Idioms to describe people and their personality type.

In today’s Spoken English lesson we are learning idioms that can be used to describe people. When we think of our friends, colleagues or family members we find people with different characters. These characters are very distinct and actually become the basis on which people identify us.

My challenge for you today is to watch the complete English lesson and choose one of the idioms for yourself and leave me in the comments the idiom that best describes you. I’m really excited to read the idiom you choose for yourself J


A daredevil is a person who takes unnecessary risks and does extremely dangerous activities just to seek attention.

Example : John’s daredevil stunts with the skate board are sure to end in a disaster someday.


This idiom is specifically used for adults who always complain for very little things in life. Their complaints are for no reasons and they sometimes even cry about it.

Example : When Michelle’s brother complained about the train being late, she told him not to be a crybaby.


People who probably have a lot of money but are very careful while spending their money or they don’t spent it freely can be called as cheapstake. You could also call such a person ‘Stingy’. In other words they avoid spending money to an extreme degree.

Example  : William is such a cheapstake, he always buys clothes at a sale and sees how he could further discount them.


You could call someone a barrel of laugh, who is very funny and makes you laugh all the time with their funny jokes for every situation. Over years the meaning of this idiom has changed and could be also used for people who have an annoying sense of humor.

Example – This replica of the board game on mobile is a barrel of laughs.


When you cannot predict what some people might just do or say, you could call them as an ‘Oddball’

Example : My manager always has some oddball ideas at the meeting.


People who create problems or difficulties for others on purpose or intentionally are called troublemakers.

Example :  Smith has the reputation of being a troublemaker at the high school, he is the most disliked student by teachers.


Something that is exceedingly old could be referred as ‘Old as the hills’ . It means it has existed for a very long time.

Example : Difficult relationship between couples are nothing new; the problems are as old as the hills.


This idiom is used as an adjective phrase to describe someone who is way too crazy.

Example :  Don’t pay any attention to Mary’s tricks; she’s nutty as a fruitcake.

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