How to talk about your age in English?

In this spoken English lesson, you will learn the different ways of expressing ones age of people and things. Sometimes, we do not know the correct way of saying our age and make errors while speaking English. This spoken English lesson will take you through a few English phrases that you could use and avoid errors made while speaking English

The most common ways of asking someone’s age is English is: How old are you? Or How old is your brother/sister?

  • I am 25 years old.
  • I am 25.
  • I am 25 years of age (this is a very formal way of expressing age)
  • I am 25 years. (this is incorrect. Use the expression ‘years old’ or ‘years of age’)
  • My fried has two sons aged 8 and 10. (with ‘has’ in the sentence, do not use ‘years’. ‘Aged’ is an adjective in the sentence)
  • My friend has a daughter aged 5. (not 5 years old)
  • My neighbor has a four month old baby. ( do not say four months old baby)
  • My uncle has a twenty year old daughter. (not ‘a twenty years old daughter’)

Age of things: we can express the age of things in the following ways.

  • My house is 40 years old. (not ‘my house is 40’)
  • My twenty year old car still runs smoothly. (not twenty years old car)

At times, you may not want to reveal your real age. So, you may use certain words that would state an approximate age.

  • He is in his early/mid/late twenties.
  • She is in her teens. (anywhere between thirteen to nineteen)
  • Most students in my class are above/below the age of twenty.
  • Maria is nearly/almost 40. (not far from being 40 years old)
  • John is about 50. (around 50 years of age)
  • He must be under 18.

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  • Hello Racha first of all thanks for your wonderful lesson. I’ve one difficult word always confusing when i heard this word, it’s “DUE” could you teach us about this word how we can use this word diffrent sentences. It would be very helpful for us .

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