English phrases – What not to say to a lady or a girl

In this Spoken English Lesson ( ESL) you will learn some English vocabulary and phrases that you should never ever say to a girl or a lady. Today I will make life simple for all the guys for watching this English lesson. I’m gonna share all the phrases that you’re not supposed to speak or say or ask a lady. You see women are quite complicated. A lot of people feel that right? I do, I feel the same. But there are certain things that you should never talk about, when you are talking to a lady or a girl.

Have you put on some weight?

The first thing that I have for you is, talking about weight. You might notice some of your friends or your female friend, she might be very close to you and you may not have met her since very long time. But once you meet her, it’s very common for you to ask, hey! Have you put on some weight? That’s not a good idea to talk about, please people women don’t like to talk about their weight. So, avoid asking that annoying question.

How old are you?

It’s considered very rude or rather extremely rude to ask a lady’s age or a girl’s age, unless you are filling out some official form. Until you do that, please don’t ask a lady or a girl about her age, it’s rude.

Has your size changed?

Ooops! wrong question to ask, people it again goes back to the same thing, weight. So, do not ask about the size. Probably the person, lady or a girl would know that their size has changed, so do not ask, it’s quite embarrassing for them.

You look Old…. You look tired…..

A friend of yours is looking very tired and she had a long day. And you would say, “hey what happened to you?” You look tired, don’t say that okay don’t give that expression, she already knows, probably she’s not looking that great today, so don’t add on to her misery or some people have the habit of saying, Oh my god what happened to you? You look so old. Please people women a girl do not want to look old, maybe you want to use a better word for this, how about mature? People specially if you’re comparing two women and you wanna say, one person looks younger or the other person looks old, the right word to use is mature.

Facial hair

You should not be talking about is the facial hair. You know why? Do not talk about facial hair to a lady. I think it’s very embarrassing. Again it’s very embarrassing; it’s very rude, if you wanna talk about her facial hair. Maybe if you’re a boyfriend and you wanna say to your girlfriend that you don’t wanna remove the mustache or whatever that facial hair is, you can say, hey I really like baby skin, they are so soft, they don’t have any hair on their face. It’s so nice, by giving a good example and not directly comparing it to a lady. You are hinting that you want her to remove her mustache


It refers to the term for a female gender of a dog. But a lot of people use this term for women. Do not do it, it’s very very rude. It is, it’s very uncalled for, even if you’re very casual, if you’re very cool with the person you can say, Oh she’s my best friend, she’s my girlfriend. No, don’t use the word bitch. It’s extremely disrespectful.

So In this Spoken English lesson we covered few phrases that you’re not supposed to speak or say or ask to a lady. Next time if you have a friend, who is she’s coming over to your home or you’re just having a good time, refrain from using this English vocabulary.

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  • Hi Emelda, your lessons are very very useful to learn English. I really like your videos. I have some problem regarding English. Could you please help me over that? I can understand the Indian Accent when Indian people speaks English and even I can speak English in Indian Accent, but the problem is, I am not able to understand the native speakers when they speak English with Aussie Accent or any other Accent. Because of that I really feel frustrated and I want to learn English fast. I am not getting the job because of that. could you please do some videos on native speakers so that I can improve my English and change my accent.

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