give up.

So thank you, everyone, thank you for watching me. Thank you for your valuable time. I promise you speaking English fluently is not as hard as you think it is. Just use the tips we have discussed and see how much it’s gonna help you to improve. In fact, in no time, you will inspire many others who want to learn the language. So please drop in your comments and tell me how these tips have actually helped you and I will see you with some more lessons but before I go, please like the video and subscribe to our channel and click on the bell icon to get regular updates of videos just like this one. I’ll see you soon, take care.

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